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  2. All old The Universim backers data will be transferred on new site. You can create account before transfer, but you should use exact same email as for the old site. We have a lot of fantastic gifts for all our old players. I can not say more, but just wait a bit.
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  4. + or - does sound good to remove or kick someone out. I like this idea too!
  5. No problem! @SarahzXOXO
  6. I was looking in ProgramData, local and roaming, I thought I looked in LocalLow but I guess I didn't think to look for the company name :/ Thanks @Sawedoffsob
  7. dangg yeppp barely! he died like either right after the kid was born or a few mins after! it was soo close tho
  8. this is awesome! Well at least you was able to recover And the way it looks, you was able to get exactly 20 praise power before dad's death eh? Good stuff!
  9. Yesterday
  10. My darlings died off like THAT after one tornado came through :(. It was going so well.
  11. Option to Disable Disasters

    Please remember that this is in the Alpha phase and there is no end game. With any God Game and Sim type game, it goes on until you say its done or the civilization dies out. And that can happen with a natural disaster. For V23, the disasters have less of an effect on how much damage they do. So even if you do get hit, you shouldn't lose much, if anything, as long as your buildings were all in good shape and the nuggets get to a bunker.
  12. Kicking someone out of his selfmade house even though he always pays his water bill? Doesn't seem fair and should be payed with a lot of nugget agony, even revolutionary thinking and war amongst those who where favored from god and those who aren't. But more I'd like to see a simple new feature: when it comes to chose a nugget from list and giving it a job you're already able to sort this list by age, school degree and so on. Right at the end there is also the map-finder option. So when it comes to chose a nugget the user should be able to sort the list by distance from working space. Just this. Keep them in their houses but give us to hire the closest living nugget. After that I wish for nuggets that are able to move - so that they build new district houses close to working areas. Like family buisness. When a worker dies he is automatically replaced. Let's replace it automatically by a family member. And that's why baby nuggets who are aged enough to mate should build their houses close to the working space of their parents. This way every nugget would always live close to its working place.
  13. Crash on laucher

    Hmmm, really interesting. It has nothing common with Steam client, so they should not block each other. I am sure about launcher, but I am unsure about Steam client ...
  14. Crash on laucher

    I am not sure what caused it but when I exit my steam app, the launcher runs and installs normally. Game and laucher (laucher's load time is a bit long ) are running smoothly afterward. Ps: My .Net is always up to date.
  15. Crash on laucher

    Can you tell what was the problem and how you solved it? I guess, you just upgraded .NET runtime libraries, right?
  16. Option to Disable Disasters

    Maybe it could be tied to difficulty settings or something when starting a new life?
  17. Option to Disable Disasters

    Even if you had a save to reload from shouldn't the disaster hit you anyway? I know right now you can save before the disaster countdown of a tornado reach zero, load the game and it ends up somewhere else. If you save during the tornado it should just disappear. But I like the idea of having more game settings like turning off disasters or perhaps just turning off some specific disasters to my liking? Lets say I love seeing tornadoes turning my cities into ruins, but I hate windstorms cause they are annoying covering the entire planet. Then perhaps I could only turn off windstorms and let the other disaster continue wrecking havoc on my nuggets? In general I think we could really need some more game options for the game to suit everyones liking while playing the game. Perhaps maybe even one to turn off plague and stuff like that?
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  19. Option to Disable Disasters

    Since we're having so many issues lately with loading saved games, can we get a Game Setting to disable disasters? I'm having a hard time reaching the end game due to disasters destroying the village and then having no viable save to reload from.
  20. Like a simple + or - option to remove (X) or (Y)
  21. After their hard working of building that hut and god not demolishing it, during a placement.
  22. I like the idea on how they make their own huts just not the placement :/ But I would like to swap around the nuggets to be closer to their jobs!
  23. @Ansleez they're working on merging the store with this page!
  24. I'm having the same prob. I reload a save from even like a few hours ago, my nuggets are not doing what they're suppose to be doing and don't drink nor eat :/ frustrating.
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