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  1. Patch Notes: Lizard Candy

    Quick Fixes , Patches = the same thing, but it seems we just going to have to wait an entire month again. Thanks.
  2. Patch Notes: Lizard Candy

    So any more patches before games con ?
  3. Patch Notes: Lizard Candy

    CRASHED THE Game already :P.. Throwing a nugget into the water directly, I can throw nuggets from land and kill them in water after being thrown from the ground into the water just do not do it directly. crash.dmp error.log output_log.txt Crashed the game twice now... What a shocker I am still getting villagers not recoverying quickly enough and broken icons (huts) + food and unhappyness Right now game is not fun. 26 villagers and people are dieing.
  4. Current bugs. v17

    i have two bugs from this mornings playthough of the game one early on and the other real late game play, Please fix these bugs and ill see if i can yet break your game again.. Btw dust storms kill the entire village maybe have it set so 90% of the village gets damaged not all of it since every nugget with a broken bone will not do work. Please fix this as well. The Universim-bugs.rar
  5. Cataclysms

    I personally think the game as what worlds or aliens will have will have to do with sales of the game, The game has massive potential, However I guess we shall see how rushed the game gets but i would hope for a longer lasting player evolution on the planet before things start to really take off, But at the same time i would like to see some randomness when it comes to How things happen to the nuggets, So not every start will be nice and calm, but somewhat more troublesome. WE just have to cross our fingers and wait and see how things progress.
  6. Prime Real Estate

    LOL classic, I think they going to be the owners if not the fattest Nuggets ever
  7. Prometheus In-Game Engine Update

    Thanks for no reply on comments said on either the KS or the Page where the full write up is. I love being heard but not known. A little comment would have been nice. Edit.. I thank you for reading my comment and then actually seeing what i had put down and say what i needed to say. Very much appreciated.
  8. Let's talk about No Man's Sky!

    Svenn, If you have ever the mighty mouse series I want a copy ? lol PLEASE ?
  9. Let's talk about No Man's Sky!

    I haven't played No Mans Sky, But i think Rowedahelicon has a good point. However It must be said that the game content was and is lacking and for a game like No Mans Sky is to actually have an evolving universe that has so much content in it anyone can choose to do a activity and know they can have fun doing so. I think Also you need to look over at Elite Dangerous as this has a WHOLE galaxy and players like my self have stopped playing for the moment because of individual preferences that have made them stop playing. The game as is right now is for group play, When the next update comes out, I hope at least Will allow single players like my self to at least have a better chance out there in the deep unknowns of space. I think you really have to ask your self's What happens when you leave the Earth ? Do you turn this game into a RTS or do you say Get extra minerals to make better research which is harder to find and you have to bring back to earth or at least have a new colony spring up. Do you make a game that has a mechanic that each new world is much harder to live on and has to collect much better research in order to survive, I think just the fact that you aim to get to a point in research where you can either study planets and go from what is currently happening here in the world where we spend 100 years studying the space around us before we actually take off and start to make head ways in terms of transforming other worlds to our whelms ?. The game has great value from the base game as you slowly progress to making things bigger and transforming your world into a Huge city that over populates and could expire due to now having enough food for everyone to eat. I could think of many many possibilities here, In terms of game play. But No Mans Sky Had and has mineral collection a mechanic that isnt too bad in most games however because your only upgrading your self or your ship or that your running around doing it over and over again just to keep flying makes the game hideous. The too many worlds thing becomes like a 2d map where you have 5 to 6 different planet types you can fly to at any one point i suppose and land on any one of them to pick at anything on the surface of the planet. However as i just said picking at resources just to keep your self going gets rotten quickly because its a bad mechanic in the end. There was no Fish for people to fish, There is NO mechanic to FISH I don't think you can kill animals and eat them, Sure you can kill those rotten robots that come out just for collecting resources, But who wants to keep doing that. Right now you have a good mix of a game, I think what your really asking is what to people actually think when they leave the planet. What do that think they want in terms of game play. < this question just here needs to be asked i think towards the end of the game where your getting into exploration if the game goes that far. thanks for asking the question though.
  10. V 0.0.8 Stone Hut build over farm and Eatery

    What was that patch 15.3 meg please ?

    Thanks for the advanced warning. Very much appreciated.
  12. Hotfix

    I have left feedback via steam :P.
  13. V 0.0.6 (Carter) incl. Hotfix- Distribution Center

    I have left feedback on steam, Please look there if you need any more information.
  14. Hotfix

    I would love if i could trust this system you call testing. As it seems when we do find bugs you create new ones which happen in dev time and we know patches can be either made quickly or delayed and had added features on to them. I have been unhappy with the game for the past 2 patches. Do i winge no. But i do want to make my words heard. When putting a comment say on steam in the games community section there is very little reply unless there's a major bug, but i know in the back of my mind that someone at the Dev team has been infomed about it. About the Testing and releasing bug fixes, Being happy with a dev is seeing progress......... Being able to test is what we wish to do for you and we also wish to see progress being done with the game. So telling people you wish us to be happy with you would be we wont ever see a game untill we really know for sure the game is completed because RIGHT now the game is still buggy has HECK. Look, Waiting for patches we can all do, but not knowing maybe what is being worked on and what will be added to the next alliteration of the game can be frustrating. So please do not fret with the symbology that you guys are trying to please us. I understand things have to be tested in house before it gets released so be it. but at least make it count ?.
  15. Happy St. Patrick's Day!: Join the party, get an award!

    Newest patch Nuggets Do not wish to go out and get food. I got up to 11 people before i got sick and tired of watching my food slowly depleate over time and knowing what would happen in the end. I did everything from trying to force people to work but theres a small bug atm with the program that allows nuggets to jump off food completely. This needs to be really fixed if the game is to be played i guess ill wait another 2 months for a patch before playing again. Upsetting. Showing 1-2 of 2 comments Maiconi - RUN 6 hours ago Yea I noticed this too. You had to keep adding nuggets to the food bar. It seems when they decide to mate if they were in charge of food they just drop all jobs until manually re assigned.