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  1. Kickstarter Backer here requesting a badgie :-)
  2. Let's talk about No Man's Sky!

    Ok, here's my view on NMS: At first I was stoked about the game, but did not ride the hypetrain, as I have quite a lot of other games to enjoy in my free time. The concept sounded nice, but the trailers lacked a clear goal for me. I think one of the main problems with NMS is that people don't see it as the game it is, which is an indie exploration game which uses an innovative environment creation algorithm, but is neither a space flight simulation nor a first person shooter, nor a business simulation and also does not include a multiplayer option (although the trailers implied some of these features). I play the game via a shared steam library from a friend of mine to get my own impression of it and I'm glad I did, as the game in it's current state is definately not worth paying 60€ for. 20€ would be more fitting - and after more than 30 hours playtime here's my summary: The game itself is nice, but is lacking a lot of features and is unnecessary complicated for players. Here are some examples: - It's hard to navigate and land the ship as you can not look down and can not hover, neither in space, nor on a planet. - I would like to be able to set waypoints or to set a destination, either to a beacon on a planet or to a place I previously visited and "bookmarked" to come back to places I find interesting or continue exploration of an area. - You can clearly see that the interface was designed for consoles and was not or only very poorly adapted to PC. And even this interface implementation is not consistent - you have several different approaches to implement a "back" or "use" function. - The galactic map is a galactic mess. As the UI is designed for console, usage is ugly. - There are yome inconsistencies regarding inventory management - like: -- You can teleport stuff from your suit inventory to the ship, but not back when too far away. -- Why has the Multitool an inventory which looks exactly like the ones from the suit or the ship, but can not store stuff? -- Why can't I move installed modules inside the exosuit or ship inventory to sort my stuff the way I want? -- The icons of some modules are misleading and the description for the impulse gun of the ship is wrong (it does not need ammo) - It would be nice to have some kind of questlog where you can shoose what you want to do next or get some kind of goals or steps to do. So all in all it is a nice proof-of-concept game, but definitely needs polishing and you can see that it was rushed out as well as placed too high in pricing due to the hype beforehand. I'm wondering, if this will be a one-off thing or if Hello Games will continue development and polish the game to a state which is better than the current one.