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  1. I've had that issue as well; bodies are not picked up quick enough. Also adding more graveyards doesn't help because there is a bug where if a graveyard is full, the 2nd one won't pick up any bodies either.
  2. Click on 'Main page' (top of screen), then click 'My Dashboard' (top of screen). From there you should be able to download it.
  3. Thanks. I'm having this issue again tonight. I got to a population of 38 this time with 2 funeral things instead of the cemeteries (since having a 2nd one there is a bug where bodies won't be picked up.). This time it froze I believe right after building the 2nd one, but not sure what caused the issue. But, yeah it could be related to the save/load feature; I did just notice that when I click on a farm the timer doesn't change at all until harvest. So, might be just the game thinks it's paused for some reason. EDIT: I hope this helps at least for further research. I kept hitting pause, unpause, tried closing down and re-opening buildings, etc. Nothing worked.. Then I turned the tutorial off in the game options (which probably did nothing), but then I went to the main research building and clicked on something to research (pulley). IMMEDIATELY after that the nuggets started to move. This only worked briefly though and then they all became frozen and some nuggets became invisible. I then CANCELLED the research and restarted the research of the pulley. They all instantly began to move again. This only worked a few seconds though.
  4. Fisherman can't get to dock then game crashes. Reload the game a 2nd time. I move the fisherman, but he is dead. Also a notice of 16 nuggets being born when I load the save game. Also, the dialog box won't go away when I hit escape from the dock and the worker shows as dead even though I threw him in space. Eventually I was able to continue on after reloading a 2nd time. The hospital also showed as locked even though it was researched and I could build it. EDIT: Also another worker later died and was stuck under the fisherman building. I had to destroy the building and then I was able to remove the dead body. In addition the funeral building only works once for me and then it's never used again for any other dead bodies. How to submit Crash Reports Consistency - Has happened multiple times in various game plays. Steps to reproduce - Fisherman tries to get to the dock to go eat, drink, etc. Build information & game settings. - Windows 10, 980 GTX, I7 2600k 3.2 quad Output log. This is a file that can be found in different places depending on platform: crash.dmp error.log output_log.txt
  5. Thanks for responding. I'm also having the same issue although I did hit 35 nuggets just now, but what is going to happen now is: 1 Cemetery will be full 2 Building a 2nd cemetery doesn't help; they won't pick up any bodies even if the first is full 3 The funeral building doesn't seem to do anything. It states 0/20 or whatever for lumber, but nobody brings any. EDIT: My game crashed at about 34; did manage to get to 38, but they wouldn't pick up dead bodies for the funeral thing and the cemetery was full.
  6. I have the same issues. Nobody picks up bodies when the first cemetery is full, dead workers remain as 'workers' at farms, etc., buildings don't get repaired, the furnace for bodies doesn't seem to do anything, the 2nd cemetary/2nd cemetery worker won't pick up dead bodies. So, the game just doesn't work right now when this happens.
  7. I'm also experiencing lots of crashes; usually around 20-30 nuggets.
  8. Try clicking My Dashboard from this page when logged in: That is where I found my code.
  9. Resources stuck under water and nuggets all go to it and then get stuck Resources stuck under water and nuggets all go to it and then get stuck. They all want to chop down trees on the other side of a large lake even though trees are closer. Also, the tree they chopped is stuck under the river. The nuggets all go there to try and pick it up and then remain stuck there as they want to pick up the resources but can't. Unfortunately, my screenshot key for Precision X was not working.
  10. I have the same issue in build 17.6604. I also have Windows 10. It happened to me at a population of 30.
  11. I have the same issue; they aren't frozen in mine, but there are like 32 adults and 1100+ children, so I didn't understand at first why they were moving so slow until I noticed that. Lol. There is some bug when I loaded my save game that created that issue I believe because that's the first time I saw that. EDIT: I started a new game, then decided to hit save 2-3 times, then load. When I did that I got a notification that 12+ nuggets were born, but they are currently not in the nugget count on the top left of the screen. EDIT: In my newer game all the nuggets did freeze after hitting a population of 30. Reloading the game did not help.
  12. Hello. I'm trying to find updated info. on this timeline post below (it'd be a good idea to update it). Is there an idea of when beta will be released? Also it's in pre-alpha, but when does alpha come out and what would the difference be? Is beta 1 additional age after the stone age? I know there was some info posted on some of this, but can't find it. Thanks.