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  1. Important Announcement

    I think it is quite safe to assume, Crytivo used the hype of a possible update or big news for The Universim as a marketing & PR stunt for the publishing their client's games. Thanks for the slap in the face. With an already small team that is struggling, how does this affect the future of Universim? Not only does Crytivo have the ambitious task of Universim, Crytivo now have to assist with "delivering unique, engaging games"... Your current product is highly disappointing considering how long you have been working on it.. Does this mean development may slow down even more now that you are a publisher? "developers who choose to come under our wing" Crytivo speak as if they are a successful developer? You ran a successful marketing campaign so far, but your current effort has been mediocre and slow.
  2. The Universim or Universnever?

    Yeah join the club. If we lucky we might see a 2060 release.
  3. Important Announcement

    I have to agree with amigacooke. Nothing exciting at all here, all I see here is you marketing your other titles, getting a fancy new logo and becoming a publisher. Exciting for you yes but I battle to see what the exciting aspect there is for backers of this title. So meh, I would have preferred an update or a free cup.
  4. Slow movement and flickering screen

    I think the best thing to do is approach your local computer hardware retailer. Explain to them your looking for a budget gaming computer and see what they offer you. I am not sure where you should go specifically, as I reside in South Africa and doubt that you are around my part of the world.
  5. Slow movement and flickering screen

    Yeah the more I look into it, I think the age of your hardware is battling to keep up with the more intensive games coming out. I hate to say it but you may need to look into upgrading your computers hardware as your processor only has a 2MB Cache, which is really low. You don't have to go too expensive but upgrading it a tad will make a world of a difference.
  6. No sure, I have tried to replicate this with no luck as of yet.
  7. I have noticed this with the gravediggers as of yet, so far my grave diggers seem to be working correctly. When I try another play through I will see if the same happens to me.
  8. Slow movement and flickering screen

    The game shouldn't be this laggy even with this sort of usage. Games can act really weird when your drivers are out of date, games tend to crash as well if your drivers are not up to date. @LadyDreamWriter it must be the PC itself. Only problem is trying to troubleshoot a computer with out physically being there or on it can be a bit tricky. I would suggest a complete reinstall of the game however I doubt it will bare any fruit. Upon further research, I have followed up on the card you are running (ATI Radeon HD 4250). Your specs are as follows: Memory type : DDR2 Memory bus: 64 bit Memory: 512 MB I think your system itself is the culprit over here, judging by the card you currently have installed, your system may be pretty old thus I think it is battling to manage. The same way I asked you to look up the graphics card you are using, could you possibly do the same thing again however this time tell me the model of your processor is? EDIT: I am struggling to find the official system requirements for this title. Does anyone know?
  9. Slow movement and flickering screen

    hmm, let me look into it further. I will get back, I want to try a few things
  10. Slow movement and flickering screen

    sorry for the late response have you tried to launch the game again to see if allows you to play the game?
  11. Slow movement and flickering screen

    Okay follow the below link and click on download under the "Automatically Detect and Install Your Driver". http://support.amd.com/en-us/download Let it install the drivers and you may need to restart your machine, once that is try to start the game again.
  12. Slow movement and flickering screen

    okay the easiest way to determine what graphics card you have do the following: 1) In the search bar type "device manager" 2) in the device manager click on Display Adapters, what do you have under your display adapters?
  13. Slow movement and flickering screen

    Are you using a graphics card in your computer, flickering screens can usually point to a driver issue. When last did you update your graphics card driver? I believe there maybe more to this but lets start off with the simpler issues first.
  14. Freezing at planet screen

    That's pretty cool, I think developing games must be quite an exciting job but frustrating at the same time. I suggest you fiddle around with some C++, JavaScript and C# for The Unity Engine (https://unity3d.com/get-unity/download). Check out some tutorials on the web on how to create some basic games to see if you like it. If you go into game development you will never need to know how to fix your computer ... you will have people like me to fix them. I work at a large company and our software guys have no clue how their computers work lol.
  15. Freezing at planet screen

    @Booty_Queen Well done, sheesh maybe you should take my job.. I was going on a tangent there and seems you figured it out first time.