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  1. Hello again nuggets, Found annother bug/problem with pathfinding due upgrading my Water Pump. Everything befor, like placing Water Pump, Building it, research upgrade and getting recourses was fine. But at the point they should start building, they goin far, far away and then suddenly disappear into the ground..(they keep moving towards the planet) Same issue with other buildings when i restarted the Game and did "New Life" .. its not allways the pump.. so it seems to be a upgrading problem at all at the end they finally reached the pump.. started building and then .. the pump itself disappeared .. Edit: After it disappeared, i placed a new one, wich automaticly was upgraded - so replacing the building instead of upgrading solves it Win10 GeForce GTX 870M Intel i7-4710MQ 2,50GHz 8GB RAM Test Squad 0.22 New Life -> No creators mode here some screens
  2. Hello nuggets, I just found that bug again, it already happend some versions ago, but since the pathfinding system got updated, i thought it wont happen again. But now it did, i dont rlly know how i caused it. I just started a new Game in Normal mode - did some things like research and build wells etc. Right after i placed the farm, i tabbed out to Youtube and back to the Game and found that one lost nugget in the water nearby He keeps running in circles over and over, even it seems like he is walkin vertikal and horizontal .. like he -> walks <- on an invisible ladder up to the sky.. once he reached the top of the water, he walks to the beach .. standing there for like 5 seconds and goes back into the water untill he dies Seems like he doesnt even know that he's in water, since he can breath and walk like its on norml terrain Edit: its just, that it seems to be caused from Water needs -> Water need sign appears above him -> he goes to the beach and idk.. realized that there is a better way to drink and just stuck there? or like he was trying to spot the point where he can drink from the sea, but it wont let him cause there r wells already or something like dat. Playing on Win10 GeForce GTX 870M Intel i7-4710MQ 2,50GHz 8GB RAM "Test Squad" 0.22 New Life - no creators mode PS: Sorry for bad spelling and/or grammar fails. ;c