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Bugs encountered in normal mode in various plays

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Universim Version* : 0_0_23_2018010322_12027

Plateform: PC

OS: Windows 10 64 


Cemetery Glitch -

sometimes when a new gravestone thing appears, the texture bugs out and is white and greatly impacts FPS! I believe there are multiple objects of the gravestone spawning, causing overlaps, explaining the slow down when the objects are drawn on the screen. I have encountered this bug twice on the latest patch on normal mode, the building being from the stone age era. The second time the bug happened the smoke particle effect and rising animation looped over and over, and the graveyard stopped functioning, including the nugget assigned to the job role. Demolishing the building does not correct the issue, the white'd out gravestone remains on the world.


Problem with feedback/bug report tool in game -

The tool says it is sending but never returns a sent request or closes the sending pop up automatically. The form/text box does not clear


Black hole tearing in skybox and growing -

When using the powers menu from the mouse wheel button this occurs. This can also occur when a menu or info box is open on the screen. Problem is corrected by removing the skybox from view of camera (looking at the ground) and then returning to view sky box.


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The cemeterry glitch you are describing has already been reported like 3 times :P

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