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  1. hahahaha okey 55555 but thanks for your answer^^
  2. Same
  3. Mods? Is that game later, mod compatible or not?^^
  4. Throw the death nuggets into the sea, it´s better and its cleaner i do the same .
  5. Türkçe !! Herkese Merhaba^^ , Burada rahat her şey konuşabilirsiniz Türk dilin den : ) Welcome to the Turkish diaspora everybody is invited to chat or talk here(it´s the same =: )
  6. Rangs? I have a question for what are the rang in this game ^^ are they show what version you supported or is that only for forum? and for what mine stands : ) (Sorry for bad englisch haha)
  7. What will happen in the next patch What will happen in the next patch and when will the next patch come^^
  8. When is the Beta access? ^^ did you guys have any information yet.