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  1. Unfortunately the colecanth rank does not come with a badge. I apologize for any confusion. Your order is showing as canceled. can you please contact support to have this issue resolved https://crytivogames.freshdesk.com/support/solutions
  2. Patch Notes:Test Squad

    TEST SQUAD PATCH V0.0.22 IS NOW LIVE! Hello, Creators! We’re back with another exciting patch for all of you incredible people. Our team has once again astounded with its ability to balance the flow of new content and bug fixing, driving the experience to new heights while squashing those annoying issues. Now that we’re finished patting ourselves on the back, let’s get to the fun stuff! NEW CONTENT Brand new nugget list panel, with new filters, more headers and more details, including a new favicon menu. Nugget favicons are now shown as an icon over the nugget as well. Research: Blue Perks of the same tier can now be queued up for research: they will automatically continue to next queued perk after current is complete. From the panel, player will be able to add or remove from the queue, and see the order in which perks are stacked. Building upgrades reviewed: now resource collection for upgrades will happen before demolition, and the building will continue working as usual until then. Resources status can be monitored on the upgrade panel. Status Flags: building status icons are no more! we now have flags, which integrate smoothly into the environment, improving the look and feel. Flags will display up to two different status situations, and further warnings will appear after the ones on display are solved. Path line for nuggets Time stopped before epicenter is placed Trickle Effect God Power Tornado: New building damage formula New building lumber mill. New building stone mine. New animal - the bear. MASSIVE ROAD SYSTEM Starting off as tiny pathways, these little veins of early economic activity will soon grow and harden into highways and concrete footpaths as your civilization advances. A ridiculous amount of work was invested into this system over the past few months, but it is beginning to pay off. Our biggest challenge was to create an entirely dynamic road system that expands as new buildings are introduced, on top of being upgradeable from era to era. Let’s not even mention the difficulty of getting this to work on a spherical world. Overall, it was quite the experience, but we’re enormously proud to be introducing it to you now. PLANET OPTIMIZATION With the addition of dynamic roads, preserving performance became another top priority for the team. With a little magic, we not only mitigated the new system’s impact, but also improved performance further to allow for far more objects to be on-screen at any time. Planets are now curvier and more decorative than ever. You can even expect faster loading times! Also, keep an eye out for denser animal populations as you go about your divine duties. NEW MEDIEVAL BUILDINGS Stone Mines and Lumber Mills officially mark the beginning of the Medieval Era! You can now construct neat little box-looking buildings that will churn out resources faster than ever before. Speaking of which, we’ll be balancing things over the next few patches to ensure we get the numbers right. NEW NUGGET LIST PANEL Our Nuggets are not just soulless and empty AI agents that drift about the game world performing menial tasks, they’re actually highly-advanced (albeit buggy) beings that attempt to act as alive as possible. Well, unless they’ve been tossed about by a tornado. Then they play dead very well indeed. As such, they have a dramatic list of stats that should be clearly presented to you. With the new panel, you have detailed access to any Nugget’s stats at any time. NEVER LATE AGAIN! We agree with your complaints that it can be a little difficult to prepare for natural disasters before they undo all of your hard work. The notifications were simply not giving you much time to react, leading to frustration as your Nuggets clung hopelessly to the barebones foundation of a disaster shelter while the civilization was ravaged. Disaster predictions will now be far more timely, giving you detailed information via the season calendar once you’ve constructed a Forecast Tower. BUILDINGS SHOULDN'T BE ABLE TO SCREAM! It can be a little overwhelming as buildings begin blurting out complaints about some or other resource shortage, filling your civilization with glowing pop-ups like you just clicked on a dodgy link. We always aim to keep things in the game as clean and natural-looking as possible, which led us to redesign the building notification system entirely. We are replacing pop-ups with a flag status system, equipping each building with a dedicated flagpole that will raise a different flag based on the building’s needs. We’ll keep iterating on this to get it right. NUGGETS CAN SCREAM Nugget status icons were revisited as well, leading to slight changes that improve readability at a glance. We’ve added a severity indicator to the status icons that appear above a Nugget’s head. If Nuggets begin displaying negative status effects, like hunger, thirst, cold, or otherwise, the icon will be yellow to start off with (less severe) and slowly turn into a red icon (severe). Icons turn red once a Nugget’s health or other important stats become endangered. WHERE ARE THEY GOING? The Nugget trajectory guessing minigame has been removed. We have replaced it with a Nugget trail line, showing you exactly where a Nugget is headed. You’ll never have to raise an eyebrow and allow confusion to take hold ever again. BUG FIXES: Nuggets stuck while mating Nuggets stuck fixed in a lot of cases. Threading system improvements. Alarm causing nuggets to freeze Tornado and Windstorm NRE fixed Difficulty selecting/clicking on buildings fixed Amusement AI (entering building 2 times) fixed Construction sites and becoming red while placing new buildings using ghoster Fixed nuggets duplicate names Dead nuggets showing status icons fixed Fixed close button on building list Ghostdo not appear from grave Ghost from dead nugget left his body after 10 minutes fixed Double infected area from one dead nugget fixed Every few seconds hears the voice of ghost, but no ghost LeCupidon NRE’s fixed Excessive number of nuggets are able to enter the bunker fixed Ghoster NRE’s Clouds NRE fixed Some fixes and tweaks on nugget Stats. Fix for incorrect nugget injured status. Fix fall and winter follow