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  1. Save Location?

    Well done.... "LocalLow"... that threw me. That said, I have two "crytivo games inc" folders, one with and one without an underscore. The one without an underscore has the saved games for me
  2. Ideas for October 2017 update

    Good ideas For sure, water is a known issue - but it does need addressing. It's great though that water running out is now the big issue - shows the fab progress made by devs on ironing bugs and also on the improved game balance:-) I've been thinking about re-growth of trees too. There should be some "natural" re-growth and also the ability to plant. Regarding bushes - I'd prefer "natural" re-growth, but would like to see the nuggets harvest the berries and herbs - seems illogical that they don't at the moment.
  3. I wonder when we get all stages

    I thought it was only on your home planet that there was no hostiles? I'm probably wrong...
  4. Yes, you will. You need to have enough engineers to keep buildings repaired. But as Talavan says, balance isn't there yet, sdo you need loads, and then all hell breaks lose once they start dying as you struggle to repair and expand. Focus first on water, and then on food in the short term - fishing, then farming.
  5. I wonder when we get all stages

    This is nothing like the G-word game. Let's not tarnish these forums by saying that word ;-)
  6. I wonder when we get all stages

    I think crytivo have said these later ages will come at full release, but I might be mistaken or at least, full implementations of those ages - I daresay we will need to test inter planetary travel in alpha/beta
  7. I do remember part of the big rework was putting an underlying sort of map/structure/network to allow for upgrading to roads etcf. as we move through the ages.