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  2. Updating updates forever?

    debug.zipdebug.zip Adding the "https" as you suggested made it work for me. Before that, it was stuck at 8%.
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  4. Graphic Bug

    Hi I played the demo version (V 0.2) on GOG and starting any new Game, a rendering bug occurs (see Picture/short clip). Randomly appearing "black squares" on the planet. After some seconds (ca. 15 Sec) they disappear but about every minute the "squares" reappears for some seconds (ca 5 sec). Changing the game settings (lowering resolution, windowed Mode, etc.) didn't fixed it. I have not bought the full (alpha) game so I didn't know if they appears there too. They didn't affect the game logic so everything else works fine. My PC: Intel i7-6700k AMD Radeon R9 Fury 16GB Ram I had to compress the Picture and video to post it here. PS. I am not native english speaker. Sorry for grammer mistakes. ShortClip.mp4
  5. Mac launcher notes

    In the dashboard, you can not miss it
  6. Mac launcher notes

    Where do i find my game KEY?
  7. Is Population Growth Randomized?

    From what I've seen the last couple of saves is I'm hitting 30 Nuggets by day 40 when I don't push as hard. There is a needle that needs to be threaded to trade production vs. population. If I push too hard on production the population growth stagnates. If I don't push hard enough the population starves because there isn't enough food to go around. I hope to see this level of finely-tuned trade offs going forward!
  8. Last week
  9. Just wanted to send out a quick hello to everybody! Just bought the game this week and already started playing! I really am enjoying everything about it and I'm really excited to watch this amazing game grow!
  10. Nekobi, Thank you for that information! I was just about to post the same thing about the GOD powers not working.
  11. Patch Notes: CHUPACABRA

    The game is looking great from what I can make from YouTube videos! I few thoughts for features as I was watching - I'm sure many of these might have been mentioned already, and mightn't even be that good, but just throwing out some thoughts : A God-power to persuade the Nuggets to gather resources faster - so selecting a forest/stone area and making some "godly signal" (like a burning bush, or crack in the earth...) to attract their attention, just to speed along the collection process a bit, or at least give it a little more focus An "Ascend to Heaven"-click feature for removing dead bodies, by beaming them up or something (might alleviate the graveyard sluggishness) The spring/summer/autumn graphics are beautiful, but the plain brownish trees in winter struck me as a little odd - could the pine trees stay green, maybe? Snow falling upwards? Is this intentional? A building relocation feature would be great (but maybe too much of a cheat? I'm not sure) I can't think of any more off the top of my head for the time being. Keep up the great work!
  12. Yes, for now as the game is still in alpha, we don't need more. I just want the evolution in the final game to be more elaborate and fun x) Of course, I don't said Nuggets should do the evolution and research by themselves, it won't be fun. I just proposed a rewriting of the research/evolution tree.
  13. I agree, however we don’t use techologies to unlock buildings/structures as it is right now. But ye, I understand what you mean and hoppfully (in the end) we can get away from that. I don’t know what the solution would be though. One option is to leave it like it is right now. Meaning we can build everything without researching technologies. I think concrete ideas on how to get away from just researching a technology to unlock a building is needed. atleast Nuggets should not take action and build by themselves. Cause you know, that would leave little left for us to do if they could do everything by themselves.
  14. More bugs & other stuff

    some of the bugs I noticed was to do with: colour texturing not applying to all objects when the climate changes colour texturing making certain objects emit an orange glow that edges can't be seen and the only way to find out what the object is, is through clicking on it when bodies come to the hospital, sometimes they will be lying under the stone in god mail when you take on find my nugget mission, no god mail will precede from this point in god mail if you accept the find my nugget mission and complete or cancel the mission time starts running backwards justin
  15. I know, maybe I wasn't very clear? I just think it could be better if the evolution traits were not just "Discover / upgrade buildings" x) Well, thanks ^^
  16. Updating updates forever?