along season change. Fix leafs still working in local space instead of world space for some clients Fixed: incorrect hospital max beds in config. Fixed: farm crops not aligned with ground. Fixed: accessories sometimes disappear (including invisible body and trolley of gravedigger) Fixed: fishing underwater Fixed some cases when nuggets were not able to reach the resource Fixed rare cases when nuggets got stuck after collecting herbs / food from the bushes Fixed a rare but when engineers could not finish repairing a building Fixed a rare NRE when a scene object was destroyed Fixed dust fx for settlement props Fixed bug when building placement using ghoster do not respond onclick Fixed flying nuggets bug Fixed bug when happiness effect wasn't applied correctly Fixed NRE that caused nuggets to freeze Fixed bug when animals were walking at an angle Fixed bug when Nuggets caused FPS to drop to 0 Fixed bug when Nuggets couldn't enter the building BALANCE CHANGES & IMPROVEMENTS Biomes coverage improvement Implemented "educated' teacher. Teacher will educate kids better, having schooling. Implement "educated' engineers. An engineer will work better, if it has some schooling. Now nuggets clear roads from resources TORNADOWe’re spinning the tornado disaster event into something a little different. On too many occasions, the tornado proved to be too much of a destructive game changer. As a result, we changed the way the tornado’s damage is calculated to give everything a better chance. Tornado damage has been reduced from 25% -> 10% However, if a building’s health drops to 10% or below, the building will be instantly destroyed. Don’t let your guard down! A damage nerf doesn’t mean you get to haul out the garden chair and bask in the soothing breeze of a raging deathwind. INJURYInjuries can sometimes be a little confusing. Where do they come from? Where do they go? Did somebody drop a hammer on their toe? Injury status icons have been reworked and the overall system has been improved to give you better clarity. Injured health level changed from 75% -> 50% Critical health level changed from 20% -> 25% This should prevent Nuggets from displaying an injury status whenever they get a splinter. Also, they will be more vocal about being close to death to give you some more time to react. WATER CONSUMPTION In the past, many buildings did not require water to function. As we all know, water is a very important resource for Nuggets. Therefore, a lot of buildings (except the initial ones) now require water. Bunker water level changed from 2 -> 10 Cemetery water level changed from 0 -> 10 Engineer’s Hut water level changed from 0 -> 10 Fishing Hut water level changed from 0 -> 5 Forecast Tower water level changed from 0 -> 15 Refinery water level changed from 15 -> 20 Warehouse water level changed from 0 -> 10 Lumber Mill water level changed from 0 -> 25 Stone Mine water level changed from 0 -> 25 Hut water level changed from 2 -> 5 BUILDINGS Water PumpDue to the increase in water usage and a known issue with water production in the later stages of the Stone Age, Water Pumps have received a major boost to performance. Water Pump Level 0 output increased from 30 -> 80 Water Pump Level 1 output increased from 80 -> 120 HutsHuts have received a resource cost reduction to increase the speed of construction to improve mating rates and conserve resources for other buildings. Hut cost changed from 10 stones -> 5 stones MATING First off, Huts have received priority over other buildings. In order to minimise the impact that this change will have on the experience, we decreased the amount of resources needed for constructing Huts. Nuggets will now automatically build a Hut after forming a family before finishing construction on other buildings. Privacy forms an important part of reproduction, after all. Nuggets aren’t entirely uncivilised. The male/female distribution was tweaked to ensure better equality for all. Nuggets will no longer charge headlong into a relationship with the first member of the opposite sex they meet. Distance used to be a major factor in choosing an appropriate mate.They will now give a potential partner from another neighbourhood a chance. The mating system has always been a bit of a pain for all of us. With each new patch, we always tweak it a little to try something different. This patch is no exception. ART ASSETS Status flags. Medieval era Lumber Mill building was implemented The Bear is now walking around the planet Medieval era Stone Mine is now in the game Roads between structures implemented UI/UX CHANGES Updated all buildings name labels - some of them might be missing in certain screen resolutions. Nugget list panel complete redesign. New panel for Lumberjack hut building. New panel for Stone Mine. Fixed tooltip not closing in Prayer Enclave panel. Added new god power icons to god power icons atlas. Updated Cheer Up power icon. Worker ID panel has new tag Nugget menu. Buildings list panel - added X button to top bar and tweaked size of elements a bit. Forecast tower - added approaching disaster indicator. Evolution tower - added blue perks queue. Worker ID panel tag menu position fix. Seasons panel update - added disasters prediction. Forecast tower panel update - added disaster prediction. Replaced building status icons with flags. Worker ID card fixed missing thoughts localization. New status icons for going to lumber mill and going to stone mine. New icons for god power: create cloud. Nugget Status icons coloring by importance PERFORMANCE CHANGES Optimized clouds Optimized animals and fish Improved nuggets performances Tree stumps performances improvements Small rocks and other items cull out at far distances Reduced instructions in various shaders. New culling system improves performance. KNOWN ISSUES Please keep in mind, even though we did a tremendous job improving the overall AI Stability and Performance you still might come across some issues and bugs. Please report them to on our Forums and Discord Please let us know your thoughts! We hope you find plenty to love in the new patch. Thanks for sticking with us, through thick and thin. All the best, The Crytivo Crew
  3. Can you please DM me with the email you used when making your purchase. The one listed on your forum profile does not show up in our system.
  4. Can you please DM me with the email you used when making your purchase. The one listed on your forum profile isn't showing in our system.
  5. Patch Notes: Pumpkin Patch

