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  1. we tend to do things based off the US PST time zone (GMT -8) which is where crytivo headquarters is located. The team is scattered through out the US and EU though.
  2. Please see below:
  3. Our patch notes tend to hit the day prior or even morning of the patch. The team is still on track for a 28th release and we'll get those patch notes out once they've been completely ironed out.
  4. I've checked your account and it shows that you can post there. Make sure you're trying to start a new topic here:
  5. We're so busy working on the patch for the end of the month that we forgot to take the banner down!
  6. The key you get when purchasing any of the alpha backer packages will also work in steam. It will not however allow you to download and play the game through steam at this time. Once we release the game as beta/early access on steam those keys will activate and allow you to download it.
  7. We dont have an exact date for the full release of the game right now. Currently only stone age is accessible but that will change once we get further along in the alpha.
  8. Hello Gutha! Thank you for your interest in our game and eagerness to help us test it! Right now we only offer Alpha access through our website: purchasing any of the available packages will grant you immediate access to the game along with all future patches! The game key you are given will also be redeemable on steam for a future steam release! If you have any other questions please feel free to send me a message!
  9. Early backers via kickstarter have the option to download via steam already and ALL packages sold through the website will eventually activate a steam copy with the same key you were provided with to activate the stand alone launcher. You can even activate that key in steam now, but it wont allow you to download the game until a later date. Details on steam key activation for future use can be found here:
  10. The save/load function is still being worked on and will appear in a later patch. For the most up to date news on what's going on with the game please see this forum:
  11. Correct.
  12. Save/load is not confirmed for V13, its something the team is working on but it may not be ready in time for the V13 patch. We did release a list of what's been worked on for V13 (link below) and a full patch note release will come out right before the patch is ready.
  13. You can purchase early build access to the game here: