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  1. Mulitplayer?

    I think that the Devs are going to be spending more time getting the Core of the game working first before on Muiltplayer
  2. How to download after bought this game

    Not a problem, also make sure you used right email and it was spelt correctly I did that and needed to ask for help
  3. How to download after bought this game

    OK so I had this same issue when I got first got the game. So I'm going to tell you the same as what the Devs told me when I asked about this... You need to wait for a few days while the Banks sort out the transaction once that has been cleared you should get your key...
  4. Opponent Civilizations?

    Stellaris is one as well...
  5. future gameplay

    Wow, this a well thought out question and it even asks questions that hadn't even thought of... Well Done!
  6. Angry Gamer

    If you don't like the fact that it's in English wait for the full game and then see if someone's going to do a fan translation... If not ask the Devs properly if they have plans to do have other Languages support... What we have at the moment is a PRE-ALPHA Build of the game... Almost NOTHING is certain at this stage, so you don't need to denounce it just yet... What you need to do is cool off, and come back with a level head...
  7. Best to give it a few days then... The money is most likely tied up with the banks... It if takes a week like mine did, then you panic...
  8. It's most likely then that the Email that your Paypal account is connected too well be the Account the has the Pass Key... This was detailed in the link I edited into my post... If you need the link again have a look here...
  9. I had the same problem once, give it a few days to process and if that doesn't work double check the Email address you used to sign up with... Also what tier did you get, as it might be you paid for one that doesn't include the Pre-Alpha demo... Edit: Here's a link to what my Experience was like...
  10. Kerbal Space Program

    What about Scott Manley?
  11. Patch Notes: V 0.0.9 (GLORIOUS GLOBE)

    sounds about right
  12. Patch Notes: V 0.0.9 (GLORIOUS GLOBE)

    I think thats meant to happen just so they can check for bugs and what not...
  13. Whats up with the Spam?

    Thanks for the response... It's good to see that Mods are on the case
  14. Whats up with the Spam?

    Just wondering, In the past few weeks I have been receiving random E-mails about topics that just look like it was written in an Asian Language with broken links in them... Are the Forums just suffering under a Spam Attack?
  15. Looking at upgrading

    I'm currently running a Stock standard HP 1000-1220LA, With an 4Gb RAM Upgrade... Any thought on what I can do to upgrade it?