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  1. The Universim or Universnever?

    My main issue with the game so far has been that I run into the exact same problem every patch just always caused by different things. A couple hours into a game and it just completely falls apart. That doesn't instill much confidence.
  2. Strange nugget movement

    Nah man my research timers were fine.
  3. I've noticed that as the game time goes on my nuggets are starting to walk in a very strange way. In varying levels of severity nuggets have started to have a sort of jerky movement. Some are walking fine while others are moving slower the faster then slower then faster and in the worst cases some are walking a few feet then pausing then moving again and pausing again. I've recorded a short video showing examples of this and you'll notice that it the severity of this seems different for every nugget.
  4. I had this problem and reloading a save I had made about 5 mins prior to them not moving fixed it. But now they're all moving really oddly. They'll walk a couple feet then stop, walk a couple feet and stop. So they're just sort of jerking around all over the place. Super frustrating.
  5. So I saved the game and quit to take a short break and now that I'm back I can't build any water pumps of fishing docks and the pump I had started upgrading is stuck in upgrade limbo. Nuggets keep bringing resources to it to upgrade but it never counts any of them and just stays the way it is. The upgrade button is highlighted but clicking it does nothing. And as for not being able to build pumps of docks I click on the buildings in the build menu and nothing happens. Every other build pops up an outline for me but pump and dock do nothing at all.