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  1. Patch Notes: Lizard Candy

    Just wondering if Version is the absolute latest version right?? It says "Archived" in game, Not "Lizard Candy".. Hence why I'm curious.. Yeah, until all the buildings collapse, I tried playing the game, none of the buildings stay up for squat! I'm sort of miffed.
  2. LBGT

    First off the game doesn't need to get politicized, so NO to LGBT nuggets, not that I dislike Gays or gender confused people.. Just keep this a game not a social experiment. Should you want to have a rainbow flag or two in the game, that should be some optional DLC.
  3. Is there a roadmap ?

    Can't wait to get the full game.. 2+ years but it's worth it.. definitely don't want rushed games...
  4. Refund

    This game IS taking forever, but I feel it will be worth the wait. Look what happened to No Man's Sky, it got rushed due to death threats to Sean Murray and his staff.. and now we have a half baked game because of it.. Crytivo can take all the time they need to properly finish this game, and who knows, OP (Sab) you just might be able to save up for a proper PC by the time it does finish.. As Shigeru Miyamoto once said... "A delayed game is eventually good. A bad game is bad forever."
  5. Refund

  6. How to update to V13 on Steam

    No... Here's the text in the notepad file... #Regenerated version info file version = 0_0_12_2710060800_8660 url = http://edge.theuniversim.com/updates/ game = The Universim.exe
  7. How to update to V13 on Steam

    I have the launcher, but it says version 12 is up to date, and It won't let me check for new updates... Really not cool.... Skidrow The Illegal website HAS this update, and ME a Paying customer can't get it? wow....
  8. Abandonware?

    I'd like to know when this game will be directly on Steam so I don't have to use the launcher... Been a supporter for years.. I want to see this game go gold!
  9. Happy St. Patrick's Day!: Join the party, get an award!

    Happy St. Patty's Day to you all!!!!!
  10. Just a small Suggestion..

    What happened to my 2nd reply? did someone not like me posting a link to a RELATED website???
  11. Just a small Suggestion..

  12. Just a small Suggestion..

    For my suggestion: I'd like more "Cheats" like UNLIMITED Resources... The game is NOT letting me gather Metal no matter where I settle my Epicenter... I've tried 4 different locations all near forests, rocks and lakes... Bug reports: Also, food is glitched, hence why I'd like some cheaty options to minimize frustrations on my part... I can't get my population past 150 without a crash to desktop either... I'm using Windows 10 PRO 64-bit... I have an AMD 6350 3.5 GHZ and a Radeon 270x 2 GB GPU... I do realize this is PRE-ALPHA, but I hope someone at Crytivo listens to my feedback... A ~ menu with a god mode thing would be cool...
  13. delayed again....

    ​I hope that this isn't another GODUS... That game was a Gigantic Earth shattering letdown.....
  14. delayed again....

    ​I am TOTALLY BUMMED... I was really looking forward to this Pre-Alpha... I've never heard of games deleting files... I hope this Stuff, to put it nicely, gets resolved in less than 2 weeks..
  15. YouTube videos

    ​Regarding STEAM, Since I've purchased UNIVERSIM here, will it eventually show up in my Games Library in Steam automatically??