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  1. Wolves are bad, right?

    Hi Ypsilon and thanks for your kind words. That's exactly the same I think. Why not make something unique? Later in the game they want to implement sifi elements and at the stone age things tend to be not the "normal" evolution as well. What about options to interact differently with all kinds of animals? (universim wants to be a god game, doesn't it!? Teach nuggets their lesson ) But why bother with animals existing on earth at all? I think gamers exist who love at least one of their kind. It wouldn't be that sad if we have completely unknown species. Like mentioned before, if this game hasn't the demand to be realistic, then just don't do it. But not in the way everyone else does it already. There are so many ideas out there...
  2. Wolves are bad, right?

    Yes, that might be the case. Too bad. But it is a community driven game and every opinion counts. Who knows, maybe my words will sometimes change a little bit here and there...
  3. Wolves are bad, right?

    It is econimical, cause there is no other reason why wolves should be an enemy at all. The only reason is due to the fact that they sometimes steal a sheep or two and this will result in lesser profit. Or do I have a wrong view at the picture? I think this is how it unfortunately works today... And yes, this is not a wildlife simulation. I must truly admit it. But isn't Crytivo Games also not the standard developer and publisher out there like EA or other companies? Why the hell should they care about a complete other set of species they invent from the scratch? Wouldn't this be more innovative? Why always depend on deadlocked structures like "wolves are bad and will always be bad"? I personally think this is just a poor excuse. My only criticism is that they don't think about it, just make the same as everyone else. I expect more from an indie dev team. PS: Thank you for your praising words. Sorry if my words sometimes seem to be offensive, but it is frustrating to see the same wherever I look at. I hope you understand.
  4. Wolves are bad, right?

    First off all, thanks for the response. I agree with your first line, but I cannot accept the rest as is. (Your second line is mostly economical mind?) In general all of these animals are predators and yes, their behavior naturally is of some sort of aggressivity. But it depends if you count as prey or not and each animal has its own traits. Some are more shy towards humans and some are not. Usually animals only react to threats. Some Bears (e.g. grizzlies) tend to attack more often than others, but wolves will not encounter you as far as possible. This has nothing to do with extinction, it has to to with their characteristics. In countries where wolves still (or again) live today the attacks are as rare as always. I also disagree with video games have no responsibility for such facts. Sorry to say this, but not all people are aware of the difference between reality and games or even movies or fairy tales. They often believe what is given to them as real facts. I really often have to explain the real behavior of such animals (not only wolves) to people I meet, if the topic occures. I call this the red riding hood syndrome. Such stories and other media destroyed the image of wolves. People do not care for the truth as long as everyone tells the same. I hope this will be implemented as realistic as possible. I cannot take another game with these stupid stereotypes.
  5. Wolves are bad, right?

    Nice to see your steady progress. I really love this game so far! Unfortunately, one recent aspect truly displeases me. Last time I read the newsletter I thought "please don't let them make the same mistake as every other developer has done before", when I saw the hunting section. But you have done it. Please don't put the wolves in the wrong light again! I can't believe that everyone seems to think they are totally bad and aggressive. I hate these fairy tales! Can you please try to avoid this? Just try to make them attack only when absolutely inevitable. Normally wolves run away from nuggets, except they are ill or regularly get food from them Thank you very much!
  6. Missing localization data and status

    Your welcome! I'm glad I could help
  7. Missing localization data and status

    Hi. I tested in Desert and Grassland biomes. After choosing the crop it displays PREPARING_TO_DO_LOC then READY_TO_GROW_TO_DO_LOC and GROWING_TO_DO_LOC afterwards in both biomes.
  8. Wrong status message in farm

    See also
  9. Missing localization data and status

    Hi, I found no bug report about this, so here it is: Version of the current build: V.0.0.13 Operating System: Windows 7 x64 Brief BUG/Glitch Description: Bloodydiarrhea Fruit has no description + Status: GROWING_TO_DO_LOC + Tooltip localization data is also missing How do you replicate this issue EXACTLY (Required!): Just build a farm and click on the i-Symbol of the Bloodydiarrhea Fruit (Localization data is missing). The status of the crop additionally is GROWING_TO_DO_LOC (I think this is a variable which should contain text?) Module: Text Computer specs: Intel i7-2670QM 2.2 GHz, GT540M 2GB VRAM, 8GB RAM
  10. v0.0.10 game animation lags every second

    Oh o.o
  11. v0.0.10 game animation lags every second

    Great news! What exactly was the issue? I am just curious.
  12. v0.0.10 game animation lags every second

    Sure, no problem Update: The latest graphics driver doesn't change the situation. Just for your info.
  13. v0.0.10 game animation lags every second

    Hm, I realized that Universim uses only one core of my CPU to 100%. Maybe this is the bottleneck? Do you plan to support multiple cores in the future? Another theory would be the graphics card driver. I will update to the latest release, try again and report the results.
  14. v0.0.10 game animation lags every second

    I run the game on my display's native resolution of 1366 x 768 (16:9). I disabled all additional graphic settings, all other settings on low and even lowered the resolution step by step. First 1024 x 768, then 800 x 600 and finally 640 x 480, but no other result. Hm, until now I had no problems with other games. I even played Dragon Age: Inquisition with low settings and native resolution fluently on my notebook. And this game uses the Frostbite 3 engine, which is not really resource saving. I think the problem must be somewhere else, but where? EDIT: The graphics card has dedicated VRAM, which is independent from system memory.
  15. v0.0.10 game animation lags every second What client version you downloaded: dashboard/standalone client download, PC What part of the system was the bug/issue encountered in: game Are you able to replicate the problem: Yes, just start the game and play Detailed description of the problem: The last version I played was the demo, but now I am able to play the alpha version due to an upgrade. The animation and controls in the demo version were surprisingly smooth, but now in the alpha version the game lags every second. This looks a bit like a time leap. On first sight everything looks normal, but you quickly notice it isn't. All nuggets move normally, but every second they skip. Same with the stars in the background, other objects and when you use the camera. Every second it is like hitting a invisible wall for a split second. System specs: Intel Core i7 2670QM 2,2 GHz 8 GB of RAM Samsung 830 SSD GeForce GT540M with 2GB VRAM The only difference between the demo and the alpha is the operation system. I was using Windows 7 and now Windows 10, both 64 Bit. Maybe the issue is related to Windows 10? lg Cres