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  1. First thoughts on patch 13

    use notepad++ or open your text editor in admin mode. right click and open as administrator.
  2. First thoughts on patch 13

    so the best way to find where the text file is located, is to copy and paste this into a windows explorer window step 1: press and hold windows (start)key step 2: press the letter E step 3: let go of both keys step 4: copy this, C:\Program Files (x86)\the universim step 5: click the window that popped up step 6: hit the F4 key, this will bring your cursor focus to the address bar step 7: paste the copied text and hit enter step 8. open the version.txt with notepad ++ step 9: copy this, https://edge.theuniversim.com/internal/updates/ step 10: paste the copied text step 11: save and close step 12: run the launcher and update
  3. First thoughts on patch 13

    im at work but i can try to help you out. whats up ?
  4. schedule ?

    im so excited, and i just cant hide it.
  5. schedule ?

    the devs have been pretty open about the save feature not being in this latest update, being critical of that is unfair considering that its been said the save feature wouldnt be in this forthcoming update. ive backed alot of games, in the last few years and only this company has been as open and transparent as they have been about the dev cycle. keep up the good work guys and gals, cant wait to try out the new update.
  6. Abandonware?

    cant wait for the next update. love this game so much.
  7. Update: What have we been doing?

    as a devops/developer i completely understand.
  8. Update: What have we been doing?

    dont even worry about it, was more hopeful/wishful thinking then anything else. gotta say definitely wasn't expecting a response and especially not one from the founder himself. regardless of when the update does come, yall have been doing fantastic work and i have really enjoyed not just the game but the amount of communication you and your team have given us.
  9. Update: What have we been doing?

    im just hopiing the update gets released before friday, got a real long flight and nothing would make that time go by faster then playing the new update
  10. Dec 1st Patch info

    needs more cowbell
  11. Update: What have we been doing?

    im more excited for this update then i am for actual Christmas.
  12. Steam access with COELACANTH ALPHA ACCESS

    dont quote me, but i think the $40 tier gets you access to alpha builds and beyond via the standalone client and then steam access once it is released as a full game
  13. v.0.12 water pump visual bug

    this happens to me as well, but eventually the visuals do kick in
  14. crash on startup

    i was out of town, just got back. sorry for the delay DxDiag.txt
  15. crash on startup

    files attached crash.dmp error.log