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  1. Release on Steam on same date?

    ​Not soon. Steam is a very harsh environment, so we want to be sure we have quality before throwing it there. Next year, probably, but can't say when. Alpha, or Beta; undecided.
  2. Dashboard issue

    I have notified the team, but will have to change the title to something more appropriate Overall issue should be resolved for everyone, if not please email your information, your paypal email and etc. here: https://theuniversim.com/contact-us
  3. translation in the future?

    Hola Rafael, Si, la idea es traducir el juego a otros idiomas, ya que tenemos muy presente que el mercado espanol es enorme T​LDR: Translation: yes
  4. The idea is that yes, we provide Steam keys. Unfortunately Valve has a prehistoric platform for distribution and has 30% fees over every dollar. We're still working out the details. But the sale page is online
  5. closing in on release date

    ​Just keep your hands in your pockets when we release it, please We're trying our best despite many adversities
  6. Release on Steam on same date?

  7. Seeding?

    Sorry to spoil you, but this is already implemented
  8. Release on Steam on same date?

    ​Most people unfortunately do not understand this. Releasing a pre-alpha on Steam is extremely risky, and we prefer to hear from a few select backers before we open the flood gates
  9. Buildings and Features

    Just to fully understand: all you want is to design a building and have everyone play with it?
  10. Buildings and Features

    ​Not all DLC are paid. DLC just stands for "DownLoadable Content". Call it "future update", if you want As for the backing question, all future updates are retroactive. So if, say we add "custom buildings" to the Mammoth backers in a month, it means everyone who has and will have Mammoth will have that unlock. But the way it will work now, if via total budget milestones. For example we now have the Singularity event, not only one backer unlocks it for him/her self, but for everyone.
  11. Buildings and Features

    DLC? Who knows. Maybe we'll return them as another milestone in the future
  12. Top 5 Steam Games?

    Top 5 as in the ones I played more or the ones I keep playing? Played more according to my profile: XCOMKerbalCiv 5Endless LegendsGTA 5What I play more nowadays: Witcher 3FactorioAnno 1404FFXIVEndless Legends Although just about to break another milestone:
  13. Big Announcement

    What is important about this is that we need more help to make our ideas a reality, but we will never sell out to someone or a corporation (publisher, etc) that may twist our original concept. In other words: we accept private funding, but only if they understand they will have little to say in the creative department. We have very clear what we've been doing and what we want to provide. Another voice would add confusion and would change the direction of a game that tens of thousands of fans already want to see
  14. Holiday!

  15. Something's coming...

    ​Click harder!