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Found 6 results

  1. Temperature and weather

    Temperature and weather Are we gonna have the ability to mess with the temperature and weather?
  2. God game without a God? I wonder if there are plans to actually show the nuggets worshipping at an altar or perhaps sacrificing a chicken or a goat. Thinking stone age, superstitious, worshipping the sun or some other deity (You the Creator) obviously. Right now it's not in the game, just wondering if the devs had planned on adding something like this? Nuggets seem completely oblivious to having a Creator or a God as it stands now.
  3. God power

    - I don't use god powers, so, does this affect in some way to the gameplay? - Will you add or have planned create natural disasters? I mean natural disasters not created by the god(the player), beacuse create and evolve your civilization to burn/burst them, makes no sense. Regards.
  4. "Leave the farms and cities behind, jump straight into managing your own planets in The Universim, a brand new God-game" Leave the farms and cities behind, not so much. In fact you have to place a farm, and you have to place basically everything else except the huts. This was not really the GOD game i was hoping for from the Video previews,. More of a city builder with some extras. I was thinking it would be minimal building the cities and more of interacting as a god. Building the terrain of the planets, making people holy, being able to create life, other people on other sides of the planet. Hoping to be able to watch my people do their own work for the town while i did god stuff like weather modification, terrain, create different types of religions. I only play city builder and simulation games. Hopefully as the game progress it will become more God Like, other then picking up a tree and other small things.
  5. Character Creation

    I haven't actually played the game, only watched some videos, and I thought that it would be cool to have character creation. Since your a God, you should be able to create your own specimen, not just your classic Nugget. You should also be able to create yourself, for if they ever discover the planet of Gods! That's another Idea though.
  6. God Planet

    How about a planet with Gods on it? That eventually can be discovered by your Nuggets. It would also be the planet where you came from. But you were exiled one day from it, and they wiped out your memory so that you couldn't remember where it was. But when you discover it again it all comes back and your angry with the Gods! Or you could just befriend them again.