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  1. if you would save it as JPEG instead of BMP it would not be that big and probably easily uploadible
  2. (Ghosts)

    imagination is the key
  3. The first frame of my animation

    kep up, lets see what it`s gonna be like
  4. Poles of the planet

    I can`t ever play more then 20 min. so kind of can`t actually see all that... And I guess the time speed will be reduced in final build as at the moment seasons change way too fast... I would give each season a basic value of let`s say 5 years so you could actually feel it and have some time to do something about the situation the nuggets nation are getting in...
  5. God Planet

    My suggestion would be to try and develop the idea it self inside AI Gods folder instead of making numerous new ones about basically same thing making it almost impossible to sort through the topics, so everyone will start to keep making new topics about already widely discussed things making mess. Just my concern as this happens in every single forum leading it to simply get ignored and left to be by devs eventually as they can`t afford the time required to sort trough all that trash... Ai Gods idea is that the would be clever developing life forms (aliens) on other planets and would be led by some other computer managed GOD, as multilayer is just a dream and maybe maybe some time after few more years if even at all... Planet of the GOD it`s kind of nonsense, as you can`t be GOD without anyone to believe in you though... I do not think it would ever ever happen as it`s kind of to messy and overcomplicated thing as you would have to be just someones nugget while having your own universe there you are the GOD... It`s just insane and reminds me of one the endings of movie Man in Black lol
  6. help

    But it`s kind of huge difference while some can play 3 hrs and I can`t go past 20min... it`s just kind of not fair... I don`t care there is no functions to execute, I just kind wanna see what is my laptop cable of or should I think about buying a new one before even full alpha release of the game as I can already see hours and hours spent playing it.
  7. Monolith

    To Bayalay It`s great idea mate, how to represent GOD and nuggets connection.
  8. Character Creation

    It`s kind of one of the goals to give us the creator (editor) tool, but some funding goals for it has to be reached first. In my personal opinion at the moment it is not important thing as firstly we need the game mechanics and the playable version of the game it self.
  9. God Planet

    We are already talking about other AI Gods in other topics. Sometimes it is good to read at least few of them hanging around before creating a new one.
  10. Oceans

    Patience is the key and it is mentioned already in quite few topics...
  11. 20 min limitation?

    20 min issue, read it`s sorted and it`s unlimited, but still all stops at 20 min point and nuggets just dye off and game goes on with nothing to do... never ever I can have more than 10 nuggets, they just not multiplying after that... I would like to go as long as possible to see my laptops capability to cope... Read in few threads it is removed and you can fully play on spreading your people all over the planet. Even I do not see any timer, but it is definitely still there as can`t play past 20 min mark, checked with timer and at ~20min mark they just stop doing jobs, stop reproducing and starve to death...
  12. This may draw you in...Mission Lab #6

