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  1. Shameless self-advertisement at its finest.
  2. MY village

    oooh nioce village
  3. Bi-Weekly Info Update: January 8th

    Wow, thats alot of cool content.
  4. Maybe a cool idea after full game launch

    ... something like this will be a mod...
  5. Do we have a date on the next update ?

    Awesome news mirror
  6. Character Creation

    A nugget creator has already been planned. It was a stretch goal.
  7. Oceans

    Yep, if there would be multiple towns/civilations on a single world at a time, the world would need to be ALOT bigger.
  8. Questions About the Creator Powers

    Very interesting questions. And the immortality concept is a good idea, it should be implemented if not already.
  9. Name the Wars and the Events of the Planet

    Yep cool. this plz
  10. Interaction with aliens

    Yes this plz
  11. Plagues

    Yes this plz
  12. Idea's for the full game

    The continents would be nice, but tbh the world is too small to support that atm.
  13. Religion

    Yep this + prophets would be perfect
  14. Monolith

    Awesome idea. But will it just be cosmetic, or could it possibly give benefits/perks, or be of any use to the player?
  15. I agree, it took me about 20 minutes of clicking around + a forum post to the devs to finally find out how to activate, and install the game.