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  1. VR Capability?

    Another Way you can use VR is kinda like what Google Earth VR did.
  2. Cataclysms

    I wouldn't mind seeing the power to play two different nugget communities against eachother. I wanna be a mischievous god. Make the nuggets fight eachother and see who wins. And if they deny me or if things go too far. I'd drop a meteor on them or better yet, we should have the power to summon a Destroyer. A monster that will wipe out all but a select few nuggets. Like... a giant black dragon or a Godzilla style monster.
  3. suggestion

    I actually like this idea.
  4. VR Capability?

    I can also envision waving the motion controls in a way that stirs up storm clouds, or (when you wanna get the nuggets in line) place a target and physically chuck a meteor at the planet.
  5. VR Capability?

    VR Capability? I'm not sure if this subject has come up or has been confirmed for the main game, but will there be VR capability for Universim? It would definitely be a fun way to play the game, seeing the world as if it were right before your eyes, interacting with it with your virtual godly hands. In a way, it would add to the immersion.
  6. What's the extent I can do with the object editor?

    lets hope that's true. I've always daydreamed about observing a world filled with anthro animals, watching them interact, war, etc. doubt I'll get that exact feeling with Universim, but as far as I can tell, Universim comes closer to those day dreams than any other simulator.
  7. One thing about the universim that has me curious is the Object Editor option. I know I'll be capable of custom designing little vehicles to entire planets, but is that it? What I mean to ask is, can we use the object editor to edit the base appearance of the Nuggets? I'm asking because I've searched both this site, and the kickstarter page, but neither say anything about editing nuggets. At least from what I've read.
  8. Missing Pledge Rewards?

    i see. I'll see them and be able to play with them once the game comes out but I won't have a part in its making. I see. Thanks for clearing that up for me.
  9. Missing Pledge Rewards?

    so in short, I won't be getting them since I wasn't there to back the tiers?
  10. Missing Pledge Rewards?

    Just a moment ago, I read through Universim's kickstarter page and saw some of the listed rewards to backers. I then examined the content available to the special edition versions of the game (the ones that get you more than just the game) and I noticed most of the rewards listed on kickstarter are not listed on the special editions. Are these things gonna be apart of the main game? Or am I missing something? heres the stuff I'm referring to: custom interplanetary transport shuttle design, design and name alien monster, design unique planet, and several others.