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  1. I'm really worried now, the longer it take the more worried i am.
  2. @AlexK Actually i'm insecure because this is my first time ever going in like that and help a game which i cherrish. Iv'e been with you guys all the way since patch 1 and i really really hope this goes all well and make a game i'm proud to have helped. As of now i'm really proud i love what all devs are doing especially when you show us the work done and stuffs like that, i gotta admit i enjoy watching the progress so far. But like everything in life problems can happen when you don't expect them, but i still have FAITH in you and your crew. P.S sorry for that bad english not my main language.
  3. Hey Alex, if anything goes wrong will you be able to just tell us the truth? and no run away like most devs do. I really hope this game succeed but i'm also realistic, if anything goes wrong please just tell us we're not kids anymore we can understand
  4. Still waiting for the patch :O
  5. just take another month then, make sure everything is good.
  6. Oh well, R.I.P
  7. Updates When is the next updates coming ?
  8. Soooooo, how do we fix this ? it's pretty odd to play in two languages.
  9. actually deleting this post would only remove a research tools i found it useful
  10. okay super cool thanks Alex.
  11. Steam Would it be possible to change my dashboard version for a steam version i really like to see how much times iv'e put into something i really like. please could you guys do this?
  12. i just wish this dosn't end up like an RTS.
  13. i have to disagree aswell the new system is way better, i want to interacte with them NOT controle them i'm a god not a marionettist.
  14. Dashboard to Steam Hello dear devs ! would it be possible to change my dashboard key for a steam ? i really like to keep track of the hours i put into a game thanks you
  15. always take screen shots mine freeze also.