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  3. Pumpkin Bugs

    My anti-virus is stopping Universim from running. I'd not had an issue until I updated to the latest version. Any ideas that don't involve my anti-virus being switched off? Specifically, when I create a new world, just before the second 'tip' appears Sophos kicks in with the following detail: Mitigation CallerCheck Platform 10.0.15063/x64 v609 8f_01 PID 5704 Application E:\The Universim\The Universim.exe Description 2017.1.2 Callee Type LoadLibrary Stack Trace # Address Module Location -- ---------------- ------------------------ ---------------------------------------- 1 000000001878B6A8 (anonymous; mono.dll) 4883c420 ADD RSP, 0x20 488b4d98 MOV RCX, [RBP-0x68] 4c8b5da0 MOV R11, [RBP-0x60] 49890b MOV [R11], RCX 488b75f8 MOV RSI, [RBP-0x8] c9 LEAVE c3 RET 2 000000001878B546 (anonymous; mono.dll) 3 000000001878B30F (anonymous; mono.dll) 4 000000001878A77E (anonymous; mono.dll) 5 000000000504F742 (anonymous; mono.dll) 6 000000000504EDE0 (anonymous; mono.dll) 7 000000000504B52B (anonymous; mono.dll) 8 0000000005028BE6 (anonymous; mono.dll) 9 0000000005027BB6 (anonymous; mono.dll) 10 00000000050249B5 (anonymous; mono.dll) Process Trace 1 E:\The Universim\The Universim.exe [5704] 2 E:\The Universim\c-patcher.exe [8276] "E:\The Universim\c-patcher.exe" --no-fork 3 E:\The Universim\TheUniversimLauncher.exe [15964] 4 C:\Windows\explorer.exe [11620] 5 C:\Windows\System32\userinit.exe [8476] 6 C:\Windows\System32\winlogon.exe [14992] C:\WINDOWS\System32\WinLogon.exe -SpecialSession 7 C:\Windows\System32\smss.exe [6124] \SystemRoot\System32\smss.exe 000001a0 00000084 C:\WINDOWS\System32\WinLogon.exe -SpecialSession 8 C:\Windows\System32\smss.exe [496] \SystemRoot\System32\smss.exe 9 [4]
  4. Updating updates forever?

    I've been in luck and gotten a new PC and the Universim worked fine and updated correctly. Is there any way I can still help?
  5. Updating updates forever?

    Have the same issue, stuck at 8%
  6. Updating updates forever?

    Accidentally posted
  7. Pumpkin Bugs

    in regards to the bug button, I was originally using that interface to report but it fails to send feedback after a while and your stuck with the last thing you tried to send in the field box
  8. Cemetery

    Nuggets don't like to stay to close to the cemetery, thats where the red circle comes in. Due to this I would recommend you building your cemetery a bit away from your village, however not to far away since that will lead to problems for the gravedigger (might not do his job and sleep all days cause he is tired by the time he gets to work). I try to build it close but not to close (don't know if it helps).
  9. Last week
  10. I would quote Christoffer's post, but it would be a huge wall of text... The problem I see in the current version (v21) is that time seems to go by too quickly in regards to seasons, while nuggets age and die too soon. I would like to see the seasons slow down and the research in the epicenter have options instead of having a set linear progression to the research. Research over time if chosen right, should have speed up effects so by the time you reach space age, you can do things faster without losing the feeling of having seasons. Then when you get to a new planet, you can use some of the new technology, but on the new planet, it slows down again while you work with the resources to build up again. Maybe change the research panel to a tree like I saw in earlier posts. Make choices matter to the life of the nuggets.
  11. 3D Printing Type: Global Category: Building/Upgrades Functionality: 3D Printing would be used to reduce build time and to create parts for upgrades.
  12. If you've read the Bobiverse series, they had an idea in there to make a planet without water livable. So this idea really isn't mine, but I think it would be an interesting way to make a planet sustain life. What is the Machine Called - LifeStarter What does it look like In the series, it was many small rockets attached by Robots. So in this game, it could be single robot that attaches itself and then detaches at the end of the journey. Functionality - Using Ice asteroids in space, the LifeStarter would attach and slowly push the asteroid to the lifeless planet. - Once at the lifeless planet, it would release and let the gravity pull it in - During descent, the ice asteroid would burn up causing water in the form of rain and clouds - Over time, it would fill in the valleys and create the lakes/oceans used to sustain life
  13. Bugs and Suggestions

