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    Hi everyone, sorry about this inconvenience. We're gonna check out what might be wrong.
  2. Kickstarter Rewards

    Hi @Bugpy what is your Support ticket Number. I'll ask our support team to check it out.
  3. Impressions

    Hey guys, Just want to say thank you for your feedback and we're definitely gonna spend more time on balancing and game design improvements. Your feedback help tremendously, please continue helping the team. We love ya all!
  4. Thank you for your feedback Cookie!
  5. The Universim Community Labs - Mission #7 Hi everyone, We just released our patch Chupacabra and we hope you are already starting to enjoy the new features. Our team has been doing a tremendous job implementing tons of new content every month to the extent that we feel like we are in a good place to slow down this month and actually spend some time on stability and performance improvements for The Universim. We would like to ask you to help us identify issues with the game such as elements of the game design you might have problems with or annoying bugs. Below are some areas that we would love some focused feedback on. CEMETERY 1. We would like to discuss Cemeteries. How do you think we can improve them? We noticed that at some point in the game Cemeteries and Gravediggers are getting overwhelmed with a number of dead bodies lying and stinking around the epicenter. In a lot of these cases, gravediggers are getting confused while trying to reach bodies that are located in unreachable areas. 2. The Gravedigger is going too far out thus making him very unproductive. We currently do not have any range limit for the Gravedigger. One solution we are planning to add is a maximum distance around the Cemetery that the Gravedigger will be able to see/grab bodies. This way we will eliminate issues with the gravedigger trying to go out and pick up bodies on the other side of the planet. We are also planning to make some of the graves disappear after 50 or 100 years. This will free up new space for Nuggets. PYRE 1. We need your help with this one as well. You have probably noticed that the Pyre is not really useful at this point. We want to make sure that the Pyre and Cemetery have their own pros and cons. For example, the Pyre has unlimited space for dead nuggets but it uses a lot of wood and Nuggets are unhappy about that fact. The Cemetery uses no resources, but it has limited grave capacity. Solution: Needed NUGGET POPULATION/REPRODUCTION 1. This one is a challenging task as well. Our goal with reproduction is to make it balanced based on the population and avoid Nuggets multiplying like rabbits at the later stage. Solution: Proper balancing of the "Matchmaking" God Power will give you guys more control on how you want population progress. In closing, please also let us know what you'd like to see most regarding bug fixes and balance changes. We're prioritizing things based on our playtests and from player feedback. Please continue helping us make The Universim the best game it can be. For our most active helpful and active forum users in this topic, we will be giving out some free t-shirts and awards, stay tuned and keep the feedback coming!
  6. Patch 18: Lizard Candy - My Feedback

    Thank you guys for your feedback. We will definitely play with the Numbers. Happy to see that most of other things feel alright for you, we will spend more time on the balance. Please continue leaving us your suggestions!
  7. Are you posting anything in the News section for this month?

  8. Update: What have we been doing?

    Sorry guys that we keep you waiting. Next week we will publish more info.
  9. Any ETA on next update?

    Thank you guys for all of your trust. We will really feel horrible if you guys will dislike something, we're very sensitive devs) and warm words always make our days brighter.! Thank you,All!
  10. Any ETA on next update?

    Hi, we know you guys have been waiting for a while. What we're doing is very complex and we want to make sure we're doing it right. Right now most of the features are ready and what we're doing, we're connected all the bits and pieces together. It's a bit abstract work in terms of predicting when it's gonna be done, I can easily say that we're close to 80-85% done. Overall, we're planning to have things ready closer to the end of January beginning of February. A lot of things were redesigned, 100% of all assets in this short time. Entire a system is 100% brand new, planet generations algorithm is new also. Overall, we pretty much migrated entire project and things are much more clear and organized now. Again, sorry about the wait and thank you for your patience. Our team work really hard to release this update as soon as possible.
  11. Update: What have we been doing?

    You should've got it by now. Please, contact our support team if you still don't see it. https://crytivogames.freshdesk.com/support/tickets/new
  12. Update: What have we been doing?

    Oh sorry, I guess I was not clear about this. We're gonna discontinue Spore and Iguana Editions, only people who already have them will get access. We hate to keep people waiting. Editions that will stay: COELACANTH DIMETRODON BRONTOSAURUS T-REX MAMMOTH Editions that will be discontinued: Spore Iguana These two versions are not popular at all and in most cases backers think that they will get access to the game right the way. Also, please keep in mind that the game price will change in the future.
  13. Update: What have we been doing?

    Beta backers will join Alpha backers, version are gonna be the same.
  14. just wondering about update

    We can also notify you about updates via email. You can sign up here: http://eepurl.com/bKnqM1