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  1. All badge requests should be caught up.
  2. Hi Ruarc88, some shirts have shipped but not others. your best bet is to contact support to see if yours was in the first wave or not:.
  3. I'm sorry you feel this way but we simply wont have the save feature done by next week. While we are working on save/load, and it will make it's appearance once it's been finalized. it isn't something that is needed this early in the alpha stage and our development has been focused on other major tasks like the AI overhaul which was something we had to do before we could move forward. As for needing a save/load to test "late game mechanics" nothing beyond the stone age is even implemented yet. What we want you testing is the basics, how the AI reacts to tasks assigned, are the water pumps and farms working correctly after several cycles? Are resources collected and used properly? is re-population and death working smoothly and effectively? Are there any serious graphical errors, crashes or performance issues. All of those can be tested sans save/load..
  4. disclosure

    You can apply for one here and you'll need to provide your twitch follower/sub counts or Youtube sub counts along with a valid e mail
  5. While we know you guys like knowing what we're doing at every step, but it's simply not feesable for us to continue with the bi-monthly info updates. We're dumping every ounce of focus in to hot fixes and once a month major patches to ensure the progression of development is more consistent and faster. That being said, major news will be published as it arise.
  6. Please use the search function- this topic has already been addressed multiple times.
  7. moved to the V14 bug section where it belongs.
  8. Not sure who "they" are but I was never made aware of the issue.
  9. Patch Notes: V0.0.14 Paragon Here we are again! We’ve brought our usual (rather lengthy) list of updates with us. We’re finally back on track after our painful migration process, and we’re super happy to start adding new content to the game. Let’s just chat about one small thing before we dive into the patch notes: save and load. We hate to say it, but it’s not going to make it in this patch. However, this is priority number one right now. Our team is working hard to get it up and running without a ton of bugs strapped on for the ride. It’s a very challenging and complex task due to the nature of our procedural environments. Usually, a save and load feature isn’t particularly difficult to implement in games that have more static content, such as pre-designed levels and maps, as well as certain time-of-day lighting characteristics and so on. It comes down to how our game was designed. In The Universim, everything is dynamic: the weather system (and seasons), object distribution on the planet, building placements, etc. All of these need to be stored correctly. You don’t want to boot up your save to find your Eatery atop a mountain that was never there in your previous game, for example. We know how frustrating it can be to play the game without a save/load function. We really feel your pain, as we also have to test the game and run it from the beginning on a daily basis. This shows how important a save/load function is, even for us, and also how many problems we are encountering to get it up and running. We hope you understand, and we cannot apologise enough that it has taken us longer than expected to get it working. However, there is some good news. The save and load function isn’t going to be like other games. It has become an interesting feature, one that we think you’ll love it. We’re also happy to let you know that we’re pretty much done with Stone Age! We know it’s been a long time coming, but the Stone Age is the primary testing platform for our simulation engine, Prometheus. Most of the core elements have been implemented in this Age, and we’re finally happy with where it’s at and we’re ready to move on. Grab your drinks. Let’s celebrate! Alright, back to our updates. There are a few highlights in this patch: DISEASED AREAS What’s that smell? You guessed it! Dead Nuggets, from here on out, will generate a diseased area around their corpses if nobody takes their bodies to the Cemetery and performs an appropriate ceremony. This involves clapping three times before moving one’s hands in a circular, counterclockwise fashion; kissing the tombstone while peering longingly at a sack of fish; and then quietly whispering the lyrics to everything’s gonna be alright. Naturally, the ceremony isn’t a crucial element, but Nuggets are a superstitious bunch. Diseased areas will infect healthy Nuggets that are unfortunate enough to come too near. After a Nugget’s corpse is removed from the area, the contaminated zone will linger for