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  1. as a devops/developer i completely understand.
  2. dont even worry about it, was more hopeful/wishful thinking then anything else. gotta say definitely wasn't expecting a response and especially not one from the founder himself. regardless of when the update does come, yall have been doing fantastic work and i have really enjoyed not just the game but the amount of communication you and your team have given us.
  3. im just hopiing the update gets released before friday, got a real long flight and nothing would make that time go by faster then playing the new update
  4. needs more cowbell
  5. im more excited for this update then i am for actual Christmas.
  6. steam

    dont quote me, but i think the $40 tier gets you access to alpha builds and beyond via the standalone client and then steam access once it is released as a full game
  7. this happens to me as well, but eventually the visuals do kick in
  8. i was out of town, just got back. sorry for the delay DxDiag.txt
  9. files attached crash.dmp error.log
  10. hey op, i think it might be your system. on my home desktop this game runs like a charm. AMD 6300, 20gigs of ram and a R9-270x. but on my lap top i experience the same issues that you mention. id put money that its your system.