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  1. Patch notes?

    i think we become the Patch notes today!^^ i hope XD
  2. Next Updatee

    Do we get a big Update? at November^^
  3. Is there a list?

    Is there a list? Is there a list or map who you can see what is complete and implendet in the Universim?
  4. STeaam

    STeaam When can you buy/purchase The Universim at Steam,like early access or something like that?
  5. New update^^

    Whyyy hahaha but thanks for the information : )
  6. New update^^

    hahah danke noch mal hab es jetz geändert, und hoffe ich mal will wissen wan die anderen Stufen kommen wie zb Mittelalter oder so xD But thank you!!
  7. New update^^

    hahahah sorry wegen mein Denglish hier xD aber Danke
  8. New update^^

    New update^^ When can we expect a new Patch for The Universim?
  9. German Meeting Point

    Hey lange hat hier niemand mehr hier geschrieben xD und joa
  10. Can i pay with Euro^^

    Can i pay with Euro^^ Can i buy this game with euro instead of dollars? and why is The universim not on steam to play with early acces,then i would buy it immediately for 34(euro sign): ).
  11. Mods?

    hahahaha okey 55555 but thanks for your answer^^
  12. Next Era ?

  13. Mods?

    Mods? Is that game later, mod compatible or not?^^
  14. game comes to an impassable wall

    Throw the death nuggets into the sea, it´s better and its cleaner i do the same .