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  1. The largest I ever reached was 76
  2. A desert civilisation would most likely be a nomadic one, moving from One oasis to another after allowing cattle to graze and after they resupply
  3. A planet that has irregular seasons, with winters that could last decades or 100 year summers A planet with mind control spores / spores that affect nuggets in different ways ( all nuggets become male, get blue skin , etc )
  4. Up next the teenage rebellions
  5. Hi , this is embarrassing. But how do I change my profile picture

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    2. The golden archangel
  6. This could actually make for a nice scenario. Universim : the baby tsunami
  7. I would probably go for a blackened shade of red . Also infected nuggets should display outward signs like becoming redder or blacker in skin tone. Helps to quickly identify and quarantine
  8. And we can have entire zombie villages and soon you will hear the happy voices of zombified 👶
  9. It would be funny if resurrection has a chance of turning the nugget into a zombie or vampire 😈😈
  10. I don't really see the universim multiplayer as a battle between two religions on one planet. More like two space civilisation ( two players ) locked in arms race and a galaxy wide conflict to see who wins
  11. The planet exists in real life you know Also an idea for a planet that is extremely hostile on the surface but can colonized by researching subterranean architecture
  12. Maybe an employment Center that automatically assigns nuggets based on their stats to vacant positions
  13. Other potential traits: Outgoing : Nuggets are much more socially active. Boosts mating speed at the cost of the nuggets not working as hard due to social life. Introvert : Nuggets become less likely to interact with others. Lessens mating chances but increases likelihood of becoming an expert Psychopath : Rare trait , makes nuggets less likely to help others and might sabotage others , but excels at leadership. Artists: Nuggets are less likely to work menial jobs but, can create artificats that boost happiness and productivity of others
  14. I think someone already posted this idea , but still I like it . Imagine an entire artic civilisation
  15. A diamond planet , composed entirely of gems . There's actually a star formed from diamonds I think. Question : can colonise moons as well as planets