    PUMPKIN PATCH IS NOW LIVE GREETINGS CREATORS! Today is the great day for another portion of some delicious news. As many of you already know, we tried to keep the pace and we were adding a lot of new features to the game each month. We got to the point, where we were satisfied with the amount of content we put in and decided that it’s a good time to take a short break from the flaw of the new changes and work on some bug fixes, balance and AI improvements in order to provide to our valuable players an interesting and exciting gameplay. We hope you guys got tired from nuggets who were hitting their heads into the wall or were so lazy, that actually were standing on the same place and were just chilling. In this patch we said enough of those stupid Nuggets! Let us introduce you a new Universim Pathfinding system v1.0. Our new pathfinding system is able to solve all (most) those issues and allow players to feel that there is some hope in their civilization and maybe stop kicking Nuggets butt in order to force them to move. With the introduction of our new pathfinding system, we tried to solve the major issues with Nuggets AI and improve the workflow of the game and make it more dynamic. The new Pathfinding system is 4 times more accurate than previous one, we had to go through a lot of challenges to introduce this system in a short period of time and keep relatively that same performance. We hope you'll love it! OLD PATFHINDING NEW PATHFINIDNG We also thought that it would be cool to allow the player to place the buildings more precisely on the map. Therefore, we added a grid around each building that allows the player to see the boundaries of the building. We're also starting reserve space around the buildings for future Dynamic Road Formations.On top of that we made a lot of changes to the balance of our game. We re-balanced a lot of different aspects in our game in order to provide a pleasant experience for you guys. Mating system was changed multiple times, nuggets effects & perks were revisited and rewritten in order to provide a better representation of the nuggets stat changes. Happiness effect got its separate love. Happiness now will depend on many different factors and actions, so you should be careful of what you are doing.In addition to all the bug fixes / AI improvements and balance, we also added some pets to Mother Planet! Foxes & Mammoths are ready to join us today! NEW CONTENT Fire Fox Furry Mammoths New quest: “Punish my Nemesis” Refactored cemetery. Now it contains pyre Clouds are now savable BUG FIXES Fixed: School perk had negative effect Fixed: Gravedigger standing still after you scare him Fixed: Gravedigger tries to reach nugget in orbit Fixed: Critical bug related to “AreaRadius”, “Find my lost nugget” quest Fixed: Critical bug during searching for nugget, “Find my lost nugget” quest Fixed: Dead nuggets were not in the cart after load Fixed: Female nuggets not mating in some cases Fixed: NRE related to dead nuggets and FormatCurrentStatus method Fixed: Stuck nugget eating in the eatery after game load Fixed: Stuck nugget when cleaning construction site Fixed: females from couples made with cupid power never had more than 1 kid Fixed: Descriptions of powers were cut in God Powers Carousel Fixed: Upgraded Reservoir capacity. Reservoir capacity stated increase of 10000 instead of 15000 Fixed: Slow Burn perk caused nuggets to feel hungry all the time Fixed: Multiple perk effects were not working properly or didn’t have significant changes Fixed: Improved Nuggets work assignment. Before nuggets were assigned to the closest buildings to build. Now they have an intention to finish building the first placed building unless any other building received all the recourses before the first building Fixed: Some happiness effects did not increase nuggets happiness Fixed: Windstorm would deal damage after it ended Fixed: Bunker slots were locked Fixed: Engineers were functioning only on 40% BALANCE CHANGES & IMPROVEMENTS Wood/Stone refineries will create a small demand for wood/stone if they are not full, forcing nuggets to harvest those resources. Injured nuggets will be auto-replaced in a building if they are in hospital. Improved transportation AI. All buildings should be served (sooner or later) Improved repair AI. Now lower health buildings should be served first. Improved decision AI (idle ai can be interrupted at any point). Adjusted auto assignment of nuggets. System should try and search for nuggets with required education level first. Improved male/female birth ratio. Improved construction priority builders assignment. Improved farmer AI, it will go harvest even if it has next critical AI (thirst, hunger, etc.) PERK MOVEMENT Storage Area Perk (Unlocks Warehouse) was moved from Stage 4 to Stage 2 in order to allow players to accumulate resources in one spot early in the game and increase