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  1. The Universim Community Labs - Mission #7

    Yes, you are almost saying what I proposed. Pyre need to be there to save you at times of urgency, so the bodies are piling up and the gravediggers can't bury them fast enough, so you either start burning bodies at the cost of resources (wood mostly) or you will end up with a health issue. I would still make the gravediggers sole job to bury people (or maybe also make room in the cemetery). Other nuggets should bring the dead bodies to him, otherwise it will become too slow as the population raises. And I will definitely make the cemetery tombs per land ratio A LOT bigger. I don't want my planet to be filled with cemeteries.
  2. The Universim Community Labs - Mission #7

    Well, I think my key idea was that the two buildings should have very different functions. Right now I don't feel there is an meaningful reason that makes it necessary to have two different buildings. So either this reason needs to exist or one of the two buildings won't get built very often.
  3. The Universim Community Labs - Mission #7

    Here are my thoughts regarding features in question Cemetery Either make them a lot smaller or increase their capacity a lot bigger (x100). In every game I end up having a town surrounded by three or four cemeteries which take a lot of space. I would suggest handling corpses as other resources were free nuggets will deliver them to the cemetery. Possibly making it a family task (spouse or next of kin). This resource should be handled with certain priorities to avoid disease spreading. Make it so that if a nugget dies to far away he is lost and nobody will go look for him, maybe his family will mourn him since they didn't recover the body. Either remove the gravedigger position or give it the following responsibilities: His job is to free space, merge tombs etc, tend to the beauty of the cemetery. Making other nuggets feel that their lost ones are treated with respect. Keep it in order to make it a bottleneck for burying corpses (see my comments on pyre). Pyre Handling the dead shouldn't be a key worry for a god game, so I think that having two buildings for dead management with similar functions is too much. So I propose using them for different situations. Pyres should be temporary buildings used in times of urgency (plagues, wars, natural disasters). When the cemeteries are not burying fast enough it is time to build one. So the gravediggers would be the bottlenecks here. Alternatively remove them completely and add them as an added features for cemeteries. This would be an acceptable option I believe. Reproduction Well, I think this should be handled via a family planning kind of system. Basically as a civilization advances families tend to have less and less children, so I think this should be what the game should use. In fact maybe this should be a researched science or some type of cultural achievement where the families start having less and less children (up to a minimum of course) In this case Matchmaking wouldn't help a lot, but maybe the god could inspire the nuggets to have less or more children in general. I wouldn't make this power at a nugget basis, but more to the civilization in general. Bugs I would definitely tackle AI bugs first, I get many games ruined by errors in AI. Specifically (i have videos of the first two if required): Nuggets failing to give up the resources they are carrying to a building in construction. Pathfinding around mountains and bodies of water sometimes fails and nuggets end up going all around this objects to get things that can be reached with a more direct path. Stone huts placements. I don't know if this really causes issues but today for example I had a stone hut built right at the door of the hospital. I think the hospital was still accessible anyway. I would review the buildings upgrade system, I had a situation on the previous patch where I had studied the upgrade of water pumps and due to so many buildings getting created I suddenly got a water shortage. I couldn't build anymore pumps since I couldn't use the refineries and now pumps required refined resources to be built.
  4. v.0.12 water pump visual bug

    I think pumps will only animate if the water requirements of your tribe needs the pump to work. Otherwise it stays put.
  5. Patch Notes: V 0.0.11 (Hudson)

    This looks great!
  6. My first impression

    Well it happened the two times I played, this what I can gather from my latest play. This last time everything started with this known bug: This started happening After I got a warning about my Wicth Doctor Hug not having enough wood to work with. Next thing I know there was an overflow of wood in the building, but builders didn't continue building it anymore it was left at 83%. So I started experimenting, I removed the two nuggets I had at the eatery and replaced them by two of the builders that were stuck. This two guys decided to go eat and drink the food that was there, but didn't cooked anything anymore. At the same time, they appeared as assigned to the building although I had them assigned in the eatery. At some point after some more similar tries from my side the building got constructed, but the eatery workers never continued working. So again my civilization died to young. Here are a bunch of screenshots I took while investigating, you might find them helpful. http://imgur.com/a/t6g7z
  7. Hi everyone, greetings from Argentina!
  8. I have to disagree with you. I love that most of the work on the latest patch was about moving away from this manual resources gathering system, in order to remove some of the micromanagement. I do agree with you that it was easier before, but being a god shouldn't be too easy. This is the first patch with the new AI and I assume it will get better with time, so some of the balance and logic problems you mention should get a lot better. But an in all, I think this new systems is a lot better and will allow for a more interesting gameplay when the civilization starts growing bigger and bigger.
  9. My first impression

