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  1. @Ali_Army107 and @Stinkie can you confirm that you had enough herbs for the doctor to work in this case ? Thanks for the report
  2. @Dorian @Sgt Acid is right ! The hospital will take more Space when upgraded that's why. i've found the issue about Farm, it looks like when a farmer is thirsty/hungry when he is harvesting/planting he get stuck in a loop planting/harvesting imaginary crops forever til he dies. I reported this one to the team. I reported the engineer one as well, since they should prioritize broke buildings. Only the family of a nugget and the gravedigger can take him to the pyre, if they are too busy or that the nugget as no family (hello darkness my old friend...) then only the gravedigger can take it to the pyre. We'll probably talk about this one with the team since it's not working nicely. I'll make some test regarding mating, but I'm pretty sure that it's related to hut, since most of the hut late game are empty, or that nuggets doesn't use them properly. anyway thanks a lot for your help !
  3. 1- got this one twice, looks ike there's an issue when nuggets get thirsty planting/harvesting crop, he gets in a loop planting harvesting imaginary crops, this one is on the work now 2- everything is fine since you have a tons of building, but i reported it anyway, they should take care of broken buildings instead of close one. 3-I think that in this one the issue is that you don't have enough herbs close to the hospital, caus i got it at some points and growing herbs in the farm can resolve the issue. 4-everything is fine with the gravedigger if you build it BEFORE you get the first dead nuggets, i'll run more test on this one, but it's probably your play style that create the issue, try to build the cemetery in the beginning and everything should be fine. 6- the nuggets getting stuck issue is probably the one we know about nuggets getting stuck trying to reach inaccessible resources, it's on the work too
  4. Hi all, i added some questions on this one since it's pretty much the same issue if you can answer and add details to help us reproduce those issue that'll be really great ! thanks all for the report !
  5. Hey @Sgt Acid thanks for the report ! i'll need a little more details if you can to test it: 1- if you unassign the nugget to the farm it resolve the issue ? are you sure that you have enough food/water ? what was doing the farmer when it happens ? any other details you can provide to help reproduce the issue. 2- do you build the engineers hut at the time everything was in bad condition or before ? they're not going to repair it at all ? or just not focusing on the most broken building ? 3- Are you sure that you have enough herbs near the hospital ? or stored in the warehouse ? when he get stuck in front of the mixing station do you have herbs in the hospital ? medication ? 4-Gravedigger is stuck ? or just really busy ? same as engineer hut do you build it when nuggets are dying or previously ? can you provide more details on this one ? 5- this one is not an issue, just balance. 6- have you seen something that could help reproduce it ? what was the state of the nugget in the panel ? was he trying to reach some resources ? if yes that's a known issue on the work.