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  1. Alien Domination and Nugget Slavery One moment playing Half-Life 2,i trought,and if in The Universim,the Nuggets discover a way to communicate,or,open a portal to a "Multiverse" place,and they discove ur planet,and dominate all of the "Nuggekind" in a (1DayWar),Nuggets would not be allowed to : Reproduce,praise their gods,disobey the orders of their superiors -"Hey,pick that can,now put in the trash."..,and do other things,i think it would be a nice thing (nice get ur all civilization dominated by other specie).
  2. LV-426 Easter Egg

    It would be nice
  3. How to distinguish a lake from a sea/ocean?

    40ºC?!!? Oh damn....
  4. Galaxy Map 3D

    You guys are having the best ideas EVER!!!!!!!!
  5. Flying mammoth?

    Mammoths fly,U DONT KNOW????????
  6. The discovery of the doom.

    Hmmmmm,study,and a bit of translator XD
  7. Hard Climatic changes

    I was thinking like,you know,a day in your planet when the temperature go minus 3 for like,1 year,would be intresting
  8. The discovery of the doom.

    Guys if there is some word wrong,sorry,im Brazilian.
  9. Nuggets discovered a strange creature,they countained the creature and make some questions,and what they discovered something obscure..... John - What are you? A%#() - I.... Am.... Superior....... John - How do you speak well english? A%#() - We......Learn....Other stupid words....... John - Stupid word,why? A%#() - Our word is..... Superior than other languages... John - Okay,what is that hologram that we find with you? A%#() - Give this to me now.... (Start shacking) John - No,what is that?!! A%#() - (Stop shacking) Hmmmm......This,is the project of this useless planet..... John - If this planet is useless,why you have a project based on it? A%#() - Everything here is useless,but the core of it,is perfect..... John - Perfect? Perfect for what?! A%#() - Perfect for a colony,the hologram show the colony...... John - Show how it work,now! A%#() - Release my hands first (Shack her big arms) John - Okay. (Release) A%#() - (Pick the hologram and start the file of the Colony) Here..... John - Oh my......What is happening with Earth?!!! A%#() - He is being perforated by the Yakatra,or Cluster for your fool specie John - My god! (Surprised) A%#() - The Cluster is getting close to the core and They are coming........ John - Who is coming?!!?!!! A%#() - They,my superiors (Start screaming some type of anthem) John - Warn the world about this now! Gerald - Okay sir! (Run,drop the audio log) Audio Log 10/15/2041 5 months before "The Doom"
  10. (Ghosts)

    I know i made a reference
  11. (Ghosts)

    Nuggets discovered in Year 201 that sometimes,SOMETIMES,the nuggets dont go,and stay on earth,making things they dont maked,or just for scare nuggets,called Ghosts. Nuggets in Year 1763 discovered that is possible countain ghosts and study her. (Is that year because the technology evolved fast!) Three ghosts are frighting nuggets in a abandoned house,they are aggressive,the Ghost Hunters will go on capture! The Ghost Hunters was never seen again.......
  12. I know,it's not everyone who likes that but i think something like... Optional,like: A Bacteria has evolved to kill Nuggets,what you gonna do? Make Random/Create and Name it.
  13. Interaction with aliens

    I agree
  14. v0.0.2 the end of mammoths

    Okay :)
  15. v0.0.2 the end of mammoths

    So Mammoths was extincts by a disease in her brains,in Year 019 every Mammoth has been dead.