    Can you, please, tell me more in the message to tech@crytivo.com? If you can send also launcher-debug.log file (zipped, please) - it will be helpful. Usually, those issues are network-related - when something like antivirus silently forbid downloading. As a workaround (will be applied from next patch as default mode) - you can change url variable value from http to https in file version.txt (use notepad or similar text editor).
  17. Okey, so we have tutorial in the game right now. But I feel it could be improved to make it easier and for people to get a better understanding of the game. Right now it feels like you need to read lots of text or test yourself forward. My idea is based on having like a guide tour through the tutorial. Firstly, maybe the game could recognize if you're new to the game or not. If you are it would bring up the question about tutorial. This way you won't get the question every single time. Tutorial should be optional though, so nothing is saying that you have to do it. Anyway, about the guide tour. The idea is that after you've accepted the tutorial the game will pause shortly and give you short information about epicenter/evolution tower. When you clicked away the short information the game will continue on as normal until you placed the epicenter/evolution center. After that maybe it will pause again and give you some short information about nuggets and technologies (basically things you can do with the epicenter/evolution tower, or things it will affect in the game). Then game continues after you clicked away the short information away. After that it might stop at stone huts and give short info as well (unless it already been given when short info about nuggets). This way it should continue and go through every button and menu so you know where to find stuff and how to different things, like for example how to use god powers and where to find them (Every building should not be involved, thats not the idea, they have info if you move the cursor over them). When showing different buttons and menus to give information, you could either them highlighted, everything else grey or make rings around them with short information directly, or by forcing people to actually press them and look whats hide beneath. About the short information, it doesn't have to be more like for example; "Evolution Center is your main building. From here you can research different technologies to advance through the ages." or "God powers use CPP and can be used to both build up and tear down." This way you will be guided through the tutorial and read at the same time. It won't be the same thing as if someone put a bunch of text infront of you and when you read it all thats it. This way you will actually follow the tutorial which makes it easier to learn, since you both read about it and you see how (the point is you use more then 1 sense this way).
  18. the game does not have to follow us it can be different like a oil well in the Medieval era. your englich is good
  19. Advanced Personalities & New Nugget Types

    this is a good post for adding stuff to the game and this would expand the feelings of nuggets
  20. Updating updates forever?

    @Greendq could you help please, thank you
  21. Hi! First, the following list may not be all bugs, but some times things forgottent by the devs. Version: OS: Windows 10 x64 Oversight: Building panel has no 'X' to close the panel, 'ESC' key works. Bugs: Building panel: sorting by Health doesn't sort correctly. Other columns sort normally. Mouse wheel dosen't work on scrollable list after loading a saved game. Missing love particles when Nuggets are mating / Stone Hut is moving as if Nuggets where mating inside but empty. Reservoirs don't freeze when the temperature goes below 0°, event at -15 they don't freeze. They evaporate at +30°. Gravedigger doesn't pick-up moved body at right place. When a Nugget dies and the gravedigger is going to fetch him. If you move the dead Nugget, then the gravedigger continues to the original death place. The gravedigger does that for every dead Nugget that are moved, even if he hasn't begun to fetch the body. Changing the gravedigger updates the status of the bodies and the next gravedigger picks the body up at the last place (Where the body is really) And the disease zone around the body is moved with the body of course. It is possible that 1 or 2 bugs are already reported. Kerroïn
  22. flying nuggets

    Only seen students flying around on their wooden sticks they have in school, they are crazy. Eventually one of them felt like landing and his wooden club (or whatever it is) disappears. When he was on the ground he wanted to enter a bunker even though the alarm wasn't on. But his desire to enter the bunker disappeared shortly after landing.
  23. Issues with upgrades

