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  1. Just to get my Creator badge as it wasnt available when I joined
  2. Im not sure...but do I miss any badge... its been a long time
  3. My Biggest Town Yet!

    Wow man, this looks amazing!
  4. Back

    Back Hello everyone. Not sure whos still around of the old crew but I wasnt on for ages! Whats new and whats going on?
  5. Wasnt around for a year or so. Whats new? :D

  6. Back in Action

    Back in Action Hey guys, I haven´t been around for quiet a while. Maybe 4 months or so...not too sure. So.... What up and whats new?
  7. Bi-Weekly Info Update: April 1st

    When I saw the Boosters I laughed so had that tears came out of my eyes.... great April joke! Well done guys and gals
  8. Hotfix

    Whoever isn´t happy with Bugs, shouldn´t have brought the game yet
  9. Hotfix

    Give it to us for a test
  10. evolving other species

    Something like this was already suggested I think. But I still think this would be a nice idea! I would love to kill destreoy life on whole planets
  11. Awards

    Participating in the St. Patricks day post. https://theuniversim.com/forums/index.php?/awards/ <-- check this too what the Awards are actualy awarded for
  12. Nuggets not doing their jobs

    If they build huts only, thats because you didn´t build a Constructors hut from the menu. After Building one, click it and assign 2 Nuggets into it. Now those two build everything besides the huts.
  13. Issue: Nuggets stop foraging

    There will be a hotfix probably This Weekend. Devs are working on it.
  14. Nuggets not doing their jobs

    Just give out more god powers and I´ll Show you how I deal with slackers .... damn xD Give out a devil Emoji for the Forums
  15. Nuggets not doing their jobs

    First of all, please use this Format to Report a bug as it helps the devs a lot more and is clear to look at. What client version you downloaded: What part of the system was the bug/issue encountered in: Are you able to replicate the problem: Detailed description of the problem: Second Thing. Your builders just build houses. If you build a construction hut, add 2 Nuggets into it they will start other project as farm and distribution Center. Do they build anything in your village? Or absolutely nothing? About the foragers, they are bugged as at some Point they stop collecting Food. A hot fix is going to be released this Weekend as far as my info is correct.