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  1. VR Capability?

    If you find VR gimmicky than I'm not sure you have had an appropriate try of it. I for one believe its a game changer.
  2. Will there ever be other tribes/cities?

    I do believe they have planned for groups to split from the main town and go off and make their own. Im assuming at that time you can cause some shenanigans and get them to go at each other. What I hope is that we can control the tide of the battle. Say we favor a certain city because a favored nug decided to take a group and go make their own town. I want to maybe make it so they are more powerful and are the most progressed.
  3. How to update to V13 on Steam

    My Launcher isnt updating?
  4. schedule ?

    Oh man im stoked. Ey Uni...its been a while. Would you like to go on a date? tomorrow maybe? Yea? can you wear that new dress you've been telling me so much about?
  5. And We're BACK!

    I like the new placement interface for buildings. textures and models look a bit better too. Water improvement is quite noticeable Beautiful job!
  6. Does the basic god power work?

    Oh man I have messed with throwing things quite a bit. One of the harder tricks to do but most definitely possible (got the idea from a trailer) was to throw things hard enough and to the right degree to get it to circle around the planet for a bit (sometimes they stay sometimes they fling away for some reason or another) one thing to know is that the throw is not always about the length of your mouse draw (length of mousepad) but how fast you snap the mouse during the throw.
  7. We Know You Can't Wait!

    I thought it was due to the shape of the inhabitants myself and I believe I read somewhere that the team had the same sentiment. Anyway guys hits message is satirically both bitter and sweet. As in take your time guys, you cant rush perfection. but at the same time dammit give me a new toy to play with! Love you guys, long time
  8. Working for you

    haha nice, If you guys get back to hiring. Look this guy up, throw him some small test to see his skill. Then he already offered to work for free. Its like you get two for one cause then you can hire someone to pay anndd this guy.
  9. VR Capability?

    I brought this up a while ago and had a somewhat different response, still the same "nothing planned" but I also got an "We don't really see how VR could fit" Which I respected as an opinion but still my Imagination was wild. Even just the view and being surrounded by the world would be enough. They don't need to do anything gimmicky, but they could also integrate touch at some point as well. There is definitely uses for VR even if its just for immersion. I mean. Being a god in 2d is great, Being a god and feeling like your flying down and messing with your nuggets while being surrounded by the world is a whole different feeling.
  10. Seasonal Badge and a new Community event!

    Little Arna nugget just moved to a new town, her dad lost his job at the eatery because he accidently served bloody diarrhea during a political talk with a few surrounding nations so they had to move away due to heavy harassments and such. It was a small quiet town with hills and little neighborhoods with houses built in circles around wells. Each circle of houses had about 5 homes each. Arna had just begun at her new school, nervous of course, but excited to meet new friends. Arna only had a couple back home and was hoping to start over. None of the kids at this school seemed very talkative. Some would chit chat in close proximity near the lockers, others would just sort of walk to the classrooms or into the bathrooms. her first class was Nature class, basically just to learn about farming and what bushes and trees have edible fruits. The teacher smiles as all the little nuggets float into class and take their seats. "Good morning class, welcome back" the teacher begins the course for the day. The kids were dead silent. Just kind of...stared at the teacher. Barely even blinking. They seem to take schooling very seriously here. Later on that day at recess Arna was sitting under a tree, soaking up some sun and just watching the other kids. From up behind her a little nugget with long black hair sneak up and says "would you like to play a game"? Arna jumps up and turns around, startled she asks "what game". The long black haired nuggest smiles turns around and runs away. Arna wasn't sure if she was supposed to follow the other girl or not. So she just shrugs and sits back down and finishes recess. Finally school was over and it was beginning to get dark out so Arna starts her walk home. She decides she is going to cut through a few of the neighborhoods instead of following the main road because it would cut the time to get home almost in half. As the sun sets behind the mountains its get a bit dark, but the streetlamps from the cirles of homes kept decent visual. As she gets to the third circle of homes she sees the little girl from earlier in the middle of the homes by the well. "Would you like to play a game?" She asks Arna. "What is your name? what game?" Arna replies. Again the girl smiles but this time she doesn't run away. Instead she tilts her head sideways and throws herself over the side and into the well. Arna gasps and looks into the well. All she could see is black, she hears no splash or scream. its dead silent. "What was that, am I seeing things? did dad accidently feed me bloody diarrhea this morning?" Arna shakes it off and continues her walk home. She is now two circles away from her home and as she gets towards the center she again sees the girl with the long black hair. Arna stops dead in her tracks. "Lets play a game Arna" Arna blinks as the girl says it and when her eyes open the little girl is gone. "This cant be real, I must be dreaming" Arna walks closer to the well and she begins to feel dizzy, she grabs her head with her palm covering her eyes. The dizziness fades and as Arna looks up again there is the girl, smiling as she throws herself into the well. Arna runs up to the well and looks down. Nothing, Black. Then all of a sudden a hand reaches up, grabbing Arnas hand and tries to pull her in. Arna wrestles her arms free and takes off running home. "This is insane, what was that. WHo is that girl!? This town is crazy" Arna makes it home and slams the door behind her. "Wow Arna, just in time for dinner, must be hungry" Her father says "Dad something Is wrong here or I'm going crazy" Arna replies. They both sit down to eat as Arna explains what she saw. Her father chuckles a bit and says "Well there was a girl who fell down the well and died quite a few years ago, some of the guys at my new job told me the kids like to play pranks on the new kids here and scare then by pretending to be the ghost of the girl, they were probably messing with you" Arna Sighs and chuckles, well they got me good. Ill get a laugh about it tomorrow, Arna finishes up dinner and heads to bed, it was a long and scary night, those kids did her in pretty good. Arna lays down and closes her eyes, she begins to melt away to sleep when she feels a weird dripping on her arm. like water slowly dripping from a faucet. she creep open her eyes and looks up "WoUlD YoU LikE To pLay a GamE?"
  11. Dinosaur era? Cows in rockets?

    I'm 100 percent positive none of that will be in the game, you can rest easy.
  12. Happiness

    He is suggesting that they could make public sports to bring happiness. Which actually makes perfect sense. It would obviously start off simple with balls of pig skin for soccer etc. eventually gladiatorial arenas!!!!! to different modern type stuff.
  13. [v0.0.8] Grabbing trees while placing epicenter

    I thought they meant to fix this already.
  14. [v0.0.8] Nugget change spouses

    ^^^Bahaha. I almost don't want this fixed. This is sick, sick indeed. But hey. Wasn't it normal till beyond the medieval ages?