construction speed & improve the dynamic of the game. Recreation Perk (Unlocks Local Business) was moved from Stage 2 to Stage 3 due to the new way how happiness stat works & improve the balance. Refined Materials Perk (Unlocks Store & Wood Refinery) was moved from Stage 4 to Stage 2 in order to allow players get and accumulate new materials for the buildings upgrade once they will be available. Ancient Burial, Dew Forecasting & Education perks were moved from Stage 3 to the Stage 4 in order to balance out the perk order and reflect changes that were made to the Tornado / Hurricane. Naturopaths Perk (Unlocks Hospital Pre Medieval upgrade) were moved from Stage 5 to Stage 6 in order to start the transition from stone age to the Medieval age and allow room for the new perk system that is coming in the next patch. PERK STATS We revisited a lot of perks and their stats in order to improve the balance of the game. This helped us not only improve the balance, but also fixsome bugs that were causing the players experience issues with the food or did not apply any effect at all due to a very minor increase. Before we also had some perks applying effects to some stats in percentage value and hard value which caused some issues with the balance. We also decide to redo the percentage value on some perks and make them “hard” values in order to simplify the system and improve the balance. This change allowed us to control the nuggets stat growth more precisely and make sure that our perk system doesn’t break the game. The changes are: Primitive Tools: Might changed from 2->1 Cooking: Hunger Reduction changed from 2% ->5% Heavy Lifting: Might changed from 2->3 Heauge Mahscles: Might changed from percentage value to the hard value 10% ->4 Hide Bags: Carry Capacity changed from percentage value to the hard value 10%->2 Molars: Hunger Recovery changed from 5% -> 7% Divine Stamina: Nugget Stamina changed from 18% -> 15% Slow Burn: Nugget Food needs changed from 15%-> 20% Divine Punishment: Twin increase changed from 2% -> 50% from current value Elbow Grease: Might changed from percentage value to the hard value 5%->3 Round Cogs: Pump output changed from percentage value to the hard value 5% -> 2 Dam It: Pump output changed from percentage value to the hard value 5% -> +2 Cooking Utensils: Food cooking time was changed from percentage value to the hard value +5% -> +2 seconds Tactical Evisceration: Gutting speed changed from +5% -> +14% Tinctures: Hospital healing increased from +8% -> +20% Efficient Pipelines: Pump output changed from percentage value to the hard value +5% -> +2 Fishing Lures: Gutting Time changed from percentage value to the hard value from 17% -> -2sec REPRODUCTION SYSTEM After multiple responses on the new mating system, we decided to change it more and allow players to slowly but surely progress forward. The new mating system will provide the player with a slow but a constant grow. Surely with some usage of the God Power everything can go horrible wrong... oh.. you are all Gods... Gods don't do any mistakes, so nevermind. New mating system will provide the player with a good amount of nuggets in order to fulfill all positions in the buildings and have enough available nuggets to build those buildings. The issue with the dying civilization is solved as well, so you can finally enjoy your growing civilization endlessly until you kill all your nuggets yourself. The rate of nugget mating was increased Number of kids increased from 3 to 4 Getting Twins chance decreased WEATHER SYSTEM CHANGES Time for the tornado & hurricane was changed in order to accommodate changes that were made to the Perk order. Players should have enough time to build the forecast tower & a bunker in order to protect their nuggets from complete destruction and death. CEMETERY We know you've been having issues with Gravedigger not being super productive, so we refactored cemetery completely. Before, Gravegiggerwas not able to keep up with all the madness you had in your village. Dead Nugget bodies were lying all over the place, infecting healthy Nuggets because of his laziness. Now, let us introduce introduce stronger, more productive and scarier than before Gravedigger TWO POINT OH. Now Gravedigger can collect multiple bodies at the same time, he moves faster and knows better what body should be collected first to keep your village nice and shiny. Cemetery Building by itself been redesigned dramatically. It was merged with Pyre! Gravedigger now will become a Pyre Manager! Yes, you got it right! He has been promoted as well. Graveyard has more space for the dead souls. Last but not least, Gravedigger will be able to reuse old grave spots, if nobody was visiting dead Nugget for a long time his spot will become vacant for a new "tourists". PERKS DESCRIPTION & TOOLTIPS In this patch we also introduced tooltips in order to help players to track