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  1. Release

    I Was wondering what is the estimated release date for the "BETA" and Full Releases of the game i know it may not be 100% promised by the estimate date im just curious what the plans are for the release. Thank you
  2. Game reports Medieval Era rather than Stoneage (resolved)

    Happens to me too sometimes
  3. New Update Bugs Issues (resolved)

    Ok. im sorry.
  4. New Update Bugs Issues (resolved)

    Ok, first off the Game is so much more stable I was able to play a hour without bugs or issues. then I started finding some minor bugs 1st Bug is sometimes when nuggets bend over there clothes unsnap and re-snap to there bodies. (Only sometimes) 2nd Bug is After Researching 11 different things it freezes and the research panel does not progress as in working it just stay in place not working. 3rd bug is The clock will go really fast then freeze then go backwards then freeze then go forward again 4th bug is the seasons stop progressing forward. As far as gameplay thoughts its very stable the nuggets don't get stuck they don't act like rabbits all over the place. and also the gameplay itself the nuggets work slower. just needs a small increase in speed in my opinion just a tad. and the ageing of the nuggets is great they age at a reasonable rates. I saw that the cheat button is gone for plopping Nuggets in. But overall the game was very stable no Major glitches the Patch covered all the major bugs for me. just small bugs are left. There was No Lag after the 20-25 mins the game worked wonderful until a hour had past then the bugs above starting happening.
  5. When will the Update come out Today?

    Ikr it has to be driving her nuts.
  6. When will the Update come out Today?

    Give Mirrors Time there doing the best they can to get it too us. im very excited as well but i's not easy making a game. Mirror thank you for you're information and responses!
  7. Thank the devs!

    I Think we should be grateful and happy with the people who are working hard to provide us with gameplay and there hard work there doing to make us happy as gamers we should give thanks to them for being here to make this game. Thank you so much to the people of the making of the Best GOD game to be Made "Universim"
  8. Cant wait for the Update as soon as I get to playing I will report feedback for the devs! :)

  9. how many ages in first update

    Yea this is Patch to fix bugs in the first age of the "Pre-Alpha" , there still may be more bugs still that's what we are for we back pack to help the developers find bugs the more we find and report them the quicker they can work to fix the game and to make the rest of the game!
  10. When will the Update come out Today?

    wenn Sie den News-Bereich zu lesen, sie sagen, es ; s kommt irgendwann noch heute! am 15. November.
  11. When will the Update come out Today?

    I'm Not spamming :/
  12. When will the Update come out Today?

    I'm Excited too I can't wait!
  13. When will the Update come out Today?

    Im sorry I should had been more specific. I mean at the moment the game plays fine for 20 mins like you guys told us. i'm wondering will it be playable past 20 mins of more stable gameplay which as of now you're patch notes fix the problems I was having after 20 mins of playing. like will the game Play better after the update like more in detail I understand it's still in Pre-alpha. just wondering will it let us explore the game more with this update. thanks for you're responses
  14. Just bought a new computer for this

    I Agree with you. the company has big ambitions, I rather wait later and the game be 100% functionally then them rush it and it breaks down at release like all these big companys do they rush to make a quick buck, the Universim will be a amazing game when it comes out. my predictions are that they will release beta between June-October of 2016 then the full release in 2017 which is fine. I cant wait for the game to be done it will be so much fun.
  15. When will the Update come out Today?

    Thanks I cant wait too play the updated version will this update provide more stable gameplay then the alpha release updates?