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  1. Oh sorry, i am using windows 10. I just did it again if i knew how to record games i would easily show you all. Also you did not select tutorial in your video. I select yes for tutorial then when the option to place your center comes up ill place it. It will then ask if is the place i want to have my epicenter, i'll then select no and then the screen will shake as though it's been placed but it hasn't, and it's completely disappeared. I'll then have to restart the game completely in order to start from scratch again. Edit: I'll place the epicenter anywhere it can be placed and it happens every time! I did not use god power.
  2. It seems when you go to tutorial and go to place your epicenter and maybe you select the wrong area to place it. When you select no the epicenter placement option completely disappears and you need to restart the game in order to place the epicenter again. I've repeated it multiple times and it's the same result every time. Just wanted to let you guys know. You're all doing a great job!
  3. Progression screenshots

    Sorry for some reason i couldn't delete your quote on this. Thank you! Sorry for the misunderstanding! I will be checking the forum regularly then!
  4. Progression screenshots

    I mean just little things such as "working on this" or the "future for the stone age is looking good" and give a screenshot of it or perhaps menu screen images or model designs, anything! I already purchased the alpha release days ago because i was so captured by this game and want it to be the game I've been waiting for.
  5. Progression screenshots

    Hello! i would just like it if every other week or so you guys could share some screenshots of the game in progress. I think it would give everyone reassurance that you guys are working vigorously on the game (not that i doubt that you are) and i feel it could also help the community give you more suggestions on anything you guys haven't already thought of. I am extremely excited for this game and hope it's everything you've guys have been working so hard for! Keep it up!