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  1. First of all I love the game as it is evoling and already better than, for example godus,altough it's not something to realy compare. I do have some issues and not directly involved with the new patch . I will do my best to make a sorta clear list. the issues: 1 - (as stated in some other post about the bugs,)The prioritize button doesn't seem to work. 2 - shorter loading times ? unless trying to figure out how to solve the prayers and need to load the save game alot makeing the load times longer and longer as my hardrive tries to keep up. (quit the game solves but in all the more loading the longer it takes) 3 - as issue 2 states, am struggeling to complete the prayer(quests) for example find someone lost and return them home safely. a - can't move arround the globe other then needing to use the keyboard.(WASD) b - dropping those results in carnage or no clear response it actualy was finnished.(experimenting on that still ?) the death or alive part seems to be random so far to me. 4 - not much of an issue yet sorta silly as the texts are in english the sound I hear picking up the lost guy is german(no offense just weird to hear "hilfe" for that matter) 5 - more like a silly complaint not needing to be changed am sure but it's silly to have a water pump and not yet even primitive tools at the very start like. come close to fully irrigate a crops field while not even knowing what farming is(just a little nag) all in all the game is great so far being a looooong proces am sure, but it's a ambitious project and your all doing an amazing job!!! i will have to play some more to make a more accurate bug report.