    I noticed a few things more: - On loading of a saved game it happen that Nuggets are stuck, usually specially in front of the Farm entrance - The company image have the sound that is distorced (more if the resolution is higher) - Two of my saved games load just forever and never end forcing me to actually start over - Engineers goes to fix just when there is a very bit of health remaining in the buliding, this is quite wrong, because on big villages you need to keep everything shiny.. so, as soon as the builiding goes with the alert, it should get fixed - Engineers don't care.. I had many building that needed attentions, 4 Engineering Hut and none of those 4 Engineers assignes care about those repairing other that apparently weren't that bad - Cemetery works way better now, but the graveyard take long time to do his job, sometimes to "start the routine" I need to manually bring a body near the cemetery - Because of the cemetery requirement to be "far" from the village, happens quite a lot of time that the graveyard need to drink/eat/sleep while is halfway to the place, maybe would be nice to let nuggets fill-up their needs before go to work - Hospital, nuggets become irresponsive, they all queue in the hospital even if it is full, pointless, they should keep doing their task and go to the hospital if there is a free slot and check while they are going maybe? - Sick nuggets require hospital even just after been cured, their "I am very sick, need to go to hospital" level is too high, sometimes they go to Hospital with 79/110(?) of health... - Church (sorry I don't remember the name of the Tower): It should be created later on, because at that time you are still trying to prepare everything - Hospital (or Cemetery) on early stage? If you want to get all the "bonus/additional" perks, you cannot get everything immediatly, but this will bring your nuggets to die for Old Age before you have a Cemetery, causing the population to go crazy - Fisherman should start doing something else when they cannot fish (once they finish guttering), they just stay in the Fish Pier "doing nothing"... - God power Coupidon (?) it is quite hard to use because you cannot see the nuggets gender on the flight which can end up to make a same-gender couple which is pointless (at least on a "grow population" as endgame) - Nuggets still go crazy when they have more than 1/2 buliding to "prepare" and prioritize doesn't work, so they just give up - Nuggets that are forming a family should start to build their house immediatly, so to have for sure 2 nuggets working on that preventing the house to be last thing build and let them sleep on the flour and prevent them to do their job - Ocean, we need oceans! And would be nice that a bigger lake/sea actually have more water, sometimes you see something that look like huge and than it doesn't have much of water in it, maybe would be nice to "inspect" late before build the evolution tower to decide where to place it based on water and fish amount. Okay, this is a summary of what I remember now, again I will post updates as soon as I have some time and I remember them Cya
  14. Cemetery

    Hi I wanted to know where you guys are building your cemetery? Do you put it close or far the civilization? And dou you know what does the red circle around de building? Thanks a lot
  15. Game looks good but....

    if what we have now is the end of prehistoric, it feels like there isnt going to be that much to each age? feels small to me still, and seems you guys are still adding things like hunters huts etc dont get me wrong i like thsi game and its potential but i kind of agree, if a release every month and these small changes are the pace that is going to continue it is going to take 3-5 years to get even near a completed game. i understand you only have who yo uhave to work with so it takes as long as it takes, but i was under the impression there would be more going on in each age than what we have seen perhaps as you advance each age gets a little longer and more complex? IE i know there is oil and other resources coming as you go on but i feel like premidevil is definitely not complete at this time.
  16. Game looks good but....

    Hey Pat0chan, you can get to the end of pre medieval we are working on medieval right now
  17. Game looks good but....

    Hi guys, i see that the team is doing an amazing job with the sun flares, world atmospher fog, animals roaming around... BUT all this time spent on making the game look beautiful is not spent on making it progress. 5 years in the making and we just have 1 age done and its full of glitches. any chance of having more levels in the next 6 months? thanks pat0chan
  18. Maybe if I murder all the slow, lazy nuggets it'll go better

    1. Christoffer


      Qoute: ”Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.”

  19. flying nuggets

    Happend to me too the exact same. around 30 to 40 nuggets alive around year 70. after buildong the same buildings they acted like they were in a tornado. But mine are also wiggling around before flying off like half above the ground
  20. Everything went great! until year 70 where at first I thought the nuggets wiggled around just flat on their face. Now I see half of them float about one nugget lengt above the ground. sometimes jist walking fine. other times taking of in flight while I can't even select them. almost like I'm seeing nuggets that aren't mine or something. I'm playing on windows 10 and have everything up to date. in creator mode I also reported through the bugg button but didn't notice them flying of before I changed the view. I hope this helps
  21. Graphic Bug

    this was fixed in newer versions
  22. Updating updates forever?

    I was also having the 8% issue, but the http to https change got me to 30%, then it stopped again, SOS
  23. Updating updates forever?

    debug.zipdebug.zip Adding the "https" as you suggested made it work for me. Before that, it was stuck at 8%.
  24. Graphic Bug

    Hi I played the demo version (V 0.2) on GOG and starting any new Game, a rendering bug occurs (see Picture/short clip). Randomly appearing "black squares" on the planet. After some seconds (ca. 15 Sec) they disappear but about every minute the "squares" reappears for some seconds (ca 5 sec). Changing the game settings (lowering resolution, windowed Mode, etc.) didn't fixed it. I have not bought the full (alpha) game so I didn't know if they appears there too. They didn't affect the game logic so everything else works fine. My PC: Intel i7-6700k AMD Radeon R9 Fury 16GB Ram I had to compress the Picture and video to post it here. PS. I am not native english speaker. Sorry for grammer mistakes. ShortClip.mp4
  25. Mac launcher notes

    In the dashboard, you can not miss it
  26. Mac launcher notes

    Where do i find my game KEY?
  27. Is Population Growth Randomized?

    From what I've seen the last couple of saves is I'm hitting 30 Nuggets by day 40 when I don't push as hard. There is a needle that needs to be threaded to trade production vs. population. If I push too hard on production the population growth stagnates. If I don't push hard enough the population starves because there isn't enough food to go around. I hope to see this level of finely-tuned trade offs going forward!
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