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  1. Unplayable OSX Mac

    alright lemme know if there's anything else that happens Alright, so other than the pumpkin patch message which seems to be purely aesthetic, I'd suggest lowering the settings when playing the game at this point. MAC graphics are bad enough as is and when I play, I lower it so that it's not lagging so much. What other errors are happening?
  2. Unplayable OSX Mac

    alright comrades, @Luke Shrubshall @Xander75 what is the updated version that appears on your launcher? And is this through steam or desktop version?
  3. Telekinesis

    Couldn't recreate this one on the MAC. Any other details you can provide for this?
  4. Nugget dies twice

    Good find fellow creator! Reproduced on the MAC. You're the expert nugget killer haha
  5. MacBook Air restart.

    which version of the game were you playing? latest version is V16-5783
  6. Engineer Static

    @Scayla @Valladin82 What are your operating systems? One sure fire way to freeze the game due to an engineer problem is to fire an engineer nugget while they're inside the engineer hut. This bug has been replicated on the MAC so far. Are you able to freeze your game that way?
  7. Nugget Juice Post Hotfix Issues

    Yea, the menu doesn't have all of our implemented features yet so you have to close out the application and restart it for a new game. With saving and loading coming soon, I can assure you that a 'return to main menu' button won't be far behind
  8. Black & Pink

    @dknightnz Yea, the UI is going through some development changes to hopefully make it larger so you don't need a magnifying glass to read the descriptions of the buildings and other things on the screen!
  9. HUD size increase

    Yea, that's actually a bug that was fixed for a hot second before returning in the latest hotfix. I just stick with a high resolution and go from there but it's still a small UI scale even at the largest setting
  10. Black & Pink

    @Christoffer @unix88 @Ali_Army107 @Timecop2017 Yea this has been the top priority bug for MAC users like us on the Universim. It only appears to be occurring with the MAC book pro late 2013/2015 versions. It's a shader issue and the devs are currently working on it.
  11. HUD size increase

    HUD size increase So when I play the universim on the MAC, I have a really hard time reading anything on screen without squinting because of how small the UI interface is during the game. It used to be larger but has now shrunk to a minuscule size. Even when I go into setting and increase the UI interface size to it's largest extent, it doesn't make a difference. If you could return the UI interface to about a 10% increase size that would be awesome sauce!
  12. building placement speed implementation I would like to say that when placing buildings, it usually takes a while for me to turn the building in the direction that i want so that it's pointing the right way. I would like to suggest that a mechanical implementation be added so that when the player holds down the 'shift' button, the building is rotated quicker and therein, the buildings can be placed more efficiently for my community
  13. Farm/eatery research options As of now for v15, there's been a support to rebalance farm crop yields to sustain nugget populations more adversely so I would suggest that some future research options to be implemented would be an increase in crop yield and an upgrade for the eatery to unlock more spaces, add more cooks, and increase the time it takes until a nugget gets hungry again!
  14. V.0.0.15 Weatherman who?

    Got another text based error for summer time
  15. V.0.0.15 Still got danged lazy fishing nuggets

    @socman Wait, why are nuggets only able to fish half of the year? I thought originally they couldn't fish in the winter because the lakes were frozen over? The snowflake icon also doesn't appear over the fishing pier during autumn..