    Also noticed this. After a while everything gets kinda messy cause you cannot upgrade to get more space in certain buildings and therefore have to build more instead. Also, water pump gets invisible after being upgraded. Still provide the water it should.
  24. Simple ideas to make personalities and traits more interesting with different buffs. Also, maybe add so you can see their traits in "population log" so it gets easier to spot different personalities. Since Nuggets have traits that will be genetic in some way, maybe play around a little more with those different types of personalities a nugget can have? Even types of nuggets! This way the game will get more interesting and you won't mind spending time watching your nuggets roam around doing different things (like destroying each others or helping out), some would perhaps do everything else but work. Will you be able to control them or will they go rogue? Lets find out! NUGGET TYPES: Percentage would perhaps only be over a period of every 10 years. Since nugget become around 40-60 years. EVIL Nugget: Walks around doing evil nugget laughs while sabotaging for others, trying to burn down stone huts, plundering the cemetery and trying to scare nuggets to death. Ye, even stealing from others. Penalty on working speed, and rather run around sabotage or being mean towards others then work. If he works make sure everything works properly when he is done, someone could get hurt. APPEAR CONDITION; (%?) Slight chance a nugget develops EVIL trait. (%?) Slight chance nuggets get EVIL trait from birth. 30% Chance "HAPPY Nugget" turns EVIL if someone close to the nugget dies tragically. Punish (Jail/Rehabilitation); • 25% Chance the nugget normal. • 25% Chance the nugget turns criminal. Criminals doesn't work at all and only use their energy for evil. Criminals can both act as EVIL and PYROMANIC nuggets. • 50% Chance nothing happens. NEGATIVE BUFFS; -10% Working speed. +10% Chance to ignore work. • 60% Chance to scare nugget. • 25% Chance of stealing. • 10% Chance of sabotage which would give the affected nugget a 90% chance of injury, 10% chance of death. • 5% Chance to poison food at eatry. +5% Chance of sabotaging at work. • 50% Chance next nugget who visits will be injured. • 50% Chance nothing happens. DEPRESSED Nugget: Running around being depressed, which also comes with a penalty to movement and working speed. Will also most likely die earlier then the normal nugget. Occasionally walks to the cemetery just idling and doing nothing. Structures that usually make nuggets happy won't have any affect on this type of nugget. Although he might be happy if he can help others through their depression, therefore he will work better at the cemetery then other nuggets. After a while working at a cemetery have a chance of returning into a neutral nugget, the one type the nugget had before or turn into a happy nugget. This type of nugget have a really low chance of appearing naturally and almost always only appear after a nugget lost someone in a tragic way, through death or a tragic breakup (a tragedy, as simple as that). Appear Condition; 10% Chance nugget turn DEPRESSED after tragedy. 30% Chance "HAPPY Nugget" turns DEPRESSED if someone close to the nugget dies tragically. Negative Buffs; 20% Chance doing nothing. -30% Shorter life. -20% Working speed. -20% Movement speed. Postive Buffs; +50% Movement/working speed on cemetery • Ignores working and movement speed penalty completely. • 50% Chance nugget no longer have DEPRESSED trait after 15 years at cemetery duty. Nugget not directly affected by local business. • 25% Chance of returning to normal after visiting local business. HAPPY Nugget: Running around jumping all the time. Have an increased lifespan due to being happy and positive all the time (which is proven to have a good effect upon your life). Increased working speed and completes tasks faster due to his positive attitude. Appear Condition; (%?) Slight chance nugget get HAPPY trait from birth. 10% Chance nugget turn HAPPY after visiting local business. Negative Buffs; 30% Chance to turn into a DEPRESSED or EVIL nugget if someone close to the nugget dies tragically. Postive Buffs; +30% Longer life. +20% Working speed. +5% Chance to inspire another nugget. • +10% Working speed. • +10% Movement speed. PYROMANIAC Nugget: Just like it sounds. A nugget who tends to have a little to much fun with fire. Keep fire away from this nugget at all time (DO YOUR BEST) or he might burn himself into ash, and in worst case take an entire forest with him. Appear Condition; (%?) Slight chance a nugget develops PYROMANIAC trait. Negative Buffs; -20% Working speed anywhere where fire is involved. 5% Chance of putting something on fire. •Increase by 20% if working at a place where fire is involved. Postive Buffs; +20% Gathering resource speed (Only as laborer). BELIEVER Nugget: Sometimes at random sit down and pray to the lord! (which is you! be happy!) Nothing much, but still something. Might give you a bonus to your CPP while doing his thing. Appear Condition; 10% Chance Completing a quest will turn the nugget into a Believer. Negative Buffs; 100% Chance he will turn Corrupted and start turning nuggets into nonbelievers if you hurt the nugget in any way. Declining Quests doesn't affect this. Postive Buffs; CPP Bonus while praying. Nugget Specific; Preach; +20% Chance to Inspire another nugget. • Giving a 10% bonus to working speed. • Giving a 10% bonus to movement speed. NONBELIEVER Nugget: Nonbelievers are fearsome nuggets aiming to destroy everything you built. Trying to turn your own people against you. If you don't deal with those nuggets quickly you might end up with nuggets rebelling and ignoring your commands. Eventually they might leave your city to build their own city. Luckily for you it will be hard for them to convert nuggets at first, but the more the merrier! Appear Condition; Can only appear through a Believer nugget getting hurt by you. Negative Buffs; Will not work at all and instead go around predicting for nuggets spreading rumors about how false you are. Nugget is Immune to god powers that can directly kill him (Not Immune to Disasters). Postive Buffs; Time will heal; 10% Chance the nugget will turn normal (Wont turn back into a believer). • 20% Chance Act of good will turn the nugget normal (Wont turn back into a believer). Nugget Specific; Preach; • 2% Chance to Convince Nugget. • +2% For each convinced nugget. • Convinced nuggets no longer follow you and ignores your actions. • Convinced nuggets will not try to convince other nuggets. • Completing quest will release 1 nugget from the influence of the Nonbeliever. ADVENTURE Nugget: Enjoying life and occasionally you might see this nugget climb trees, mountains or perhaps stealing a fishing boat to go on some adventures. This nugget will work as an adventurer or a laborer. He might sometimes get back with special rewards(?). Appear Condition; (%?) Slight chance a nugget develops ADVENTURE trait. (%?) Slight chance nuggets get ADVENTURE trait from birth. Negative Buffs; Cannot take a work and will stay laborer. Postive Buffs; Chance of bringing gifts from adventures +20% Chance to Inspire another nugget. • -50% Chance to Inspire a nugget to take skip work. • +50% Chance to Inspire a nugget to work faster/harder. HELPER Nugget: Occasionally starts following other nuggets helping them and giving them a buff which makes them doing things at double speed. When it comes to gather things they could gather twice the amount with the help of the helper nugget. He/she cannot work somewhere alone. Needs at least someone else at the same work/occupation or you could leave him/her as a labor and he/she will walk around helping at random. Appear Condition; (%?) Slight chance a nugget develops HELPER trait. (%?) Slight chance nuggets get HELPER trait from birth. Negative Buffs; Cannot work somewhere alone. If the nugget works alone the nugget would act as a normal nugget (Which means no bonus). Postive Buffs; +20% Chance of Helping another nugget. • ONLY 10% if the nugget have an occupation. • +100% Working Speed (Double Speed). • +100% Carry Amount (Double Amount). PERSONALITIES BOUND TO OCCUPATION/WORK: Simply to make nuggets more interesting and give a realistic feeling. However it might be useless, since mostly the nuggets either work or try to survive. But maybe for a later era when things get more smart (automatic stuff that doesn't need nuggets?), and nuggets perhaps have more free time? Who knows. TEACHER: Reading books if he/she have nothing else to do. Perhaps reading while walking around doing other things. WITCHDOCTOR: Playing with a scary creepy Voodoo doll. Be aware! Keep your distance from this maniac! STUDENT/KID Nugget: Kids and students shouldn’t be at school at all times, perhaps sometimes even skip school? Maybe build some snowmen during winter and play around among leafs and do things that kids do (basically all kid/student nuggets). Kids are more likely to develop traits like their parents genetically or through copying their parents. Please feel free to add your own ideas!
  25. Era specific wildlife

