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  1. Era specific wildlife

    Indeed, really looking forward to that. Just to clairfy, it would be good to think that animals were linked to your actions/behaviours and the ecosystem, so theoretically, it could be possible to see a Mammoth alking beside an Oil Well, if the conditions were right, rather than just having them follow a fixed chronological pathway. That said, there's lots of big bugs to squash before introducing a whole new system!!
  2. Era specific wildlife

    Good point - however it would be really neat if there was some way that animals could be influenced
  3. I'm not part of the team, but I think your first two points have been answered I understand that there are a lot of volunteers involved in the project, as well as paid staff, and that they have staff located all around the world working on the project In terms of speed - I think progress has been steady. There is a huge amount of work gone in to underlying systems, re-writes for AI, and as you mention, the visuals of the game are superb for this genre, which does take up a huge amount of time. As you will now as a developer yourself, you go through many iterations. I know from past posts etc. that, for instance, the mechanisms are being put in from the ground up for future ages, and this is part of what takes so long, as you are planning so far ahead from a data structure, algorithm, customisability point of view. A number of aspects of the game have also undergone major restructuring. I don't know how involved you have been since the beginning of this title, but originally, we did all the placing of everything - now the AI does a lot of it (and hopefully a lot more). All of this takes time. IIRC they are generally trying to generate their own IP rather than buy modules, given they have limited money but unlimited dreams (they are NOT a AAA studio!!) :-) If you go on the Forum, find a post by CM Mirror, click on her name and then you can see all her posts. CM has been the primary poster on their behalf, so I believe a lot of the information you seek is probably in there amongst her 1400 posts. Unfortunately, whilst social media is immediate and powerful, it loses some of its impact as information can get lost in the mists of time, as there isn't a single in-depth article that is easy to find. That said, there are also release notes and occasional articles looking at aspects of the game in more depth. I hope that helps you to find what you are looking for - I agree, it's a great game and huuuuuuuuge potential!!
  4. The Universim Community Labs - Mission #7

    For me the notion of a cemetery doesn't sit well with the stone age era. I would rather see pits, or bodies buried randomly by other nuggets to begin with. The penalty being that in doing so they interupt their main work. That way the cemetery becomes a useful upgrade later in the game, as the benefits are more productive nuggets To minimise infection, perhaps pathfinding could be more intelligent and give the nugs a chance of evading the rotting putrid flesh of a fallen comrade rather than blinding diving headlong into it each time. Infection perhaps happens only after two or three bodies are in close proximity. In terms of how the cemetery could work: more plots, get nuggets to take the body to the cemetery, have an upgrade where the cemetery send out a wagon that collects multiple bodies in a trip; Could also get wildlife to eat corpses.. So perhaps start with in a "pit" which attracts animals, which in turn act as a food source. Then in a future age, we can upgrade the pit to a series of smaller pits arranged in neat rows to create the illusion of respectful civilsatio... sorry, I mean a graveyard. Also, get the wildlife to start killing nuggets - that should help keep the population in check. Pyre- only seen it work the once, and had no idea how that happened. Feels like it should be something reserved for a key figure - perhaps a god appointed spiritual leader that reinforces the belief system (good vs evil). Also Perhaps as a god you could influence how you want the dead to be treated, and it becomes a way of generating belief points. Could ultimately lead to a trade-off between a society who does not care much about life having a high mortality/high birth rate vs. one which does and so has a lower birth rate/lower mortality rate, and all the inherent issues that come with each approach, especially, if age is somehow factored in to what a society is able to do (i.e. age bring wisdom which leads to passing on of new ideas, but at the cost of the elderly needing to be cared for, whereas youthful society does not have to worry about caring for the old, but lacks the wisdom and experience to develop new research ideas as quickly, as past experiences are not passed on as efficiently)
  5. Some really interesting ideas....in particular that balance between AI driven progress and God-driven progress. Really a question of how much autonomy the AI should have and getting the balance with micromanagement correct. For instance, will the tech tree from the home planet be automatically applied to the next planet, or will there be "branching" and the chance I could have one planet at stoneage era, and another at hi-tech. In otherword, are other planets simply a really neat visual representation of unlocking expansion land, or are they independent? IIRC there was an original idea that we we would fire/launch cows (yes cows!) into space as part of the initial exploration phase. I do hope that will still be included - I thought it was brilliantly unique and very funny.
  6. Save Location?

    Well done.... "LocalLow"... that threw me. That said, I have two "crytivo games inc" folders, one with and one without an underscore. The one without an underscore has the saved games for me
  7. Ideas for October 2017 update

    Good ideas For sure, water is a known issue - but it does need addressing. It's great though that water running out is now the big issue - shows the fab progress made by devs on ironing bugs and also on the improved game balance:-) I've been thinking about re-growth of trees too. There should be some "natural" re-growth and also the ability to plant. Regarding bushes - I'd prefer "natural" re-growth, but would like to see the nuggets harvest the berries and herbs - seems illogical that they don't at the moment.
  8. I wonder when we get all stages

    I thought it was only on your home planet that there was no hostiles? I'm probably wrong...
  9. Yes, you will. You need to have enough engineers to keep buildings repaired. But as Talavan says, balance isn't there yet, sdo you need loads, and then all hell breaks lose once they start dying as you struggle to repair and expand. Focus first on water, and then on food in the short term - fishing, then farming.
  10. I wonder when we get all stages

    This is nothing like the G-word game. Let's not tarnish these forums by saying that word ;-)
  11. I wonder when we get all stages

    I think crytivo have said these later ages will come at full release, but I might be mistaken or at least, full implementations of those ages - I daresay we will need to test inter planetary travel in alpha/beta
  12. I do remember part of the big rework was putting an underlying sort of map/structure/network to allow for upgrading to roads etcf. as we move through the ages.
  13. Perhaps the ability to "override" placement - as a god power. So the AI will do "its thing", but then you can intervene and place a hut if you want to. That might be both simpler to code and also lead to an interesting game dynamic. I presume the use of god powers will come at a cost, the mechanism for which has not yet been revealed IIRC
  14. Funny you should ask that. Orignially, we had to manage all placement of all buildings and the feedback was this did not feel "god like" and was also unscaleable across planets (imagine focusing on the placement of Nugget X's hut when you're also mentally juggling intergalactic travel). Hence the AI. I think the end result you are looking for (do correct me if I have misunderstood) is that it would be better if the AI took distance into account when allocating nuggets to tasks. Also, through the UI, it would be helpful if we could have an indication of where a nugget lived, before we assign them to a job. The other alternative, is for nuggets to "swap" houses to be nearer. Or another other, certain main buildings, came with nearby accomodation. i.e. build the fisher hut, you also have to place a nearby sleeping hut (or something along those lines). It does then get very complex from a dev perspective though. I feel your frustration, nothing worse than a farmer walking across an entire village to have a sleep, and then walk back, whilst your crop wilts, and he uses up a large %age of his energy just walking to and from hut/work. This whole area does need refining and improving, for sure.
  15. Building Decay

    I would imagine there'll be an engineer upgrade options plus some research tools that will make engineers more effective, and buildings last longer coming in a release soon