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  1. Failed building upgrades

    Five minutes in two nuggets are thirsty but avoid the well and walk off away from the village. One returns and drinks the other dies. Will watch out for updates and won't play anymore until some get fixed.
  2. Failed building upgrades

    I have read on another posting it is a known issue in creator mode. The upgrades apparently work fine on normal / create new life mode. Will try again. Hope not more bugs again; nuggets standing still, going up in invisible cyclones or walking in to the distance for unknown reason.
  3. Failed building upgrades

    I have a surplus of refined wood and stone and clicking on 'upgrade' on all buildings. It doesn't accept the command and can't upgrade. Every new game I play there is always at least one bug which renders it unenjoyable. Last try all the nuggets stopped moving and eventually started to die. Instead of bringing out update patches with new buildings I think development should concentrate fixing bugs first (there are so many). Thanks for reading. A lot of potential.