a small while before disappearing. FUNERAL PYRE Speaking of smells, something is definitely cooking! We heard that you weren’t happy with how fast Cemeteries were being filled up (considering the amount of space they use), so we have added a new option to facilitate the passing of your beloved Nuggets. Introducing Funeral Pyres, an ‘advanced’ Stone Age technology that allows you to incinerate friends and family alike. Funeral Pyres consume wood for the burning process (fires are pretty difficult to get started when you actually intend to set things alight) and each Nugget corpse will take a certain amount of time to cremate. Funeral Pyres are prioritized over Cemeteries by default. Therefore, if you have an empty Cemetery and an available Funeral Pyre at the same time, a Nugget’s body will be delivered to the Pyre. Of course, if solving problems with fire isn’t really your thing, you can always turn this building off and allow the elegant and somewhat beautiful Cemeteries to grow around your Epicenter. This is the initial implementation of the Funeral Pyre. We are also developing a family system, which will gather a dead Nugget’s family together beside the Funeral Pyre to say their last farewell. Funeral Pyres will also affect Nuggets living or working nearby, causing their Happiness to drop. NUGGET ACCESSORIES Nugget fashion is on the rise! They’re looking rather fancy all of a sudden. Well, it’s functional, at the very least. Nuggets now have access to accessories. These items are added to them based on the task/job they’re currently assigned to. This not only looks impressive, but it also helps you to identify what kind of job a particular Nugget is doing. Accessories will be updated as your civilization advances through the ages. NUGGET ANIMATIONS See those moves? Our artists have been working on them day and night. Tons of new animations have been added to the Nuggets. Even though it’s difficult to see, Nuggets are doing things like bending their knees and grabbing stuff with their toes, among other additions. Nuggets now also ragdoll during (and presumably after) death. We also did some of the initial work for the system that will allow you to pick them up and throw them around like you’re training for the new Nuggetball season. Hey, it’s your civilization, and you’re kinda their god, so who are we to judge what you do with your once loyal and loving subjects? COMPLETELY REDESIGNED FARMING No, we didn’t create marvelous innovations that will take the field of agriculture to new heights. However, we did change farming mechanics dramatically to minimize the micromanagement that plagued the previous iteration. We introduced a new Farm in our previous update, Shadow Patch, but it still needed some work. Now you can plant not only the juicy fruits with the delightful characteristics you’ve come to know and love, but also helpful new herbs. Keep in mind that certain herbs might make Nuggets feel a little strange. These are for medical purposes only! Introducing them into daily meals is a very bad idea. Farmer Nuggets will also have to take better care of all crops. Without the appropriate care, crops might wither and produce far less food. Crops now use water based on their biome preferences as well. For instance, if a grassland crop is suddenly forced to grow in the desert, more water will be required. AUTO-ASSIGNMENT TO KEY BUILDINGS We know you’ve been wanting this for some time now. You know what? It’s yours. When Nuggets decide to quit their job, purely for health or family reasons, of course - not because you’re bad manager or anything - their slot will automatically be reassigned to a new Nugget by our personal eye in the sky (not one of yours). You no longer have to worry about refilling slots when someone checks out early. If a Nugget decides it's done, let the system handle it while you have fun. Now that’s an above-average jingle! WAREHOUSE Store it or lose it! The Warehouse is another new building in this patch that will finally offer you new voids to fill. This is only a simple implementation right now. It will be linked to more functionality later. This building will be heavily utilized for production in the future. Food and building materials (such as cement, glass, bricks, etc.) will be delivered from Factories to Warehouses. NUGGET STAMINA Just listen to them snore! Nuggets aren’t the undying workhorses we wish they were. They can get tired and drop to the floor to recharge their batteries. The amount of hours you get out of them depends on their make and model. Comfort plays a significant role in their lives, as it does for anyone, which entails that using a rock out in the wilderness as a pillow is likely not conducive to a good night’s rest. It would be far better if they can head home to the slightly better rocks they