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  1. Occurrence 1 of 1 (however other players has express seeing a similar situation) When a water pump gets plotted down the first time around, the point of interaction gets move lower than ground level, which makes Nuggets walk pretty far to access that path strangely enough. Soon as construction is finish on the upgrade, the new building is re positioned for some odd reason underground level. Finding the building with the building menu always points directly down confirming the structure is close to the planet's core. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND: I believe this issue was cause by fixing a previous bug; the flexibility to build the water pump at more access location has created the option for the nuggets access point to that structure to be sometimes triggered below map level. I believe you are using structure drop placement on the Z scale, but I think because the ground level is above the new Z spawn point for the upgraded structure, it is dropping the structure at the dead center of the planet. Most players thinks the building went INVISIBLE when it is simply under the world map. This bug is of a critical severity since the building can no longer be interacted once upgraded IMPOSSIBLE TO SUBMIT PICTURE, BUILDING IS UNDERGROUND