    Ok, I am skipping patch v0.0.9 since I had very little time to play it. So here we go for: [v0.0.10] Since, I played very little of 0.0.9 there are a lot of new things for me, but first things first: The new AI is awesome!! It makes me want to try the gameplay a lot more than before. Kudos for that! Ok with that out of the way here are some points I noticed on my first playthrough: No more insane building of stone huts for everyone, this makes contruction go a lot more smooth. It seems the distribution center is not there anymore, I was missing it a bit. But this got me thinking that it would probably be better if the nuggets weren' t so organized in the stone age. I keep thinking that stone age should be a lot about helping them go through it. At some point some of my Nuggets started to get injured, so I remembered reading about the Witch Doctor building so I hurried up to build it and save my poor guys. But something messed up, I built it and gave it some priority with my Godly powers. Nuggets finished it, but in a possibly unrelated matter all the other tasks started to fail. My cooks wouldn't cook or grab food anymore. And the buildings that were previously in building progress never ended. Needless to say my civilization started slowly to die. I was very surprised to se the godly powers already in this patch, that's a nice addition. On the UI perspective, it took me a while to figure out how to close it but I finally got it. The powers (the existing ones and the ones to come) will make a great addition to the game I think. Only trouble I had is that I couldn't get the godly pregnancy to work. But I saw it already reported, so nothing new there. I will soon try the patch again, and hopefully get some more insight on item #3... Kudos to the team for the great work!
  10. Patch Notes: V 0.0.10 (Zombies Not Included)

    Awesome! I can't wait to test this new version...
  11. My first impression

    [v0.0.8] Ok.. can't wait for those AI changes, come on patch 0.0.9! With that out of the way I will give a small feedback of what I felt during my latest play-testings of the new version. I found that growing the village is really easy, since there is no real conflict or danger. I guess this will be there in the future, so I can't say much about this. But I just want to say that is hard giving feedback about balance when you don't know what you will be facing in the future. Right now I find it hard to get Nuggets to die and I think that should be a critical part of the stone age. I would not add farms early in the game, I wish I could have my nuggets go hunt those mighty Mammoths! I guess this will be reviewed later on when we get to the research, so leave this thought here for future references. God light is a cool feature! I notice that it is a light pointing down towards the planet instead of in the direction of the camera. Was this intended? Wouldn't it be better to have it pointing to what the player is trying to see? I like the eatery, it's nice to get the nuggets together instead of them wandering alone to find a spot where to eat. In fact as they get together. Also for future references, I can imagine this would start conversations between the Nuggets, so it is a possibility that this could be the first "research building" although a very limited one.
  12. What client version you downloaded: Windows 10 - Standalone What part of the system was the bug/issue encountered in: Game Settings Are you able to replicate the problem: Yes Detailed description of the problem: I have two monitors one is fullscreen and the other is widescreen. If the game starts on the widescreen monitor when I go to the settings and I try to change the resolutions I get all the widescreen resolutions my monitor supports. I can even change to the second display and I get all the correct fullscreen resolutions for the other monitor as well. But when I closed the game with the second display set, If then I start again and I try to use the first display (widescreen) I can only now set fullscreen resolutions. Closing the game and starting again solves the issue. Also let's say I started in widescreen, then I change to the second display when I start a game I cannot go back to widescreen resolutions either. I get stuck with all the fullscreen ones.
  13. [v0.0.8] Wrong crop placing

    What client version you downloaded: Windows Standalone What part of the system was the bug/issue encountered in: Ingame Are you able to replicate the problem: Yes Detailed description of the problem: Start building a crop field Setup the camera in an angle where to crops are aligned Click on the crop field that is farther away from the camera The closest crop field gets build Looks like a ray casting issue. I have some screenshots, sadly you don't get to see where my mouse cursor was. But trust me I was trying to click the crop that was away.
  14. [v0.0.8] Nuggets not eating while thirsty

    Hi @AlexK, I tested the game again to see if I could find more about this. I can confirm now that being thirsty is not related to the bug. Since I found a nugget stuck at eating but her thirst levels were OK. In fact, getting thirsty is what saved the Nugget life, since at that point she decided changing tasks. You might get some insight from the screenshots.
  15. What client version you downloaded: Standalone Client, PC, Windows 10 What part of the system was the bug/issue encountered in: Ingame Are you able to replicate the problem: No Detailed description of the problem: I encountered one of my nuggets that was supposed to be eating, I started watching her while she was at it. But I notice her hunger bar didn't raise, maybe she was nervous about me watching, so she didn't get one bite. I thought it was weird so I took a couple of picture of her, she didn't like that either. After a couple of seconds I see that she decided to change her task, she went for a drink after she had her fill, she went back for some food and this time she did eat. I don't know if the thirst is actually related, but it is the only thing that was different about her status. I will share my pics, notice the time in the first images and how the bar is going down as she is eating.