    that`s why it has be some kind of energy bar in later ages, like producing/require on planetary scale and separate town/kingdom/nation/whatever wise as it could be the thing to fight for between those. To be completely honest I do not really think much of the other planets as long as there is no clear view how the nuggets will even progress through the main planet development stages...
  13. I still believe GOD should not build the building and even choose the location, I would rather go with the idea, that GOD could fire lightning to a tree to show the fire and it`s nuggets those has to capture it and feel that they need it, so thinking of the idea how to get a spark, so like firstly they see the fire and feel it provides worm and it`s gone, nuggets gather stone, while doing so it makes spark (eureka)... But you have to fire up the tree that is near the nugget who gathering stone or he`ll never see the spark, plus has to have a bit of intelligence, so do your research on your nuggets traits... You need to show then it`s good to hunt, drag some non aggressive animals near them, but it wont work, he does not have a clue he can hunt and eat, so drag some animals and some fox for example (just so it won`t think of eating nugget itself), so it`ll kill the pray and eat it making nugget think that he needs to try hunting, that leads of some more intellectual nuggets getting an idea of how to tame and grow them for food leading to horse riding and so on as a natural progress... Farming... don`t build farms, put some berries plants near nuggets drag an animal like rabbit to eat it, so nugget will try it leading to gathering and trying all kind of plants leading to few poisoned and dead nuggets, something they`ll discover they`ll want to have more so farming slowly will be discovered, but by nuggets not you... You`ll just have to pursuit them so they would choose the way of discovery and development instead of living as they live.... defence as a thing to have and to be though of drug some wolf to the village, it`ll attack your nuggets so they will be forced to think of the way how to defend... If nations will split as some two strong nuggets wont feel like it`s enough room for both of them in one village, one will take few followers and goes away to create his own village, that`s there conflicts and need for warriors starts and as history shows the biggest discoveries are made through wars you just may need to push them by dragging one big animal inbetween, so they`ll have to fight for it whos pray and food it`ll be... And for a bigger ideas you should get priests, shamans, prophets those could here you, you may have a chance to choose one nugget whom you`ll be able to give ideas, so choose wisely, he has to be intellectual or he wont get it and wont try get there, wont try to convince others that it is needed for a better good... Anyway the strongest is the leader and leader may not like if any changes would ever happen, strike some lighting near his feet so he`ll believe or goes completely against so you`ll have to strike him especially if second strongest believe and worship you... Cos at the moment it`s going more towards RTS with a bit of the flip... I know game may be to complicated in this scenario as the bigger part of gamers are kids, but it would feel like being the GOD leading your people with as minimum direct interaction to what they will choose and do as possible instead of being like king giving orders... GOD power points should be generated by believers (plus some generated as the base amount per second or minute), by shrines built to worship you, by celebrations and sacrifices performed in your name and use for all those interactions, giving certain amount of start points to perform few things just to get started like eating plants or hunting (choose one it`s not enough for both at the start) or do both and you wont have enough to try make you nuggets be aware of the benefit of the fire. As you go along don`t give them rain so crops wont grow till they will pray for it, drag animals away from epicentre till they`ll pray for some to show up... It`s unbelievable depth and range for this game, just need to go into and take advantage of possibilities it has. Just my two cents on building and how the interaction works in THE UNIVERSIM. I will play it regardless of how it`ll be done as there are no other alternative just Black&White, but it does not feel that epic and is old as hell... Edited, just please dont make it possible to assign nuggets to buildings as we already have to make them build those, they are of their own mind, so as building exists someone should naturally take interest in it and start working there or no-one goes there as your nuggets decide it`s not important for them and their society. Make it possible to give an idea of just first building so they have to do it anyway, but the rest of the copies they should build buy them selfs if they finds the need if the elder/leader/king/emperor/dictator or some sort of government gives orders. If it`s upgradable, so why not just have two blessings of the idea for each research and possible upgrade, so you bless the nugget and if you chose well (intellectual nugget with experience in that kind of job/task) so he`ll escalate it to others or just starts working towards it by trying it out so the society would have to research (develop) something that you as a god have researched but no have transfer it somehow for your people get hands on your ideas (if you waste both or something happens (event like war, flood, fire) and nugget gives up (cos of event or not enough interest, experience, intellect) you`ll have to research that again for you next two blessing to be possible to distribute for your people). I believe some of those they could accidentally develop even without your help if some extra intellectual nugget gets the idea him self through experience and being very smart guy... Sorry for this king of the novel to read, but it may be useful and thanks for reading.
  14. This may draw you in...Mission Lab #6

    hmmm... Oil wont be in any kind of need after industrial era... Plus to form oil you firstly have to have loads of plants berried under ground as it is a natural process for oil to form... Basically it is not possible to ever find coal (sub-product of wood) or oil (sub-product of organic plants) in a planet that has not had any life in it. A bit of the negative mind, I know, but... If we talk about the colonization of the planets, so it is already done in StarTreck series, there they introduced the idea, that first Earth colonists left for other planets with ships, those been designed out so they will be converted into buildings after landing as there was no technology yet for having enough fuel to fly back to Earth. Just like 100 years space travel idea to the nearest hopefully habitable planet with no turning back.
  15. Poles of the planet

    as zoom out and see what area your people occupy it`s fairly tiny part of the planet, so poles would still work... and it`s kind of the choice go into middle having less food (as deserts and too hot) or other side has rainforest (Like Amazon area on earth, there you have harsh environment due to loads of wild animals and rough terrain) but friendly climate not much depending on seasons, or go to like middle in-between (like exp.Germany) there is better ground to grow, easy to get food but you`ll have to survive quite harsh seasonal changes. More or less it is possible and I believe would work just fine even on current size planets... at-least give poles, so it would be easier to navigate on the planet having always a rough idea there you are...