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  1. I've found the game waaaaay more playable than the last release - well done on lots of tweaking and bug squishing My bug list so far: On loading a saved game: 1. Seems to "ping" a new nugget chime for every nugget in your population 2. Water level in reservoir shown visually as empty even though numerically it is full 3. It doesn't remember what was being researched (I think that's in the patch notes) General bugs: 1. dead engineers and dead fishernuggets are not being replaced 2. If you ping a dead body you get juice, but the body survives. This means the graveyard nugget then walks about the entire planet tracking down bodies 3. Getting fishernuggets dying just on the shoreline but underwater and being very hard to pick up 4. Fishernuggets dying on boats, then stay in position when boat returns, leaving a floating corpse (funny, not sure if intentional) 5. After research ancient burial, the actual graveyard doesn't unbox although you can click on the "box" and it lets you place the graveyard 6. Population count does not seem accurate. Said I had 9 adults and 3 children, when in fact had 14 nuggets in total. Then actual count went below 9 alive, but counter stayed at nine. Only seemed to sort itself out once my population started to then increase (this was on a loaded game, but have not checked when playing from new) Will report more as I play more
  2. There was "fire" of sorts very early on (fire beacons, I think), so I suspect it is on the radar. It would be great to see it return, and also for it to be better integrated.
  3. What is your computer spec?
  4. Agree with much of what is said above. I found that putting a farm in the desert and then growing the herbs for the doctor in there means you can have a stock of about 10 ready by the time the hospital gets built and as a result, the doctor/hospital is much more efficient. Understandably, if the doctor has to go and find herbs, things do take longer (quite right), but I get the feeling that every time he steps out the hospital timers of some sort are reset, because it takes him ages to get back to healing, as he seems to then need feeding/drinking/mating more frequently. On that note, it seems counter-intuitive that farmers would disappear to eat just a the crop is ready to harvest, and then lose the crop as it takes them ages to return. Same for mating and drinking. It's really frustrating. Don't know if its an unintended consequence of the AI, or deliberate and there is an "intelligence" upgrade planned through research, or a god power coming that we can use to fend of hunger/thirst temporarily (that might be a neat way to solve it) - although longer term it does need sorting as we won't be able to micro manage to this level of detail when we have huge cities and multiple planets.
  5. design

    personally prefer the shiny version - I think it would look good in the space era!! I could imagine it on the side of space rockets taking off - echoes of "NASA" logo!
  6. i got the pyre to work once. I think the nuggets have to load it up with 25 wood once they've built it and then up it goes. Never saw it twice in one game (game would crash before then) and I didn't get a chance to check th eimpact it had on graveyard or such like
  7. Game keeps crashing for me, although hotifx has made balance better Get to about 20 ish nuggs and then problem occur. Also, had one instance where a fishernugget died whilst gutting. A new nugget was assigned to the fishery, but the old nugget stayed there, but was renamed to the new nugget. So I therefore had two nuugets with the same name working at one fishery, but only one registered. Presume it was just visual as no additional work was being done. The "dead" nugget started to rot whilst working (yay! zombie nugget!) at which point I worked out what was happening, grabbed the zombie bugget and fired them into oblivion, causing the game to crash before I could screengrab or report. Another one, sometimesa fisher nugget dies and falls into the water, making him unreachable for the grayeyard nugget. And another another one... why, do some nuggets go to the furthest away well, when there there is a nearer one (full)? I think the route finding muight only be periodic, and the next time they need a drink, they then go to the nearer one, even if the further away one still has water Also, pathfinding, nuggets seem to bump into each other a lot, which slows them down, and appear to stand on top of each other when "building". Perhaps more nodes needed. And finally, an interesting effect. When multiple nuggets all want feeding at the same time, they seem to swamr to the nearest food source. Those that get there first get the food (quite right!) and then the rest arrive and then swarm en masse to the next nearest food. It's an interesting effect, but it does get annoying after a while and come across as stupidity. Perhaps it could be an upgrade activity to have better awareness of food levels?
  8. Perhaps the size of the desert areas could be increased as at the moment they don't really pose much of a tactical challenge. And, for other planets, the %age coverage of forest/desert/grassland could be altered to extremes.
  9. I *think* in the release notes they said it was nearly there for load and save. Had to rewrite some back-end stuff to make it possible. I would imagine we'll get it very shortly.
  10. Just gave it a crack. Wating till Autumn made a big difference. Got to "year" 130 ish before it crashed. 20+ nuggets and lots of food. Most died of old age.
  11. I don't recall reading anything, sorry I might be wrong. Bugs sometimes take a while to fix
  12. I did find that taking extra care over the starting position had a big bearing, minimising the travelling distance between rocks, tress, huts, bushes etc.. seemed to help a bit
  13. I know what you mean, I had so many boats out on the lake, it looked like a naval sea battle!
  14. OK - loading up on fishing does seem to help with the food issue. I got to year 75 with 12 nuggets, but then 8 of them dies rapidly in the spring before the fisheries had managed to produce edible food Game then crashed when it was unable to replace an engineer
  15. Agreed. Something doesn't feel right when a fishernugget can only catch 2-3 fish a year...