    Indeed, really looking forward to that. Just to clairfy, it would be good to think that animals were linked to your actions/behaviours and the ecosystem, so theoretically, it could be possible to see a Mammoth alking beside an Oil Well, if the conditions were right, rather than just having them follow a fixed chronological pathway. That said, there's lots of big bugs to squash before introducing a whole new system!!
  26. Era specific wildlife

    Eventually animals will play a larger role... like with hunting ect
  27. The Universim Community Labs - Mission #7

    As @ArmchairGravy stated, buttons for "Grow population" and "Maintain Population" could be ideal to prevent nuggets from procreating. Otherwise it might be a bit tricky. I've tried to throw around a few ideas of how to manage the population growth, but in the long run it really won't be that easy. Here are a few factors that could alter the population growth: Limited Age from when they can start to procreate (give birth) and when they are to old. Can only give birth a couple of times. Sterile Nuggets (Bad genetics?). Nuggets die off from age (40?). Sad but true. Child and/or mother might die in birth. Death to Injury. Death to Disease (Including those who doesn't come from dead bodies). Death due to Disaster. Sudden Death/Shorter Lifespan (Bad genetics?) With this in mind, shouldn't it be possible to use a percentage increase in population growth? I mean, after your village grow up to become a city you would start to create more cities. At this point, wouldn't you want your population to grow slightly quicker without having to care that much anymore (You still have to care obviously, but perhaps not about every single newborn nugget). Like your cities become smarter and you don't have to manage every single thing in a city? (Or maybe you just get a better way of managing it?) Since when the cities grow up you will have to deal with more problems as disasters and such, which maybe in the long run will even out the increase in population along with disease and other problems (The more nuggets on a smaller area, the more problems)? All of this is of course hypothetical. I'm aware that an increase in percentage will lead to quick reproduction at a later stage. I'm just trying to point out that you could adjust that by adding minor factors that would even it out. Some that wouldn't occur until you have a large population. Like I said, more nuggets on a smaller area will lead to more problems like disease and stuff. Alternatively use the equation for population growth, or have a set number that would change due to different eras or with technologies like "Divine Punishment" that will increase the possibility that nuggets have twins. Or once again, as stated above by @ArmchairGravy you could use a simple solution as 2 different buttons.
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