use as beds. Nuggets that rest at home will be more productive. FISHING SEASONS No more hover boats for these sneaky Nuggets. Previously, you probably noticed Fishing Nuggets scooting their boats along the ice like they were smothered with butter. Well, there will be no more of this particular silliness. With the introduction of Fishing Seasons, fishing stops during winter to give the lakes a chance to melt. Make sure to collect as much food as possible before the brutality of winter comes. Additionally, Fishing Nuggets look snazzy in their new outfits. However, they look less great when bobbing up and down face down in a lake. Take care of them! SEASONS Have you ever felt colors before? Well, now you can. With our new season improvements, the entire planet is more alive and dynamic than ever. Trees will change their appearance based on the current season, with their leaves turning into a lovely shade of red during fall. However, they look particularly leafless during winter. The Universim has a very complex lighting system, so our engineers spent a ton of hours delivering these gorgeous, dynamic visuals. It’s extremely difficult to work with the lighting on spherical worlds, but we’re proud of our achievements in this area. Overall, the lighting system has been dramatically improved. This includes improvements to the sky, which will reflect seasonal change as well. We hope you’ll enjoy the new sights! IMPROVED AMBIENT SOUND SYSTEM Some legends say that if you listen closely enough, you can hear the planet turning. Give it a go and report back to us. Planets in The Universim are not only dynamic in visuals, but also in sound. Every biome will now have a unique ambient sound scheme specifically designed for it. They are linked to both the seasons and the day/night cycle. Everything sounds different based on the conditions around you. Our team will continue to work on improving the game in every area, whether this be gameplay, visuals, or sound, you will always have a more refined and enjoyable experience delivered to you every month. TECHNICAL PATCH NOTES ALPHA V.0.0.14 PARAGON BUG FIXES Crop HP now changes after the crop is fully grown When a Farm has no water, the Farm will no longer operate Resolved an issue where the AI did not shift focus after a building was destroyed Key Buildings are now prioritized in constructions based on the queue they were placed in by players Issues with Nugget resource collection fixed Resource collection particle effect bug resolved (rocks are now less prone to explosion) Buildings will now correctly cease operation if the global water consumption exceeds the production Fixed an issue where the fire effect was not properly removed after destroying a Cemetery Population auto increase after placing water pump in tutorial Cooking progress is now correctly shown Fixed an issue where the version number wasn’t displaying in-game Fixed dust showing behind stones in graveyard Fixed UI scaling in 4k resolution issue Fixed residential hut panel not showing Fixed camera spinning issues when following objects Fixed Epicenter wrong placement sound on settings screen Fixed issue with Audio Manager volume Fixed issue where dishes didn't disappear if Eatery was destroyed Fixed issue where music cuts off when game speed is increased Fixed missing art/graphics for resource piles Additional camera improvements (V2) Various audio tweaks Fixed an issue where if a Nugget died while fishing, that specific Fishing Pier no longer functioned Fixed an issue where boats would not despawn after a Fishing Pier was destroyed Fixed an issue where medicine preparation progress wasn’t showing Fixed an issue where Eatery eating/drinking progress wasn’t showing Creator light now turns off during the day. The position has also been normalized. Nuggets no longer continue working when buildings are destroyed Eateries, Farms, and certain hut model scales fixed Fixed: aborting construction was not properly clearing construction zones Buildings and bushes now properly receive lights Fixed an issue when Nuggets were trying to drink from a lake and happened to get stuck Nugget ragdoll stretching fixed Nugget bodies are now properly destroyed/removed from the game Culling of Nuggets no longer bugs out when game time is paused Fixed: Nugget names changing randomly Missing Farm statuses and other text fixed Dishes now disappear if an Eatery is destroyed Particles rendering behind objects fixed Fixed: Nuggets were not prioritizing water from Eatery, but instead were going to Well Fixed: News feed was not updating properly Fixed: building names were not changed properly based on player input BALANCE CHANGES AND IMPROVEMENTS Get your priorities in order: Changes in Nugget Priorities between Residential and Key Buildings. Should be more balanced now. Just