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  1. Can't update

    Note, you are using outdated launcher, download latest version from the site, please.
  2. Game key issue

    You should enter key exactly as it appears in Dashboard, it is case-sensitive. Just to be sure - you are using game launcher (patcher), right? Because if you are trying to get the game via Steam client it will NOT work - it works for limited number of keys while game is in alpha. Check again, please and ff problem persist - please, contact me to tech@crytivo.com - I`ll check the status of the key.
  3. Can't login to dashboard

    This is an issue with current site members section. It appears when you enter wrong password on second attempt. Try to start from the main page and ensure you are entering correct login and password.
  4. Cannot contact the update server

    The most probable problem is in the anti-virus, which filters internet traffic or firewall. Launcher (patcher) tried to contact server and received an error If this is anti-virus, you can try to check file named version.txt in the game directory and look to variable named url - if it looks like url = http://edge.theuniversim.com/internal/updates/ try to change it to url = https://edge.theuniversim.com/internal/updates/ in any text editor and try again - it should work. If you did not allowed connection in the windows firewall - then allow it for launcher (it is named c-patcher.exe during launch). Let me know if it helps, if no - contact me via tech@crytivo.com. Look on my reply to TS, please.
  5. Multiplayer

    I can say, that we at least discussed about possibility for players to be able to see other`s players planets It can not be called multiplayer in true meaning of this word, but it is a way for players to communicate while they are playing the game
  6. V18 - Consistent Crashing

    I did not called your hardware "coffe-machine". This term was used as generic description of all hardware which is not capable to run complex shaders. Personally, I call "coffe-machine" all cards, which are not capable to run DX11 on *HARDWARE*, even if driver report it is DX11. You are free to use your own definition for this term. We are using Unity3d as game engine. If for some reason they will drop support of the GFX cards like yours (like they did for pre-DX9 cards) - we can not support it too. So, generally speaking - no one can guarantee that your hardware will be supported when game will be released. I am sorry if you interpreted my reply as insult - may be this is because I`m not native English speaker and did not expressed correctly. But you should understand - as mentioned above by other player - game is in (pre) Alpha stage. We change engine version not because we just want to use the latest one, but because Unity does not provide support for old versions - mostly all bugfixes and new features are available only in the latest version. P.S. The same situation is for Apple - they support only 3 latest generations of hardware. Also Microsoft *REQUIRE* W10 for the latest development tools. And do not ask me WHY.
  7. V18 - Consistent Crashing

    While I am not working with the game engine itself (I am responsible for patcher and servers infrastructure), I clearly see that the main problem is in the ancient graphic card - AMD Radeon HD 6800 Series was released 7 (seven) years ago and it does not support all shaders we have in the game now. Until the game officially released we have no minimum requirements for hardware and allow to run it even on integrated GPU. But when game will be in beta we will check the most suitable configuration for comfortable gameplay. Sorry, but we can not guarantee that the game will show all it`s features while running on coffe-machine Note: this is my opinion as developer, but this is not official Crytivo`s statement. And, no offence, please
  8. Game Refuses to Launch

    We know about the issue for the Macs, while we will publish native launcher in Mac App store, you can try workaround described here: Usually, it works
  9. cant update

    Just be patient, sometimes it is really long process. If you do not see any errors (like "Network problem detected") - this just mean that your (or your ISP) connection to the update server is slow. Or your drive (if it is not SSD) is fragmented too high If the problem persist and you can not update - locate, please, file named launcher-debug.log in the game directory, zip it and send to tech@crytivo.com.
  10. Steam Key or other?

    The key you received (i.e. the key shown in Dashboard) is actually a Steam key. However, Steam version is NOT enabled yet. At the moment you can use it with our standalone launcher - it will prompt for the game key after first launch. This key is used for updates, so do not share it, please - if it will be banned it will be disabled in Steam too and you will not be able to use it when steam version will be available.
  11. crash launcher

    Can you, please, share more details? There is a log file (at least it should be) in the launcher`s directory. Send it to tech(at)crytivogames(dot)com, please.
  12. Linux launcher and updater

    I know how to make packages ;-) And I can tell it is real nightmare if you want to support all (or major) Linux distributions (even inside one type, let say RH/Cent OS). Since this is really a lot of the work (not only to create, but also support all this zoo) we do not (yet) plans to create any packages for this game. May be (but only may be) it will be available in the Ubuntu Apps store, but this is not decided yet. At the moment, Linux players number (in %, just look to Steam stats for platforms) is really small to think about making (and support them) any packages, sorry, it is sad, but true.
  13. Can not contact update server

    It was a HTTPS certificate issue on our end, now it is renewed. Thank you.
  14. New version today?

    Already online for Windows, Linux & Mac builds on the way.
  15. May Patch?

    Already online for Windows, Linux & Mac builds on the way.