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  1. Breedings Too Fast...

    I would like to have control over Breeding.....my nuggets were breeding 4 to 5 kids every realtime minute....couldn't keep up....they all died of disease and/or starvation. Maybe it cold be an option in the game.

    Hi geer0b.......when you hover the mouse over the Universim's folder....it is only 1.30GB total.
  3. Nuggets seem to breed to quickly in v13 update...

    No Socman....It was at normal speed.....as a matter of fact....I don't recall ever using any speed over normal or better still, slow speed in any of my games which are this type... because I like to enjoy the scenery and take my time maybe following a nugget or two and not returning to the camp and have everything all built, mainly referring to a lot of huts and more offspring....also...in my opinion, the time span makes no sense at all...you have sunrise and sunset which to me would indicate a 24 hour day, but that's not the case, it seems within that time frame, I believe 6 years went by, and also, the season are way out of wack. Please explain? , as I said in my post. for me ...it's not about seeing how large you can make the population until your computer bogs down...at least not for me...I was hoping that it would be more leisure and laid back...maybe I'm just too old at 62 yo for this kind of game. PS: I would like to have control of mating back.... Thanks for your time.
  4. Nuggets seem to breed to quickly in v13 update...

    Nuggets seem to breed to quickly in v13 update... In about 5 minutes of real time, I already had 20 Nuggets and also, there seems to be no controlling of the birth rate as was in v12, which is a game breaker for me.
  5. [Solution] Alpha 10 won't update Fatal Error...

    Hi....Thanks for the reply....Strangely enough I temporarily disabled my Avast virus program and rebooted the launcher and it worked...but I never had to do that through all the pre-alphas before. I'll edit my post to show my solution. Thank you.
  6. [Solution] Alpha 10 won't update Fatal Error...

    Alpha 10 won't update Fatal Error... Went to update to Alpha 10 after launcher booted...clicked on update...then got a Fatal Error. Detecting networking problem...but there is no network problem on my computer. I even rebooted and installed the launcher again since it deletes the launcher after the error....the same error over and over... My solution was to disable my Avast Antivirus Program.
  7. Patch Day Tomorrow!!

    Let me tell ya something pal...first of all...why are you replying to a message that wasn't directed to you? You are only a kickstarter backer. Secondly...if you believe that your age is only a number...then you'll never have any knowledge of anything that matters in life. this statement you made explains the young generation precisely. ( Age only has to do with how long you've been alive, and it has nothing to do with wisdom or knowledge.) I don't know about you, but I have gained wisdom and knowledge every day of my life. I could write a book on how this society has regressed in time.
  8. Patch Day Tomorrow!!

    Thanks socman...I'd Like to make a complaint on this person boysonicrevived ...first of all...my statement wasn't for anyone else to put their two cents in except you or a Dev. I'm a 62 year old man...and feel that this punk has disrespected me with his replies which he had no right to answer in the first place. This kid don't know me...I'm no pushover.
  9. Patch Day Tomorrow!!

    So are you saying there's no gamers in the USA?...there are thousands, maybe even a couple of million gamers seeing that there is well over 320 million people in the U.S. I would say that at least 3/4 of the of the population are gamers. That is a good enough reason to put the temperature at FAHRENHEIT degrees...don't you think? To tell you the truth...I can't enjoy this little more than an Interactive demo especially because of Celsius...and for the fact that it screws up after a period of time which I find insulting..no game or EA that I had or are playing has ever done that to it's supporters.
  10. Patch Day Tomorrow!!

    Hey pal...I want to tell you something...I'm a 62 year old man who's been gaming since the very first Atari video which was Pong in 1972...I've had all the consoles right up the the line including all versions of the Atari and Commodore computers. Just to let you know how long I've been gaming...so I feel it's safe to say that FAHRENHEIT degrees has been around for a long time. Funny...I've never seen any weather in the USA refer to Celsius...because Celsius is rarely used in the USA.
  11. Patch Day Tomorrow!!

    I'm waiting for FAHRENHEIT degrees...you people still haven't implemented for the USA...all other games whether pre-alpha, alpha or beta that have temperatures in Celsius have Fahrenheit too...how hard can that be?
  12. Fahrenheit temperature reading

    So socman...I guess your telling me that this pre alpha isn't for Americans right now because the majority of us don't read temperature in Celsius? If I had known this in the beginning...I wouldn't have purchased this interactive demo.
  13. Fahrenheit temperature reading

    Hi Devs...are you people aware that the United States reads temperature in Fahrenheit degrees...not Celsius. I find it very inconvenient to try to understand celsius. So...I would like to know when this will come to pass. Thank you.