look at how much you’ve grown: Real-time values are now shown when hovering the cursor over crops in the Farm Put your back into it: Increased repair time for Engineers One of each: First children on the planet are now always male and female Blissful childhood: Children no longer experience the troubles of adult life. Their vitals start decreasing only when they become adults. Hamburgers>fruit and vegetables: Nugget hunger bars don’t fully fill when they eat raw food. Only cooked food makes Nuggets 100% full. Now that’s a tasty beverage: Drinking from a Well or lake will no longer fill a Nugget’s thirst bar completely. Only Eatery beverages will fill a Nugget’s thirst to 100%. Be more specific: Nuggets no longer carry any more or less than 5 points of resources Do you even lift? Global Nugget Might increased. They build and mine things a bit faster now. Slow metabolism: Nugget hunger and thirst degeneration rates decreased a bit. Changes made due to changes with food and water satisfaction factors. No more minutemen: Time taken for mating increased At least buy me dinner first: Family formation conversation time increased What’s that smell? Diseased areas start appearing around corpses 240 seconds after death You missed a spot: Diseased areas will disappear 60 seconds after a corpse is removed The years are getting longer: Full season cycle time increased from 32 minutes to 40 minutes. We wanted to give you more time to build a Farm so you can plant crops before spring or summer. No need for rations: Initial Epicenter food amount increased to 10 from 5 Just another lemon tree: Added extra food bushes to the planet Nature’s bounty: Increased food on food bushes Dust-to-dust: Increased building degradation rates over time Slow recovery: Increased healing time in Hospitals They call this a job: Increased fishing time. Superior evisceration: Decreased fish gutting time Over the legal limit: Decreased amount of fish that can be caught by Fishing Nuggets at once to 3 Watch where you’re going: Initial Nugget injury will only occur after 900 seconds in the game Clumsy little things: After initial injury, Nuggets will be injured once every 600 seconds Good things take time: Cooking time increased a bit Master brewer: Eatery beverage brewing time decreased based on a new water satisfaction factors Well, well, well: Well water quenching capabilities decreased to 10 in a good area, based on a new water satisfaction factors There’s only an I in repair: Maximum number of Engineers that can repair one building decreased from 2 to 1 Hammer time: Added strength bonus to Engineers (+3 to their Might) when they build Gotta make it deeper: Gravedigger ground digging time increased by 5 seconds Light ‘em up: Funeral Pyre now needs 25 wood for one Nugget body Cooking preparation time varies: Funeral Pyre cremation time divided into 5 steps, each step takes 10 seconds Happy birthday: Nuggets will have a higher chance of dying of old age after they turn 40 years old. There will be a 15% chance of dying each year following the age of 40. There will be blood: Nuggets will begin bleeding if their health falls below 79%, which can only be stopped at a Hospital The wonders of the body: Nugget health will regenerate if it is at 80% or above Trickle effect: Nugget health bleed time slowed down to 0.1 per second Architectural innovations: Tweaked building health and resource requirements based on new Nugget Might changes ART ASSETS New accessories for job classes are implemented: Food Gatherer Wood Chopper Stone Miner Fishing Nugget Witch Doctor Cook Cemetery worker (Gravedigger) Farmer Builder Added new instruments for resource extraction and collecting food Hammer Axe Hoe Scythe Added different capes according to job classes Backpacks and baskets for resources delivery are added Resources and food for backpacks and baskets filling Stone Wood Fruit Herbs Fish New Warehouse building is implemented Funeral Pyre building implementation New herbs for Witch Doctor concoctions Paddles for boats New animations for Nuggets are added: Sleeping on the ground Gathering from bushes in to the basket Harvesting crops with instrument Swimming on the boat using paddles New hut mating animation Improved Snow Particles UI DESIGN News archive panel items: removed ‘place’ when event happened since there is no way for proper localization Main Menu exit game confirmation alert implemented Added News Triggers for spring and fall Fixed animations in all panels when speed was changed to +2 or +4 (animations were too fast) Farm panel: added growth time when hovering over growth speed circle. Updated statuses for crops. Changed color for herbs to white, crops are pink. Funeral Pyre panel implemented in the game Unable to change name of Farm, Well, and Reservoir fixed Fixed reservoir and pump