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  1. The Universim is in my top 5 Early Access games for this year [Video] I hope it's okay to post this here. Keep up the good work as well, can't wait to see what we've got coming up this year Jordan
  2. Universim Update Videos and Suggestions Hello all! I create overview videos for various Early Access titles, and have created almost a dozen for The Universim. I've been following this game since it's original announcement, and purchased into the Alpha last year. If you're on the fence as to whether or not purchasing right now is best for you, or you simply haven't played the game in a while, then please check out my latest video below. I'd also love any feedback that the community has, so if you have any then please feel welcome to share it with me!
  3. Think there needs to be some comparable statistics to help identify where the issue is. Try this format: Hardware + OS Settings Used (Including resolution) Average FPS This will help devs identify any trends between hardware and performance, and will help fix or rule out optimisation issues.
  4. Not sure what the market prices are like where you are, but you'd be better off selling your current 760, and using the money towards a newer card instead. You'd benefit from the extra VRAM, and you'd just get more value for money instead of going for an SLI.
  5. What settings are you using? Not to be harsh to your system, but some parts are starting to show their age a bit. I fully agree that most games in Pre-Alpha / Alpha do need optimising, but it's also down to the hardware a lot as well. 8GB Ram is really looking to be the standard for a whole bunch of titles at the moment, and the GTX 760 was a fantastic mid-range card when it came out, but the card is almost 3 years old now. That being said, I guess it'd help to list the settings you're using, as well as the frame rates that you're getting if you can.
  6. As far as my understanding goes, there doesn't really appear to be any form of actual DRM with the Universim client, so essentially they would be giving your money back, while you get to keep the game + all future updates. That's not exactly how refunds work. It bites that you're trying to save up for a new pc, but there are better ways of doing it than trying to burn honest developers trying to make a living.
  7. Phew - Thanks for clarifying! No problem, it's definitely a project I'm incredibly interested in.
  8. I stated that at the beginning of my post in my honest defence! Is off-topic not the correct place to post videos highlighting opinions?
  9. This seems like a shameless plug, but I suppose the content is relevant to the title itself. If this needs to be moved elsewhere (or removed entirely...gulp!) Then please go ahead. This is my Patch Highlight video, but I have also recorded and uploaded and impressions and game play video beforehand. There are some suggestions and feedback within the content, but I'd be grateful to receive any feedback on the way my videos are presented as well! Cheers
  10. From the settings menu, the 30fps option sets my lock rate to 60, and vice versa. I've relaunched the app multiple times and managed to replicate each time. It seems as if the menu has the input commands switched the wrong way around. Also, half of the menu seems non-accessible (except audio and video), I'm guessing this is a design feature to be implemented at some point? But either way, once on either the audio of video settings, clicks to either menu suddenly become unresponsive, and I need to exit settings and launch them again to be able to select the menu I want. Hope this helps
  11. It's worth noting that at this stage, only features from the Stone Age are available in the pre-alpha version. Just wanted to clarify in-case you weren't sure of how much is available content wise at this moment in time!
  12. You need to add the game to Steam as a non-Steam game. To do this, go to Games > Add a Non-Steam Game to My Library > Choose The Universim from the list (or browse for it if it doesn't already show) > Then click add game. The game should now appear in your library, and can be used from Big Picture Mode (Therefore through the Steam Link as well). I've done this for a number of titles, and not had any major issues so far. Hope this helps!