Nuggets stat changes. Now each learned perk will show up on the Nugget panel and provide the data to the player about the effects that are applied to the nuggets. All the perks got a new perk description & a specific description for the tooltip feature. BUILDING COST CHANGES Water Reservoir Level 0 - 20 (W) : 30 (R) -> 10 (W) : 10 (S) Eatery Level 0 - 15 (W) : 25 (S) -> 10 (W) : 20 (S) Farm Level 0 - 20 (W) : 25 (S) -> 20 (W) : 30 (S) Fish Hut Level 0 - 20 (W) : 20 (S) -> 15 (W) : 15 (S) Warehouse Level 0 - 15 (W) : 20 (S) -> 20 (W) : 25 (S) Hospital Level 0 - 25 (W) : 30 (S) -> 20 (W) : 10 (S) Refinery Stone Level 0 - 25 (W) : 25 (S) -> 20 (W) : 20 (S) Refinery Wood Level 0 - 25 (W) : 25 (S) -> 20 (W) : 20 (S) Cemetery Level 0 - 10 (W) : 25(S) -> 10 (W) : 20 (S) Forecast Tower Level 0 - 35 (W) : 35 (S) -> 30 (W) : 30 (S) HAPPINESS Nuggets now are getting influenced by many different factors that are happening around them. If you will treat your nugget with food & water, he will be satisfied with your kindness, but if you decide to break Nugget heart by taking his spouse away or abuse them, they will eventually try to commit suicide. So be extremely careful with the actions that you perform on your nuggets! Nuggets will gain or lose their happiness due to the next action: Child Birth Child Death Being next to the corpse Seeing the God using a Dark Power Dehydration Disease Drinking Eating Next to the Funeral Pyre Gay Mating Graveyard After they healed their disease After they recovered from the injury Being Homeless Having an Injury After the Le Cupidon power Seeing the God using a Light Power When they get married When they mate When they Oppressed When they lost their partner (partner death) When the partner left the family When the partner didn’t show up on a date When they Starving Straight Mating ART ASSETS Evolution tower has a ground decal. Hospital has a ground decal. Archive has a ground decal. Bunker 3d model was updated to occupy center of its reserved space. Pre-Medieval well has now water inside. Animated Fox model is implemented. Mammoth model with animation is added. Cemetery model is updated - now it has funeral pyre on its territory. Ghosts-Nuggets with animation now will appear in the game. New ‘Bite This’ animation for nuggets is available. Nuggets now become mummies after death. Mummy model is implemented. UI/UX CHANGES Cemetery panel redesign. Cemetery and Pyre are now merged into one. Redesign worker slots and added detailed tooltip on hover. Redesigned nugget slots to show only their picture and progress - rest will be visible after hover. That way we are able to make panels a lot smaller so they won’t be in the way so much. Redesigned buildings resources usage panel (bottom right) there is a demolish and turn on/off building button now. Worker ID card update. Nuggets statistics are affected by numerous factors. Now you will be able to see the value and when hovering - list of factors. Evolution tower. Added ‘more coming soon’ label when all researches are done. Evolution tower mechanics change. Introduced new white perks. MainUI update - added white perks research as well. New worker slots, resources usage panels and close button added to: Archive Bunker Cemetery Construction Site Eatery Engineers Hut Farm Fishing Pier Forecast tower Hospital Local business buildings Prayer Enclave Residential buildings School Stone refinery Warehouse Wood refinery Warehouse Water Pump Water Reservoir Water Well Fixed tooltips for Education traits in Nugget ID panel. PERFORMANCE CHANGES Some of you might get a slight performance decrease. This is the result of more detailed Pathfinding Grid that wrapping planet around. We will continue working on Performance optimization. Loading Times increased slightly. KNOWN ISSUES Please keep in mind, even though we did a tremendous job improving the overall AI Stability and Performance you still might come across some issues and bugs. Please report them to on our Forums and Discord P.s: We also would like to say thank you to: Eudaimonic Nemisis311 jlreymendez letsgo2u For their contribution and active participation during this patch test & community mission. They all will receive Free T-Shirt with our game logo. Please send PM to Sasha or AlexK for the instructions on how to receive your T-Shirts. Everyone else, who also participated during patch test & community mission, we would like to say thank you for helping us to improve the game. Your active participation will be noticed and awarded. Participate, respect each other and let your imagination go wild during those missions and test. Thank you all for sticking with us on this crazy ride! We hope you love all of the new additions, and we have plenty more in store for you. Stay tuned, stay in contact, and stay awesome! Don't forget to leave your comments below. All our love, The Crytivo Crew
  6. Next Updatee