UI mask artifacts Moved demolish button to health bar Added turn off/on building in top bar Implemented Warehouse UI Engineers hut, Farm, Eatery, Fishing Pier, Forecast Tower, Hospital, Cemetery, Funeral Pyre, Water Well, Water Reservoir, Water Pump - updated panels. Added turn on/off button and moved demolish button to health bar. Unified font to hold only 3 sizes, which will be reflected in settings UI. Added new messages and thoughts Construction menu updated: added icon for Warehouse and Funeral Pyre PERFORMANCE CHANGES Improved performance for cloud generator Better Nugget culling system Improved lights and shadows Planet shader surface performance improved Tree season shader performance improved Improved building LODs Planet gravitation system improved MISCELLANEOUS Exit game alert Added Icon indicator when building is in a bad condition New Icons ZZZzzz when Nuggets are resting Nuggets can be clicked more easily when they’re in buildings or close to one We now show plot conditions on mouse over New Nugget thoughts New News messages Added Icon when Nuggets get sick Settings for border or border less window modes Audio volume tweaks Resource mining particle FX improvements News messages for season changes Confirmation dialogue at game exit KNOWN ISSUES Nuggets stand too far from resources during mining (use the force, Luke) Snow shader on the ground looks kinda meh Dead Nuggets sometimes have icons above them from when they were once alive (ghosts!) Nuggets mate inside of unfinished huts (can’t wait?) Children can get injured (dammit, Billy) Sometimes Nugget animations look glitchy (she call me Mr. Boombastic) Engineers might attempt to repair buildings that have collapsed (they’re a little late) Sometimes Nuggets can’t reach destinations where resources needs to be dropped (over glass or snow, the postal service here will not go) We hope the squashing of so many bugs brings you great joy. These issues were resolved quickly, thanks in large part to our new AI system and improved engine. We spent quite a bit of time on the project cleanup, as you probably remember, and it’s paying us back tenfold already. We’re spending less time hunting nasty bugs and using this extra time to bring you new content instead. We will continue pushing hard and delivering new content to you every month. Speaking of months, March has been a great one! We’ve got a lot of new fans, thanks to the awareness being spread by content creators. We’re extremely happy to see their excitement and positivity about the work we’re doing. However, the support and encouragement that all of you give us still means ten times more. We love you all! Thanks again for having our backs. Now, it’s probably best we get back to work. We also wish you all a happy April Fools’ Day (releasing a patch on April Fools’ probably raises a few concerns, but don’t worry, everything here is 100% honest. Seriously, don’t overthink it. There’s nothing hidden in the patch notes above). Stay frosty out there ! As usual: join our forums, report bugs, and leave your suggestions and opinions whenever you can. Your feedback is extremely important to us. All the best, The Crytivo Games Crew
  10. Hello all hope you are enjoying the new patch So if you have a bug please can you use this format as it will help a lot, Also if you have a bug please don't post it on other people bug posts that is not related to your bug, If you can't see a post about your bug then make a new post with this format,If you see a post with a bug you have seen you can still comment on that post Thank you Version of the current build: (V.0.0.14) Operating System: (Windows/XP/Vista/7/10/etc | Linux/RedHat/Solaris/etc | MAC) Brief BUG/Glitch Description: (Placed Epicenter, and the game crashed) . How do you replicate this issue EXACTLY (Required!): (Stabbed Nuggets with a lightsaber, game crashed!) The more details you provide on this one, the easier it will be for us and the team to understand the issue and reproduce it, so don't worry if it's lengthy. Module: (Visual, AI, Text, Mechanics) For instance, nuggets not building a well that has been placed on the ground would be "AI" you can use Forum Tag for this one too Computer specs: CPU, GPU, Ram. If you have a crash please read this post on how to submit
  11. it's only 12:37PM here in the west coast of the US, where crytivo is located.
  12. The update is coming out today, thats not an april fools joke.
  13. Hi Any, Please PM me the email you used when purchasing the game (paypal) and I'll get you the badge!
  14. Hi Ali most of the animals are being reworked right now so they've been removed while we spruce them up! They will make a return once they've come back from the groomer
  15. badges have to be requested, they aren't automatically applied. you should have yours now.