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  1. Kickstarter Reward

    Can you please send another one in and then PM me the email you used when you sent in the ticket.
  2. Kickstarter Reward

    Hi Garyneuk. We have sent out some of the tshirt, USB and poster rewards but not all. to see if yours has gone out, please contact our support to they can check. https://crytivogames.freshdesk.com/support/tickets/new
  3. Games not showing on dash board

    Hi Sam, sounds like your dashboard might need to be reset. please fill out a support ticket and let support know what's going on. https://crytivogames.freshdesk.com/support/solutions
  4. Welcome Creators! Thank you for joining The Universim forums! To get you started, we've compiled a short list of FAQs and helpful links. Take a look through everything and then make an introductory post to say Hello! To all your fellow creators. Once you've had a look around and introduced yourself, you'll get a shiny new badge! This little badge is our Thank You for joining us here on the forums and a way to get you started with our award system! FAQ Q. I bought, or backed at a package level that grants early Alpha Access but I can't find where to download the game? A. Make sure you're logged into the user dashboard,(you log in using the E MAIL you registered with when purchasing the game) then you should see the Alpha Download image, below that image is your Game Key. Kickstarter backers can use that key to download the game via Steam, all other backers can use the download link for the stand alone version. For more information on how to download the game, please read our Dedicated Alpha FAQ. Q. I don't know my Password for the dashboard A. Please use the "Forgot/Recover Password" option to reset your account. Q. I'd like to upgrade my backer package, how can I do that? A. You can request a backer upgrade through our support system HERE Q. I found a bug with the current version of the game where can I report it? A. You can search for existing reported bugs, or report a new bug HERE Q. Can I stream or make videos with the Alpha? A. Yes! If you do, please post a link to your stream or video HERE. We'd love to see what you've created! Q. I posted a topic but it tells me it's awaiting approval? A. Some of the sub forums have a post limit restriction to help combat spam. A moderator will approve your post as soon as possible. Helpful Links Help Desk and Support Center Dashboard Most Recent Patch Notes "Welcome to the Stone Age" Nuggets AvatarsWe made some awesome avatars for you guys. Pick yourself one from below and don't hesitate to use them on other forums. Let us know which one is your favorite one. And don't forget to share them with your friends! DOWNLOAD AVATARS HERE