    We patch once a month, and there should be a patch available for download later today.
  7. Hi, I'm a kickstarter backer and already had a valid useraccount which is no longer recognized by your website. Even my email adress can't be found (so I can't get a new password, I had to make a new account to write you here) but I still get the newsletters for this adress.


    I'm a $40 tier backer and pledged Febuary 15th 2016. I used the same email adress I use now for this account.

    1. CM Mirror

      CM Mirror

      please PM me your email you used when backing!

  8. I am a Kickstarter Backer of the $15 tier and have yet to receive Steam access. Was there an email with a code I missed? Can I get a new one? 

    Backer number
    1. CM Mirror

      CM Mirror

      please PM me your email you used when backing!

  9. Kickstarter Rewards

    Currently we are experiencing a high volume of tickets, support staff has been made aware of your ticket and will contact you as soon as possible.
  10. you should be good @RobackObama
  11. Unable to place Epicenter

    It might be telling you it's been viewed? as far as your issue with the game, we really do need to see the issue from your end via recording becuase we havent had any other reports, nor are we able to replicate it on our end.
  12. Unable to place Epicenter

    after using the "uninstall programs" method go to the location the game was installed at and make sure there are no other folder or anything labeled "thuniversim" delete all of it, then install, alternatively if you have more than one hard drive, you may want to try installing it there, after making sure any other version of the game has been removed. If you're still having issues, please download a free recording software like Fraps, Bandicam or you should be able to use either Shadowplay (nvida GPUs) or Plays.TV (AMD GPUs) and record the issue, upload to Youtube or another file sharing site that supports MP4 format.
  13. Can't update

    the launcher will some times hang for a bit and then jump up several % suddenly. it can hang for upwards of 5 minutes or more
  14. Unable to place Epicenter

    have you wiped out the game entirely and completely reinstalled it?
  15. Can't login to dashboard

    @eric994 please make sure you are using the email you used when making your purchase (paypal if you used paypal, or if you purchased through kickstarter, your email used for their services). the email is NOT your forum registered email (unless you use the same email for purchasing and registering. If it's still not letting you have access please PM me with the email you used when making your purchase of the game.