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Found 2 results

  1. Save Location?

    Save Location? Hi all, Last year i lots almost all of my save game data and ever since then i have been using a program to make backups of my game savers to an external device every other day. So far i have been unable to find the location for where this game saves its game save files. Does anyone know where they are stored?
  2. Suggestions

    In-game Multiple-building placement (you sometimes want to place multiple buildings of the same kind) A way to quickly find resources (e.g. minimap with resource icons; or a bit like Civ5 floating resource icons) Research queue (instead of manually one by one) Zoom-to-mouse function A few hotkey suggestions Pause: P-key, PauseBreak-key Slow time: NumPadMinus-key Epicenter: H-key, Home-key, NumPad5-key Game menu New game (currently while in a game, to start a new game you must exit the program first) Save game