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  1. Good job looks great ! what a difference ! Realy. You can take all the time you want :). We will see @ then end of the month ;). Great Job So far !
  2. whoohoo Soon new update ;). Wondering what is comming to us ...
  3. Stress testing I saw save game is comming soon, so this maybe a option for the devs to provide a stress test save to test on different systems. If i can help out on it don't hesitade to ask !
  4. Well, i'm a backer i loved the idea from the beginning. i saw the dev answerd my question on ohter subject that we will get some info soon !
  5. I hope to see new update comming soon ? has been so soundless :o these days come on Dev get out that Stone Hut
  6. Well, I hope we can soon see some more options upgrades, more buildings, the game runs quiet nice so.
  7. it is the 15th where is the update ? :s
  8. So the 15th we get all an update ? nice would be a great day then so i can release The Universim on to my new 1080GTX a nice new Rog Strix from asus
  9. sounds like the capatcha doesn't work well here.
  10. It looks so nice what can we expect on 15th ? :o so wondering i want to see the research tab
  11. When will there be a stream for the new update ? :).
  12. As far as i seen, when they gather resources they don't see the resources close to the epic center. They walk over the planet to get some. So they don't wander off they are gathering resources but far away from the epic center. so far they get thursty and die ofc if it is to far away. Also @ some point they all died of hunger and no water ? eaters where working. Has something change about mating procedure ? seems they take verry long time to mate and get childeren.
  13. I can't even get more then 8 nuggets, they seems to stop on that number ... Hope the dev's can explain this ofc ... :s. that wandering on the ohter side off the world is a real issue,
  14. I saw nuggets walking on the ohter side of my world ? they left base and then start complaining that he/she is tursty ? also saw population doesn't grow mutch ... ? anyone else has that issue ?
  15. When you pick stone up, and you drop them high enough they split into Rock stock pile. If you do this on water you see he puts the stockpile on water surfaces.