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  1. Save Location?

    thanks it took me a while but at least i got their.
  2. Save Location?

    I finally found it! C:\Users\USER\AppData\LocalLow\Crytivo Games Inc_\The Universim\Saves
  3. Save Location?

    Please can someone help with this? if no one knows can the devs please let me know?
  4. Save Location?

    Save Location? Hi all, Last year i lots almost all of my save game data and ever since then i have been using a program to make backups of my game savers to an external device every other day. So far i have been unable to find the location for where this game saves its game save files. Does anyone know where they are stored?
  5. V17 - Graveyard & Repair

    V17 - Graveyard & Repair Hi all, Currently i seem to be experience 2 issues at the moment. The first is after i have filled one Graveyard, all dead Nuggets after that are not been collected and taken any new Graveyards that i build, and yes i assigned a worker to them. This means they stay where they died and are causing lots of Nuggets to get ill. Second issue is i cant seem to get my constructors to repair structures. I have a lot of broken down buildings, i have more than 1 Construction hut and have lots of stone/wood in multiple warehouses.