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  1. @in_04 this kind of thing was an issue a long time ago. How long are you playing before this happens(40 min, hour etc) ?
  2. major graphical issue

    I remember this was an issue a while ago where the devs said not to change it graphically or that would happen. i'll get a dev @socman
  3. I like This in my opinion, but I don't like how the grave digger doesn't prioritize it higher
  4. Button ?!

    For me it saves some frames during my gameplay
  5. Tools

    Escape to pause and q & e to rotate
  6. Why I love indie games

    Why I love indie games Found this article a while ago titled. Ant Simulator canceled after crowdfunding money spent on liquor and strippers
  7. Any ETA on next update?

    Maybe we might get the info update after pax south
  8. ETA

    It's been awhile since I've been on. Anyword about the new patch?
  9. December 1st Patch Release?

    Sorry, I didn't know. thank you rnramos for clearing that up. Ps I like your tree
  10. December 1st Patch Release?

    Are you able to tell us why it was delayed ?
  11. December 1st Patch Release?

    Should it be released by this month?
  12. December 1st Patch Release?

    Thank you socman for the update and I hope it can be done sooner. just a question, if you had to take a guess, about how much of the update is done?
  13. Update: What have we been doing?

    Is the update going to happen tomorrow?
  14. Updates

    Is the update suppose to be on December 1st?
  15. New Update ?!

    Yeah I meant to specify the future one, but this one as well.