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  1. I am a Kickstarter Backer of the $15 tier and have yet to receive Steam access. Was there an email with a code I missed? Can I get a new one? 

    Backer number
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      CM Mirror

      please PM me your email you used when backing!

  2. Hello, My kickstarter profile is Christopher Peters and I pledged the $15 level. Both emails should be the same as well as my amazon email. Thanks
  3. The Universim Community Labs - Mission #3

     I think that it should be simply a matter of moving from one season to the next. The game is a sim that at its core is about resource management. Try to not get too fixed on the notion of moving form one age to the next but instead see it as more about getting that next tech that will solve the current problem. Starting in the Stone Age your only really need to worry about food, shelter, and warmth. But will soon find game becoming scarce and wood becoming harder to get to as you use the trees in your area. So you domesticate animals and start planting crops. Also competition of those resources are a big driving factor in advancing a people.  But time, fist it should be player controlled and instead of counting years or months simple have it set to start in spring and in 10 min move to summer then fall and winter. I do not see why you would want to append your civilization to a time table where in 15 min you are in the middle ages and in another 20 you have reached the space age. Instead start at year 0 and move from one year to the next. just because you have been playing for 500 years dose not mean you must be in the classical age, or that at 4 thousand year you first get to space. Just let it flow and we will get to the future when we get there. Just make a achievement for rushing your people to space in a short amount of time.
  4. The Universim Community Labs - Mission #2

    I have seen Beyond Earth mentioned a few times. I think that maybe their idea of "Affinities" should be looked at for something like this. You will have 3 to chose form in CivBE but you can do better. Universim appears to be a game of building a economy first and macro decision making that though in real time is quiet different form a RTS or even a Grand TBS like GalCiv or MOO.  With that in mind I suggest that we focus on a broader sense of development for game play progression. Before trying to string together dozens of sudo science future tech and classical tech. I like the idea of Affinities (Need a different name for trademark reasons) and the idea of Civilization Archetype. I wont think of all the passable ones but the ones that spring to mind would be  Military Might: simply understood as ones ability to dominate and dictate the conditions of their trade for tribute and the like Cooperative: Diplomacy for peace and trade with other races. Benevolent: Because your peoples self worth is important and their freedom will lead them to come to unexpected outcomes Oppressive: More things get done and faster when everyone is singing form the same page Insight: Looking into ones self to realize your nature (can lead to not only boost in research but unlock psyonic ability's) Industrial Exacting: Tech that allows one to get every last resource in faster time at the expense of the world Industrial Efficient: Get the resources slower but neutral to the world Industrial Alternative: Make use of the resources of the planet in such a way as to not only benefit the planet but will in the long run but will increase the worth of the planet for things like population growth and happiness.      Now here is a idea for how one progress though these passable paths. each tech is locked to certain levels. So something like spears and bows will be available to research at Lv1 of the military path but you need Lv2 to get swords and armor. So on and so forth so at Lv13 or whatever you can unlock lasers and shields. At the beginning you have one point in each path. And as you reach milestones you will get points to spend to increase the level of each path. Also certain events could gift you points in specific paths.    And even researching tech form the same group will synergies with tech in other paths so researching a group of things in the Benevolent path will give you a point in the Industrial Efficient one.   You could have it so you can only get a number of points in your game or you could have it to unlock everything possible given enough time allowing your race to become gods themselves.    Again this is just my idea for how the tech progression could look. And much of my idea could be improved.