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  1. Hello I'm not really sure what you mean here! The demo is free for anyone to download. The pre-alpha that is currently out to the users is available for 40usd then you will get pre-alpha, alpha, beta and the finished game. Currently the pre-alpha offers around 1 hour game play and that will be raised as we progress further into the development!
  2. Vote for us!: Indiedb's 2015 Game of the Year

    well it's not really us that nominates for this it's indieDB that does it and there is several other games in alpha stage as well! There is even some games in kickstarter mode that's in on trying to get this title! It's not about the finished game in this site it's more about the idea and soul of being an indie game! and for us winning this would not only be a great honor but would also help us get the word out to more gamers about our game!
  3. my badge?

    Also please note that COELACANTH version does not include a forum badge!
  4. Hey currently the steam version is only avalible for kickstarter backers. If you encounter the error please try to delete all files and reinstall running as administrator. make sure your virus program does not take the files as a virus and delete things like they sometime do. After doing that if you still have the problem please use https://theuniversim.com/contact-us and we will try and see if there is a problem we can assist you with
  5. Amazing detail in the jobs

    Just press on a nugget and then the screen pops up showing info about that nugget then press the top left portrait and the camera will follow that nugget
  6. wntdll.pdb not loaded (priority)

    I have contacted our "guy" Lets see if he can help you out!
  7. Well we will also make sure that the finished game will come with a lot of never seen before game play! the alpha and beta will mostly be testing the mechanics of the game and avoid buggs. so in those we will mostly focus on the bigger elements of the game and once tested we can add content that runs using the same method without having to test it that much. Mostly we need to make sure the game is balanced and don't come with weird bugs like workers not eating and such!
  8. DISCUSSION - Nugget Fashion Week 2015

    Please guys keep it clean. kira have been here for a long time yes. but to assume he gets free votes because of that isn't ok. Please refrain from accusing people and stay on topic! Everyone have different taste and it just seems like kira´s work is popular. Thanks!
  9. Nothing on dashboard

    I checked it for you currently your payment is not registered. Make a support ticket https://theuniversim.com/contact-us and we will manualy check if there is a problem with your payment! Try to include the payment method you used and preferably the receipt as well!
  10. Can't Download Game

    Hey we will allow mac users to try the game a little later basically we have a guy named sergey currently working on our servers and making sure the patcher will work on all OS! It just takes some time to work things out for mac but as soon as it is fixed we will make sure to tell you!
  11. add more payment methode

    Currently we only offer paypal and credit card since its the most safe payment method for users as inside paypal they can add bank account and such with high safety! We might look into adding more payment methods in the future if we see it becoming a bigger problem.
  12. alpha download?

    Yea its currently intentionally removed from the dashboard! But thanks for being on the lookout!
  13. Bug Report: High Resolutions

    Thanks for the report i will forward this to the devs!
  14. when is the live stream?

    We also posted it on facebook and twitter make sure to follow us there as well for easy updates on whats currently going on!
  15. Weekly Update Oct.9th 2015

    Humble and kickstarter will be added in as soon as our wordpress devs finished updating the plugin for us. They have been working on it for quite some time so hopefully it should be ready soon!