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  1. Make a simpler stone age >>>This is not a post complaining about the fact that the game is more of a city manager than a god game<<< I'm playing version 13, built a stone hut, but there is no water pump: it says stone hut does not have enough water to function. Seriously? In stone age houses do not function if they are not connected to the water pipe system?? It's not only this, the entire game is very focused on things like agriculture, the eatery, the food and water distribution system, medicine, buildings etc, which is totally nice, but i mean, this is stone age! those things are connected to complex societies, big numbers of people (nuggets) and advanced technologies. So my question/suggestion is: can you delay this kind of managing to a phase of the history in which it makes sense? can you make the stone age more of a survival thing? like to survive winters, gather food, hunt animals? and only after having discovered some new thing, adding the managing system you are working on right now. A few examples: stone hut will provide almost zero warm, few places were to sleep, but they do not need anything => research for better housing => you have warmer housing, better things, but you need it to be connected with water. Or at the beginning the best kind of food is gathering, which provide enough "fast" food for a small community and you have almost nothing to do, but it is not a reliable source => research agriculture => you can build farms, which are slower and need more nuggets to be maintained, but give us more food and are more suitable for bigger communities. Same thing with drinking from the lake and building a well. I can give you many other example if you need it. The point is basically to make the stone age "simpler", an initial phase in which buildings, water farming or whatever is not necessary, but it became necessary only after the community grows in number. Let me know your impression on this!