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Getting the Sporevibe, but not really

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Getting the Sporevibe, but not really

I remember playing Spore from dawn til dusk as a kid, and how much fun it was. The game was a hollow husk of what the developers envisioned for the game, but my fantasy filled the gap. I find myself firing it up from time to time, only to be reminded that it was all nostalgia. I have been looking out for a game with the same sort of vibe as Spore for a long time, but with no success. I had high hopes for a game named Wildfire Worlds, but the developer died of cancer so it was never released :( Had so much potential! 

Then there was the whole shenanigans with No Man's Sky...


When I first found this game I got so exited for the potential for a truly great god game! I realise that no game will ever be like spore was to a kid back in 08, but The Universim game still gets under my skin and I can't help getting hyped. 

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