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  1. Job in Death Announcement When a nugget dies can you please put the job he was doing in the news announcement. a nugget died in my last playthrough and i had to go around and click on all the buildings to see what job he was doing and assign someone else to take over. It would be much easier seeing what job the person did in the death announcement. Love the game, please keep up the great work you have been doing
  2. Problems With Zooming

    I have the same issue, hope it gets fixes soon. makes playing very difficult. It seems like i am fighting with the camera when trying to place buildings
  3. Hello, I have an idea that I would like the community's feedback with that involves kingdoms and countries. I know new features aren't going to be added at this stage, but it could be an addon later down the road. - In the medieval era, you can build castles in your epicentres and those epicentres become kingdoms (even might come with a nugget royal family) - In the modern era, those kingdoms become countries and they compete with each other in various activities (like Olympics) - And finally in the space age, all of the countries come together and form a global alliance (become starfleet haha) What do you all think of this idea?