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  1. The Universim or Universnever?

    Exactly. I think the big issue in this thread is that some people are reading a lot more aggression into the comments than intended. That is bound to happen in an online format. I think the issue of this being just a text based conversation is more of an issue than just Americans. I am an American and I somewhat agree with your sentiment, but I think that's a lesser issue. But as I keep saying, Kerby is putting it perfectly. I got personally messaged, they'll probably see this but I won't mention names, and was told to "ask a nice question" in the Discord chat. This isn't about being nice (although like I said - I think the tone is being misread), this is business and a company misleading their customers. That's just a fact.
  2. History of all reasearched Technologies/Perks

    Oooh I think this is a great idea. Maybe a perk tree? I think Oxygen Not Included has a really cool way of showing their tech tree, but honestly I feel like that specific style doesn't work with this games "vibe" I would be really interested to see how they would do this, if they decide to add it in.
  3. The Universim or Universnever?

    I will say that I just asked an unrelated question to the people handling the questions on the crytivo store website, and it was fantastic. The person who helped me was prompt, and 100% honest when they could've blown smoke up my ass. That right there is the reason I'm still here and I'm still playing the game. This company has so much potential, they're just making some mistakes, like every new company does. This is a learning situation, as anyone who has tried something like this knows.
  4. The Universim or Universnever?

    It's called customer service. Every company needs it. There is bound to be complaints when delivering any type of product what so ever. Companies are supposed to address them. I didn't say that I wanted a long drawn out explanation, I want just some acknowledgement. Especially when they have people specifically with the job titles of: Quality Assurance Leader, two different Community Manager accounts, Forum Admin, and QA Team. Any one of those accounts can take the job of stopping by a very active thread addressing a legitimate complaint about their product. I'm not bashing this game. I'm asking a serious question, and I am a paying customer. I'm a broke college kid, and I dropped a substantial amount of money on this because I'm passionate about indie developers and games that have potential. I have the right to be upset or confused and want some type of acknowledgment.
  5. The Universim or Universnever?

    Kerby nailed it. Yes there has been progress, and yes I still love this game. One of the main issues that I am upset about is the lack of communication. If someone from the company just dropped by this thread to say "hey, the reason we decided to hit the publishing aspect is because x, y, and z" then I think a lot of the frustration would be diffused. Or even someone quickly dropping by saying "we hear you. the reason we're not focusing on this post right now is because we recognize the major faults in the update and we're using all of our power development wise to try and rectify those issues for the next patch" But they haven't. They are ignoring legitimate inquiries on why a game that is so expensive for early alpha is still lacking development and the company is seemingly now putting massive amounts of effort into something other than the product that has been promised. I still have hope, I'm waiting to see the next update, and I'm hoping they make it evident that they were trying their hardest to fix major bugs. The reason I'm still here bringing this issue up and talking about it, is because I am so excited for this game. If I stopped caring, or given up on the game I wouldn't waste my time on the forums.
  6. The Universim or Universnever?

  7. The Universim or Universnever?

    Okay. The new website unveil has me pretty upset. i kept an open mind, because I didn't want to assume that they would have done something like this. When a game like this which has been actively worked on for years, is STILL in this condition, it makes sense why they would take some time. But now, they've allotted how much time and how many people to this new Crytivo website and publishing aspect? Now I'm upset. The lack of communication is also a really big part of this. Yes it was the holidays. But now it's been over a week since the New Year. Any company who comes back from holiday, and sees this sort of reaction should be on damage control ASAP. Oh also. The website is also broken for me. Can't scroll up or down. I had to zoom out and then copy and paste to read the entire thing.
  8. Slow movement and flickering screen

    Any of them stay particularly high? CPU is the first I always check. Then RAM and Graphics ~ but I doubt your graphics would be part of it. @Plazmadawg probably knows more about this
  9. Slow movement and flickering screen

    I've never heard of that term haha. Either Ctrl Alt Tab, cycle to the desktop and then close it. Or while in game you can hit Esc and quit from there. Or you can close it from task manager
  10. Slow movement and flickering screen

    Run Universim Hit Control Alt Delete, in that order, holding them down. This will open a menu, click task manager. It might be tiny square that lists what you have open and running on your PC. If that is the case, hit More Details. It should be towards the bottom, at least on mine it is. This will open a more intensive menu. Click the tab on the tab that says Performance and you can find the info there.
  11. Slow movement and flickering screen

    Hmm that's interesting. When you open the game, open task manager as well and check out the performance. I've seen other people on the forum complaining of that happening.
  12. Slow movement and flickering screen

    This one makes me a little more stumped. @Plazmadawg do you have any ideas? Have you checked to see what your CPU usage and stuff like that?
  13. More Eras and More Inventions

    Exactly what I was thinking @Urosh Uchiha
  14. Freezing at planet screen

    My boyfriend is IT and I've helped out around some offices. The easy stuff is always the most overlooked, so that's where I start. I let my bf handle all the real work But, thank you!
  15. Freezing at planet screen

    Nooo! It's really confusing. Tbh this is the only game I can think of where the launcher and the actual game are separate. Don't beat yourself up