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  1. Infinite Nuggets

    I broke the game after 3000 nuggets. Pretty good stuff!
  2. Will their be cheat tools/codes for us to use in the game? Or is dev tools and the such only for devs?
  3. Hats

  4. Website Maintenance

    Woohoo! My excitement! =D
  5. Launcher/Updater Dev

    Not a complaint, just wanted to say thanks. For everything. <3
  6. You know, that makes me wonder. When and if diplomacy happens with other races, would our nuggets be the ambassadors, or would it be direct god to god communication? How would that even work? O.o
  7. Is this mammoth dead?

    Sorry!! D: #dreamcrusher I don't have the heart. D: I wanna play it too!
  8. The Wrathful God, or the Benevolent god. 
    Whom would you be?

  9. A penny for your time. We'll all be gods, yet. Just you see! You'll blink your eyes, and the Universim will be in your hands. Not today, not tommorow, but soon enough!

  10. I would be very sad if this happened to my planet. This looks like its the end game for that civiliation, almost as a fail state. I mean, if you have that come your way and you're not even on another planet, you'd be royally screwed.
  11. So we all will be gods, right? Gods of our domain. Which would happen to be our planet or planets. So what would be this thing? A Planet Destroyer? A god killer, perhaps? Any theories, thoughts, or perhaps even explanation? Because I couldn't find any for this booger. This very big, planet destroying booger. Or perhaps this is the doing of a fellow god, a pinnacle of some other nuggets civilization, their ultimate planet murdering machine. It'll be interesting to see what and how this develops, or if they even keep it.
  12. Is this mammoth dead?

    The playable tech demo, released on Steam! Look up The Universim on steam to find it.
  13. Is this mammoth dead?

    I honestly don't know. I have everything maxxed out. Maybe thats why?
  14. Is this mammoth dead?

    Reasonable deduction. Perhaps since its just the demo, the animals/nuggets are not eating them, thus their corpses remain. Not sure how else to explain this world filled with mammoth corpses now.
  15. Is this mammoth dead?

    #breakingnews More dead mammoths. Will they all die eventually? If so, how do they respawn? Is it implemented? Or is this the current fate of all the living creatures on Mother Planet? OO: